Well here I'm with a new fic of HTTYD fic, but this is about the movie mix up with BROTHER BEAR, if you want to know where I get the idea from is better if you go to my profile and check it out, I will like to start with the history instep of boring you with the inspiration and that kind of stuff.

So enjoy, leave commentary, and thanks if you are reading this.


It was useless, all the tribe was persecuted them.

How I finish here?-ask for himself Hiccup-Well, to start I don´t kill the night fury when I found them helpless in the forest, later I trained and become his friend, I lied to my people and my own father and to finish, I tried to show that dragons can be friendly and trained in front of the whole tribe, then the monstrous nightmare went crazy and almost kill me, lucky Toothless arrived to save me and all almost kill him. I can climb in his back and get out; we were heading to the sea, unfortunately an arrow hit Toothless in one wing, he changes the course and managed to reach in the forest, a second arrow hit him in one back leg. So this is how I finish here, with a giant night fury wound, cannot fly and a tribe of Vikings chasing us. Pretty well.



Sorry Valhallarama, for I will do when I get hem…

-Stoick! Please think about this! Hiccup is your son!-Gobber.

-DON´T SAY THAT WORD IN FRONT OF MY, NEVER AGAIN!-Gobber almost fell in the ground of the scare.

-Stoick!-scream Spitelout.


-We had found the dragon, but he is not with Hiccup anymore-immediately I grab my axe.

-THE DRAGON IS MINE!- I'm running into the woods, that dragon will pay.

Astrid approached to Gobber.

-Gobber, what Stoick is going to do?

-I´m not sure, but I can feel, is nothing good.

-You have to stop them!

-I can´t, we wouldn´t listen to me.

-Please! For Hiccup- Gobber was impressed, that was the frist time that someone was worried about Hiccup, with the exception of Valhallarama and Stoick.

-I will do what I can.

-Thanks you.

Gobber starts to follow Stoick as fast he can.

-Oh Thor please help Hiccup-though Astrid, all this years of reject him, ignore him, be quiet while he was in a living hell, she felt very bad about it and wanted to remedy, but in that moments she doesn´t know how.

Later in the woods:

-Stoick, the dragon is over that mountain-one Viking pointed the top, it was seven Viking there, and the rest was looking for Hiccup.

-That dragon is mine, I don't want anybody intervene, you understand me?!

-Yes chief-nobody contradicted.

-Pretty well, that demon has his days counted.

Stoick start to climb, when Gobber arrived it was too late; Stoick almost was on the top.

-Oh no-Gobber-Please Stoick, don't do nothing stupid.

Toothless was very hurt, he had lost a lot of blood, but Hiccup was safe, and that was the important thing, if he had to die he will die in peace knowing that Hiccup was safe.

He didn´t know that he was a little right.

Stoick had finished of climb and now he was there with him, Toothless was so tired that he can´t fight. Stoick slice Toothless face with his axe, the poor dragon crashed with a rock really big. It was starting to rain.


Toothless try to said that he didn´t, but of course humans can´t understand dragonese (the language that dragons spoke)

Another slice, but this time was the left wing, Toothless cry of pain and Stoick punched in the face that was too much for the dragon.

-The night fury isn´t so powerful, you ugly demon, now you will pay for all-Stoick raised the axe-I hate dragons I will kill them all, ALL OF THEM!-the axe fall on Toothless neck, the dragon was finally death, but Stoick´s rage doesn´t.

Some lights started to descended from the sky.

"Ma linn a ki nu taa mun irr u sill ua ta moon na lu ru na kiinaa la gni su nai qsu tin kah ee li so tee gee seev see "

After that, the lights touched the ground and became water, flooding everything; Stoick was so amazed and terrified at the same time.

"Sua pa yaaq su na ka niq siq pak is i gin tau tuv (at-lan) saa gnia gin at lan ma linn irr a kkun (et qin)"

From the water, little fishes started to jump, "What the hell is happening here? ¡" tough Stoick. A little fish jump to Stoick face but was trapped by a terrible terror, Stoick tried to kill it, but the axe through him without any damages.

"Ma linn a ki nu taa mun il i sa gvik sra mun sra mun il i saa qa gvik nau vik sra qa quiaq tu tin at laua iaq tu tin at a ra mik si vuu qqan at a ra mik pii gi si gaa"

The sky was full of dragons, monstrous nightmares, nadders, thunderdrum, night´s fury; every specie of dragon was there.

"Sua pa yaaq su na ka niq siq pak is i gin tau tuv at ar saa gnia gin at lan a mik irr a kun"

And then, Valhallarama was in front of Stoick.

-Valhallarma?-Stoick whisper.

Valhallarma look at him, in his eyes was deception, the she see the corpse of Toothless, which started to vanish. Stoick saw that scene with the mouth open and when he turned back the look to Valhallarma, she wasn´t there anymore.

He looked in all direction trying to find her, she wasn´t anywhere, but soon he had something else to worry.

His feet started to take off of the ground, a GIANT night fury held him and raised him up to heaven, then gave three laps and return slowly to the floor.

All get back to normal, Stoick feel different, very different. He tried to walk but something was not right.

-No!-that voice sounds very familiar, it was Gobber, but Stoick didn´t recognized, he just feel that he had to go away from there as soon possible, so he started to run, or it was just his thoughts.

He wouldn't think ever that Gobber had seen an enormous night fury, and the clothes of his best friend scattered on the ground.

Before criticism, I was not very sure about starting this story, so that is why is very short and have a lot of questions without answers, but I promise that the chapter two will be better and more longer.

By the way I put the song TRANSFORMATION from the movie in his Inuit letter, but if you like so I can put the lyrics in English in my profile.