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Chapter 6

Somewhere in the skies above Japan...

The group of UNSC and IS Academy personnel and students were inside the D79H-TC Pelican in their seatbelts as the aircraft had begun to pressurize as they began to hover faster and faster into the sky.

"This... Pelican can get to space?" Chifuyu, who was rather skeptical, asked as she had not expected to get to space via a relatively small aircraft.

"The D79H-TC Pelican was the main dropship that the UNSC forces had during the war, it was designed for orbital insertions, quick and relatively powerful air support,troop transport and occasionally dropping vehicles into the middle of a heated firefight with it's magnetic clamps." Lasky replied as he took out his datapad and stared into it.

"We've got escorts coming our way, seems like Roland isn't taking any chances." Lasky says as multiple five Broadswords approach them as the skies around them began to darken as they began to escape the planet's gravity well and into space.

"What are those?" Ms. Yamada asks as she points towards one of the Broadswords that was currently approaching the Pelican.

"F-41 Exoathmoshperic Multirole Strike Fighter, better known as the Broadsword, they are versatile and well-armed strike fighters meant to engage the incredible firepower and defenses displayed by the Covenant's own fighters."


The Pelicana and the Broadsword escorts were now getting away from Earth as the Infinity's A.I. began to hack into the satellites in orbit to give the operators a false reading as well as the telescopes in the ground so that the chances of them being spotted would be lessened.

The Pelican and it's escorts finally broke free of the planet's gravity well and into deep space, drawing reactions from the civillians inside.

All of the students and two teachers looked out of the window and saw that they were in fact in space, they now had an idea of just how advanced the UNSC's reality was compared to them, sure they had the ability to send unmanned rovers and satellites to space, but the UNSC's capabilities greatly dwarfed theirs, if a simple trroop transport craft could get to space with few problems as the Pelican had demonstrated, there was no reason to doubt that they had an entire starship with them, this was also more than enough proof to convice the civillians that Lasky and the Spartans were not lying at all, but they were not so sure of what to think about the Covenant that Lasky mentioned...yet.

"The Earth looks wonderful from up here, are trips like this common to see in the UNSC?" Cecillia asked as she observed the planet from one of the windows of the Pelican.

"In the military, scientific and exploratory arm of the UEG? Of course, but not many people in the UNSC have time to take in the view of planets at all, most specifically Earth, as living in Earth has become quite a luxury in the many star systems that the UNSc has colonized."

"Okay... anyway, where is this proof that you mentioned earlier? Though being space-worthy is very impressive in itself, I would think that you couldn't have trekked through space and time with this craft now did you? The same would go for these... Broadswords?" Chifuyu asked, still slightly unconvinced.

"Of course, we should be approaching the Infinity soon, we have placed it right outside the range of most common telescopes on Earth but we do take few... measures to keep it from being seen by more high-powered telescopes." Lasky replied with a slight grin.

"What is this Infinity you speak of?" Laura asked the next question.

"The UNSC Infinity is basically a starship, but I'll let you see for yourselves and not spoil the surprise." He again replied, raising a few eyebrows.

"INF-101, this is Sierra-117, requesting passage to the ship, I have the Captain, Blue Team and the objectives inside." The pilot said as he slowed down the thrusters.

"Affirmative Sierra-117, de-cloaking and opening hangar doors."

The students and two teachers looked in amazement as they began to see the 5.6 kilometer long UNSC Infinity appear out of nowhere in front of them.



"This is the UNSC's largest and most powerful warship, the UNSC Infinity." Lasky said as he pointed towards his ship.

"How did you manage to get to this "reality" anyway? By the way you explained earlier, it sounded like you were stranded here rather than going here intentionally." Ichika asked, wondering how did humanity in the UNSC's reality get to theirs.

"I'll explain that when we get to the Infinity."

Inside the UNSC Infinity...

The Pelican had landed within the hangar and many of the occupants were excited to see the innards of such a large and technologically advanced ship, they would not be disappointed.

"Now that we're here, I would like to say a few things before we leave the Pelican, First, do not touch anything on this ship as we have multiple nuclear weapons in here that would easily tear this ship apart from the blast being contained by the energy shield and exponentially increasing, Second, we have... unique crew members on this ship, you will know what I mean when you see them, do not disturbed them and lastly, do not forget that you will not reveal this to anyone when you get back to your planet unless I allow you to."

The group nodded.

