The Hunger Games (Party Games)

A/N Hey people :) I decided to make the characters create a party with party games! Hope you like it :) :D


"Brainless! Wake the fuck up!" I shouted at my best friend, basically sister, Katniss Everdeen.

I have had an amazing idea for me, her and Annie Cresta, our other best friend, to do.

"Jo! Don't shout at her! Besides we wanna be asleep right now seeing as it is like 4:00 in the morning! Why do you want us to wake up? And by the way Finn wants a day out with me today! I need to look my best!" shouts Annie.

You see we are part of a popular group called The Victors. As in we I mean me, Johanna (Jo) Mason, Brainless (Katniss), Annie, her nicknames the little mermaid as she's small and swims like a mermaid, Finnick Odair, whos nickname is The Sex God as all the girls swoon over him, Gale Hawthorne, nicknamed Miner as he has the muscles like a miner, Madge Undersee, Nicknamed Strawberry as she blushes everytime Gale is near and everyone but him knows shes got a huge crush on him, Jacqueline (Jackie) Ferr, nicknamed Foxface as she literally looks like a fox with her red hair and the shape of her face, Thresh Keils, He doesn't have a nickname we just call him Thresh and last Peeta Mellark, nicknamed bakerboy as his dad owns a bakery and he works there.

Brainless Finally appears to be awake but is chatting to Ann about the boys. Typical behaviour from them.

" SOOO" I evilly smile at her, " You seemed to not want to wake up... Were you dreaming about a certain bakers son?"

I wink at her and look at her dead in the eyes. She blushes like a tomato and looks down.

" Jo, why did you wake us up at stupid a·clock on a Saturday morning? Most people like to sleep in till like noon! Your so lucky I love you or else you would be dead right now from my bow!"

I decide I can no longer wait to tell them.

" Ok. Today we are having a party... All the gang are gonna come and we are gonna have loads of party games like Truth or dare, Spin the bottle, I have never and much, much more! Are you in girls?"

Ann is the one to speak first. " Ok, I guess it will be fun." Now we just glare at Kat, well I glare and Annie yawns and closes her eyes so I guess it was just me glaring. She finally tells us her decision.

" Fine! But if you ever wake me up early again I will honestly fuck you up Jo."

I decide to piss them off even more,

" Ok girls operation Party is a go go!" I squeal just like the annoying slut at school called Glimmer. Ann just rolls her eyes at me when Brainless glares at me and honestly if looks could kill I would be dead about 1 million times right now. Oops. Oh well she must be on her fucking period if shes that pissed off.

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