Amber was dancing on the WYZT stage. Everyone else had gone, and she wanted to perfect her dance. Afer her mother had been fired from the station she had to make an extra effort to not be next to be kicked of the production team; so she always waited to be alone at the end of the day as all her mother did when she went home was drink al lot and tell her how lucky she was to still have her job; suddenly She heard a loud clattering from the back of the studio.

"Sorry! I'm so sorry!" Amber heard a voice call from the place of the clattering. The owner of the voice suddenly emerged rubbing her head "Sorry about that!" Penny grumbled.

"Oh, Penny, hi! umm...Tracy left a while ago if you where looking for her." Amber was a wear that since her mother disowned her Penny had lived with tracy and her mother.

"No...I'm not here for Tracy I am getting the later bus." Penny blushed and kept she hands behind her back, her feet stiffly together.

"Oh well Seaweed is"

"I'm not here for Seaweed either..." Penny bluntly cut in "I was here from..umm...So what are you doing here?" Penny asked, changing the subject.

"OH, it's just this new dance Corny is getting us to learn I mean, Tracy and Inez got it straight away but the rest of us need a lot more work, and I have been paired up with Seaweed, so I will need a lot of practice to keep up!" Amber Wiped her forehead, clearing the sweat. Ambers hair seemed to be getting flatter by the day, in school she just wore it in a ponytail and she seemed to be putting less effort into her looks and more into her dance.

"Well I think you are a beautiful dancer." Penny mumbled, just enough for Amber the hear her.

"You know, no one has ever said that to me." Amber sat down on the nearest step and penny went and sat next to her "My popularity is going down and school and in the show; But if I quit my mother would kill me! I love dancing but if feels like it's not worth it anymore!" Amber rested her head in her hands and sighed.

Penny put her hand on Amber's sholder "Do you think I would still be here watching you if I didn't think you could dance? That is the reason I need to get the later bus, I do it nearly everyday, I get so distracted watching you that I miss the bus! and Tracy it too busy with link and she assumes I have gone with Seaweed; but there is something about you Can't get out of my head...I can't stop thinking about you" Penny reached out and held penny's hand.

Amber lifted her head, her mascara now running down her face with the mix of tears and sweat "Wait...what are you saying"

"I'm saying that...I love you." Penny put her hand around Ambers waist "No matter how many people say you can't dance, or that you are loseing your looks...yo will always be perfect to me" Penny leant into amber and began to kiss her slowly.

Ambers eyes opened wide, but she did not struggle or protest, she just sank into the kiss. Penny's lips tasted like the cherry lollipops she was always eating and Amber put her hand on Penny's Chest, just under her shoulder.

Suddenly a though popped into Ambers head and she pulled away "Wait! This is not right...There is no way this would ever be accepted!"

Penny thought for a second "You may be right...but come on! it's the 60's! If I can kiss a black guy I can kiss a girl!" Penny looked at Amber with the understanding look "But...yeah...this can never happen"

Amber rested her head on penny's shoulder "I know...but...I'm here everyday you know, we can meet!" Amber brought herself up and grabbed Penny's hands "But seeing you with Seaweed will kill me...alos Seaweed might kill me if he finds out...We will have to get trough it somehow!"

"Yes we will" And with that penny took Ambers hand and they walked out of the studio together.