"Blue Team, you are dismissed until further notice, the rest of you come with me for a little trip through this ship."

The Spartans began to scatter around the ship doing their assigned tasks inside the Infinity. While the group looked around the hangar, taking in the sights and sounds of the people working while getting a few stares from the same people.

"This will take a while... reminds me of the time when I brought Jun and the Spartan-IVs along for this same trip when the Infinity was under construction in the Oort Cloud and this ship was hijacked by Insurrectionists during the tour." Lasky though to himself as he began to familiarize his guest with the Infinity.

Around 40 minutes later...

"Well Ladies and Gentleman, here we have returned to the Pelican, we should get you back in the Academy before people start noticing that you aren't in the Operations room like you said." The tour guide/Captain said as he finally finished the round trip through a small portion of the UNSC Infinity.

Lasky had toured them through areas in the Infinity with the help of the new teleporters, they were all amazed as they would walk into the gate-like structure emitting a serene blue glow and end up in a different section on the ship, some even walked back and forth, fortunately, the teleporters were stable enough to handle the quick transitions, though the students that did were promised a scold when they got back to the Academy.

In total, they had toured through the Bridge and showed them the navigational equipment, the Medical bay and showed them the highly advanced biofoams as well as a simulation of flash cloning, the Armory and the numerous amounts of weaponry and vehicles in the area, it was in this specific area that a lot of questions were asked but the Captain replied as professionally and as swiftly as he could, they toured the Cafeteria and the sights, sounds, and of course scents there, they also went through the Spartan deck of the Infinity as they saw the Spartan-IVs that were conducting training there as well as the war games, the Captain had a hell of time explaining that they were technically not SPARTANS per se as he considered the IIs the real Spartans and the IVs were merely replicates who could not pilot the Mantis-II units, though he made sure that none of the IVs heard that, and lastly, he showed them the slipspace drive and how it functioned, this was the place were he kept the closest eye on the group as it was potentially the most dangerous especially with the repairs going on, this was also the place where he had explained the circumstances of how they ended up in the reality that they were in. He had also gone into more detail on the history of the UNSC and the war but once again excluded the Forerunners and Flood.

"This was certainly a unique day, I would never have believed all this if someone told me all about it with seeing the real thing." Chifuyu said after the trip.

She had a fair part in keeping the students in check along with Ms. Yamada and it certainly took a lot of effort as the students were all too interested in the technologically-advanced UNSC and did not take well to the Captain's stand not to reveal their existence to the rest of the world, and Chifuyu herself respected Lasky's stand as who knew what may happen if the world had gotten their hands on such advanced technology, especially with the rogue organization Phantom Task on the prowl.

"It was my pleasure, now, as I have said earlier as per our agreement, I'll be sending in teams to scavenge for certain metals in that island in a few hours or so, you may allow people in the Academy to know of their existence but do not allow anyone outside of it to gain any knowledge whatsoever."


"I will also be sending in part of Blue team with you to serve as a measure of defense as well as a token of appreciation."

That surprised them, sending in a few Spartan-II was going WAY overboard.

"What? But we can take care of ourselves!"

"We've heard of a certain organization is after IS units around the world and undoubtedly they will strike the Academy one day, while we're here we may as pay you back, though we can't do it by giving you some of our technology, I can set the Spartans to help you out for a while, they also won't have much to do in this ship as all we can do here is repair our slipspace drive and the chances of attack are virtually zero."

Just then, the aforementioned Spartans came into the fray.

"Captain, you asked for us?" James, who was the first to get to the Captain, said.

"Yes, some of you shall be acompanying these people back to the surface and stay with them until we finish the repairs."

This puzzled the team as it would mean that they would have to split up, but they let the Captain continue.

"James and Chief, you follow them, the rest of you should stay here to oversee the Spartan-IVs as well as the development of your armours." Lasky said, much to the disappointment of John, James, Kelly, Linda and Frederic, though they did not show it and remained vigilant.

"Yes sir." They all replied simultanously.

"Good, now get to the Pelican, the rest of you are dismissed." Lasky turned to the remained of Blue team, who saluted back and left.

Before they left with the Students and two teachers, Lasky tapped John in the shoulder.

"I'll let you know if anything comes uo Chief, until then, take this rest, you've earned it."

"Thanks." John said as he walked inside the Pelican and took to the controls, the occupants staring at him as he did so.

End of Chapter.

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