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Stoick was waken by the voice of Koda, who was catching raindrops that fell from the cave´s ceiling.

"Look at me" yelled Koda "I´m the word´s ultimate predator"

"Stupid kiddo" whispered Stoick.

"The sleeping beauty is awake" Koda "Ready to go?"

"I born ready"

"Great! Now let´s go"

The two dragons went out of the cave and Koda started to fly.

"Uh oh" thought Stoick "I don´t know how to fly, shit"

Koda realized this, and he returned to the ground.

"What´s the matter" Koda.

The proud of a Viking, specially a chief, is very big, but in situations like this, even the proudest Viking has to swallow his pride.

"I don´t know how to fly"

"What? ¡"

"What you hear kid"

"I told you, my name´s Koda, come; say with me, Ko-Da"

"I don´t care, I only want to know if you can teach me how to fly, if you don´t, get out of here!"

"You don´t need to be a bully, I only want that you say right my name"

"I won´t"

"Fine, good luck trying how to learn to fly without me"

Koda started to flew away from Stoick, who was trying to move his wings. But after several useless attempts, Stoick give up.

"Koda, I need your help!" scream Stoick.

It was cold in Hiccup´s cell.

"Why anybody listen to me" thought "Why"

He was feeling miserable, very miserable, his father was death and Gobber, the one who he considered to be his only human friend was chasing Toothless, his best friend.

"Why I can´t be happy"

After all, he has lost his mother when he was only a baby; he was "Hiccup the useless, the worst Viking in the history, the frist Viking in thousands of years that couldn´t kill a dragon.

"It was just…just… just a moment, I thought that…maybe I can be happy, but now I realized, that´s never going to happened"

It was very hard to teach Stoick how to fly, but after two hours of training, he was swimming in the skies.

"You see?" Koda "Flying is amazing"

And it was true, Stoick never felt so free, and the landscape was beautiful.

"I can never imagined how precious was up here" Stoick "I have swim in Berk´s water´s, run in his forest, but this is precious"

"So you never had flown before" Koda.

"Not exactly, you see" Stoick "You´re only a Kid, you wouldn´t understand it"

Koda put bad face, and stuck his tongue out.

"Immature" Stoick.

After several minutes of flight, they finally arrived in the dragon´s nest.

"Here we go" Stoick.

"You're gonna to love it" Koda.

"Oh, I will Koda, don´t worry about that" thought Stoick.

"Hiccup" he recognized this voice, it was a female.



Hiccup quickly went out of the bed and run to the cell´s enter. There it was Astrid, she was looking very worry and sad.

"Oh, thank Thor you´re alive¡" trough the iron´s bars of the door, she huge him "I was so worry about you"

Hiccup blushed; maybe he could be happy after all. At least Astrid was with him.

Then he felt a punch in the arm.

"Ouch!" Hiccup "Why was that"

"That was for scare me" Astrid, and then she kissed him in the lips "And that´s for been alive"

Yeah, he definitely could be happy.

"Nita!" scream Koda as he run to join a Nadder in the dinner.

"Koda" answer the Nadder "You´re alive" with his wings, she huge the little dragon "I was so worry, did you find Kenai"

"No" said with a little sadness Koda "But I found a new friend"

"Really" Nita "Where is he"

"Is right there" Koda.

Stoick was examining the place, thinking of how ugly and stinky it was a perfect place to the demons.

"Another night fury" Nita

"Pretty cool right" Koda "But he´s a bighead, I mean, only see the size of his head"

Both dragons laughed.

"Jajajaja" Stoick "Pretty funny"

"So" Nita "Who are you?"

"I´m" Stoick knew that he cannot tell his real name "I´m Tug"

"Wow" Koda

"And from where are you?" Nita.

"From a place very, very away from here"

"Could you be a little more specific" Nita.

Stoick started to worry; lies only send one to lies.

Luckly, or maybe not so luckly, the ground started to move.

"Oh no" Nita "She´s hungry"

"What you mean" Stoick

"It means" Koda "That tonight we are going to fight the monsters again"

Stoick´s was about to say another question, but an incredible and frightening voice was hear in the entire place.

"My dears dragons, the time has come, to feed me once more"

"What is that? ¡" Stoick both frightened and surprised.

"The best" Koda hide behind Stoick.

"That´s the green death" Nita "The biggest dragon on earth, thanks to her, we have to steal food to the monsters"

"Monsters" Stoick "Wait, you said her?"

"Yes" Nita "The green death is a female"

"Uh oh" Stoick "And who are the monsters"

Koda was about to answer but the green death continued talking.

"Tonight, you will go with the monsters, do not have mercy of them, because, they won´t have with you my precious beehive"

"Yeah, so precious that she eats us if we can´t bring food" Nita.

"But you eat too, right?" Stoick.

"Only if someone is stupid enough to hide food from hear" Nita

"And what she do if she catch that stupid dragon" Stoick.

"She eats him" Koda

"All our food is to feed a giant dragon and the rest of the dragon´s don't even eat" though Stoick "That´s really unfair" a big hate grow in his interior, follow by a real pain, not for him, but for the dragon´s, they risk their lives fighting with the Vikings while the green death was pretty comfortable, waiting to be feed. For a moment, Stoick feel compassion to the dragons.

"I don´t want to fight them anymore" tough again "But what a lot of bullshit I´m saying! A Viking never back down, with my troops I will destroy the green death"

So Stoick went out of the place, ready to return to Berk. Koda realized this and went with him.

"Where are you going" Koda.

"Back to Berk" Stoick "So don´t follow me"

"But you can´t leave just like that, I need you"

Stoick stop walking.

"I told you, my brother Kenai is missing, Nita is watching over me, but, she´s a Nadder, not a night fury, I feel very lonely without my brother, and now, I had finally met another night fury, and I don´t want to lose you"

Koda´s words enter right in Stoick´s heart, but he wasn´t a dragon, it was only a costume, so he never could be with Koda.

"I´m sorry Koda" answer "But I don´t belong here"

"But I need you"

"You don´t understand, I have someone expecting me"

"Then take me with you" Koda "Please"

Stoick knew that it was impossible, he was a Viking and Koda a dragon, natural enemies, they never could be friends.

"The answer is no, I'm sorry Koda"

And Stoick started to fly away, loosing into the skies.

Back in the woods, Gobber and the Viking hunt party where talking about the quest to avenge his "fallen" chief.

"No signs of him" say one Viking.

"I can´t find anything" say another Viking.

"Nothing" third Viking.

"The right choice will be return to the village, and wait a couple of hours, then, we return with the carnage" fourth Viking.

"NO!" yell Gobber "I won´t stop until I see the corpse of that demon!"

"Gobber please" five Viking.

"Don´t talk to me" Gobber "Return if you want! But I won´t"

And then, he lost in the trees.

Waiting for revenge.

"No matter what costs Stoick" say to himself "That dragon is going to pay, for kill you, and for poison Hiccup´s mind, I swear"

In that same moment, he could see a night fury flying over him, and a little night fury flying behind the bigger one.

"And this is my lucky day"

Gobber put his arch out, then an arrow, when the weapon was ready, he pointed the shot to the biggest dragon, right in the tail, and he let the arrow was flying in the skies.

And it reached his objective.