It was sheer luck that brought young Nicolette Storm to the military's attention. She was left at Balan's Orphanage for Unwanted Children as a baby and stayed there until she ran away. The supernatural occurrences that plagued her throughout her life preceded her. When the newly transformed Steve Rodgers discovered her on the streets, her name had already crossed the army's databanks. For once in Nicolette's life someone needed her.

Nicolette's time in the army, though short, proved valuable. She could fire a gun. She could do things no other soldier could do. Best of all, she would willingly lay her life down to protect her country. The suicide missions she led were nearly all successful. For a girl not yet 10 years of age, she was a remarkable soldier, truly living up to her name: Freedom Fighter.

The final mission against the Red Skull proved to be their toughest. The Howling Commandos and the Invaders were very nearly overwhelmed. Only the timely appearance of the rest of the camp turned the odds in their favor. Yet nothing could save America's newest duo from the Red Skull. Captain America and Freedom Fighter fought valiantly, even defeating the Skull, but were unable to account for his final plan. In a truly great sacrifice, the Captain and the Fighter laid down their lives so others might live. And so they plunged deep into Artic waters. Their bodies were never found.