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Boarding the train was no problem. There were many cameras, but I masked my face and made myself as emotionless as possible. Joseph, on the other hand, did not. His eyes were puffy and red; you could tell he had defiantly been crying. Better he find out that he isn't going to live now then later in the arena. Because I'm going to win. I have to, after all. But he really doesn't need the fierce image as much as I do, anyway. People already see his as the stronger of us two, since he is a male and everything. He's tall, and somewhat muscular, making him super cute as well. Stop, Marina! You need to stop thinking of him as your crush already, and think of him as what he is: an opponent.

But at the moment, with his emerald gaze drifting to the setting sun, and the pale orange light shining dully on his curly mop of hair, that is hard to do.

"Well, well, well," Comes the slow voice of a drunk mentor as Haymitch enters the car. Crap. We are doomed. "So you two were the lucky pick of the litter this year, eh?" He says as he makes his way over to where the drinks are and begins to fill an empty glass with what I can only assume is an alcoholic beverage.

"Yeah, sure, you could say that," comes Joseph's response.

Haymitch laughs at Joseph's reply, apparently not expecting one at all. "So, do I have some fighters this year, or do I have another set of death-expectant losers here among me?"

"You're our mentor, that correct?" Joseph asks. Haymitch nods. "Well than you have to tell us how to survive, don't you? I don't really think drinking is going to help us much. In fact, it could very well be the difference between victory and death." Haymitch has a confused look on his face, and I take notice that he said us, meaning me too. He wants to help me too. I get a churning feeling in my stomach at the fact that Joseph has my survival in mind while I have already dismissed him being alive.

"How about you put down the drink and we can talk on a sober level mindset, okay?" Haymitch gives him a disgusted look and pulls the glass closer to himself, as if protecting it. And then it just sort of happens. Joseph is sitting there, then he is right next to Haymitch. He Teleported. I'm shocked at this, because I had really thought Joseph was a Cepan, not a Garde. He never used any powers before (Even though it's forbidden, you can usually tell that someone is a Garde by the way they struggle to control new Legacies), so I was always led to believe he didn't have any. I guess I was wrong.

Haymitch stumbles backward at Joseph's sudden appearance, but keeps a firm grip on his drink as Joseph attempts at take it from him. Without thinking, I join in, and pry the glass from Haymitch's hand with telekinesis. Joseph, a little confused as to how the glass got loose from Haymitch's death grip (Haymitch too), but still manages to catch it mid-fall. Haymitch grabs for it, but Joseph is too quick and has already teleported to the seat right beside me.

I jump at his closeness, and reflexively punch him in the stomach. Joseph doubles over in unimaginable pain from my strength, which I'm sure is nothing compared to his. There you go again, Marina. Leave it to you to always think of him that way. The way you're headed right now, you'll never win.

"Oh, I'm sorry! It was a reflex, I swear!" I say real fast the second I realize that I just basically attacked Joseph.

"Nah, I'm good," He say, sitting up straighter.

Haymitch has recovered and now stands there, looking at us with a wicked grin on his face. "So you're both Garde then..." He says, more to himself.

Joseph teleports over beside him and casually leans on Haymitch's shoulder. "Right you are,"

"How'd you...?" I begin to question the two of them.

"That was you, wasn't it? With the drink?" Joseph asks me.

"Yeah," I say, suddenly sheepish.

Haymitch shrugs Joseph off and says proudly, "Looks like I did get a pair of fighters after all."

"Deal?" Haymitch questions the two of us. Me and Joseph exchange a look, and then accept Haymitch's offer to stay sober.

"I know that look," Effie Trinket says as she enters and takes a seat at the dinning table located on the other side of the train car. "You two just cut a deal with that drunk bastard, didn't you? What it is? a sponsor each?"

"No, no. This year, we got a smart set of tributes. They want me sober and ready to mentor!" Haymitch and Effie laugh.

"Well you certainly have a better pair than last year. Oh remember what a mess they were? Ha! Didn't even survive the first 10 minutes in the arena!" They laugh again, and it makes me question if Effie Trinket is even sober herself.

Joseph stands and stretches a minute before clearing his throat to get the attention of the two adults laughing their heads off. "Um, if you don't mind, I think I'm going to go to bed."

"Yeah, sure, you go right ahead. Just be sure to be up bright and early tomorrow; we have a big big big day ahead of us!" Effie squeals in her Capitol accent, which I'm sure is just a Mog accent that is only heard in the Capitol, earning it the name of a Capitol accent.

I swear, just five minutes with this woman, and I already hate hate Mogadorians, Effie Trinket especially.

Joseph turns to me. "Well, goodnight, Marina."

"Goodnight," I say in a small voice. He turns back around, and even before he has left, I make up my mind to go too.

"I'm gonna go too," I say, but I'm sure the two love birds didn't hear me over their loud conversation.

"I'll show you where the room cars are," Joseph tells me as I follow him through the cars like a puppy dog.

He shows me to one of the doors, "This one is yours, I'm pretty sure, and that one," He points to a door down the hall, " Is mine, so if you need anything..." He is awkwardly at a loss for words and I help him out a bit.

"Okay," I say, "Thanks a lot, um, goodnight then," I open the door and walk into the large room prepared for me.

I'm about to close the door when Joseph calls, "Uh, Marina?" I stick my head out into the hallway again. Joseph leans somewhat uneasily against the door post. "I was thinking, maybe we could," He pauses, obviously trying to find the right way to word it. "Well, um, since we're both Garde, I was kinda wonder what your legacies are..."

I smile and hold back my laughter. He really was uneasy about asking me what my legacies are. After I don't say anything, he adds, "I mean in like an Ally type way, not that I would use it against you in the areana or anything..." He is back to being unsettling.

The arena. I hadn't even thought about that. Marina, you idiot! You let yourself get sucked into that stupid crush of yours and almost told him your Legacies!

"Um, maybe not..." I say holding back what I really want to say. I really do want to tell him what my Legacies, and I really do want him as an Ally, but I just can't let that happen. I wouldn't be able to bring myself to kill him...

Before he can say anymore, I close the door, leaving Joseph to standing there, wondering what went wrong.

I peel off my clothing and dump them on the floor, throwing myself onto the bed in nothing but my undergarments.

I allow myself to cry for the first time since Prim was reaped; Really cry. As the tears flow down my face, I keep wonder: Why? Why was I so unlucky as this? To have the one person I have ever liked finally talk to me. But I can't respond, for fear that I couldn't bring myself to kill him when the time comes...

When I wake the next morning, the sun blazing trough my windows. I drag myself out of bed and into the shower. After figuring out how to work the contraption, I am showered from head to toe in hot water and sprayed with all sorts of scented body washes, then rinsed again. When I exit, I smell of lemon and a hint of strawberry, proud of myself for recognizing the foreign fragrances.

I look to see what there is to wear, and find a green blouse and brown pants to be comfortable enough. Leaving the clothes from the night before on the floor, I exit my room and make my way to the dinning car. When I enter, Effie Trinket in eating a luxurious breakfast and Haymitch and Joseph are already deep in conversation. Joseph looks up when I enter, but his gaze quickly flutters away, as if what I had said, or hadn't said, last night had hurt him.

"Well look who finally bothered to wake up!" Haymitch exclaims when I take a seat. "I was just telling Curios Gorge here how to find shelter."

"Joseph," Joseph corrects him. He gives me a look as if to say how did this idiot ever win the games? But than looks away as if remembering to ignore me. It annoys me.

"How do you find shelter?" I question Haymitch, who is sipping on a cup of coffee. At least it's not alcohol. He takes a long gulp and holds up a finger, signaling me to wait. Then he makes a big scene of taking his time, drinking coffee.

"How do you find shelter?" I repeat through gritted teeth. Haymitch slams the cup down hard on the table and in response, I take my butter knife and sink it deep into the wooden table, right between Haymitch's fingers.

Everyone goes silent and then Effie, as if just now noticing, cries, "That is Mahogany!"

"Well, look at you," Haymitch says, ignoring Effie, "You know how to use a knife."

"That's not all I can do," I reply, angrily, "And if you really mean to help us, why don't you actually help us?"

"He is trying to help us," Joseph counters, "Maybe you should try and listen."

I feel offended. But I try my best not to let him have the satisfactory of knowing his words got under my skin.

"I'm listening! But nothing helpful is being heard!" I say, giving Joseph a glare. I really hate being an enemy to him.

"I'm sorry," Is all he says. What? "I'm sorry to have started this argument." He gets up to leave and I am utterly speachless. Why does he feel the need to take the blame for starting an argument when I am clearly the culprit? Because he is just kind that way.

Suddenly, we enter a tunnel and the whole car goes dark. If it weren't for my night vision legacy, I would be completely blind. When the light streams back through the windows, we see that there are thousands of Mogadorians outside the train.

Joseph rushes to a window and stares out at the massive crowd. Then he begins to wave. Wave? What is he thinking?

Haymitch pulls the butter knife out of the table and hands it back to me. "You're gonna need this, sweetheart. That boy knows what he's doing."

I make up my mind, right there and then: I am through with Joseph Mellark. He is my enemy.

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