A short teaser before we actually get into the meat of the story.

In the several days that George had been at the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, he'd found out a good deal about the Stargate, and the program that they now used to operate it. It seemed to be a good and functional program, and he and R2 had made a couple of suggestions to improve it. Well, R2 had made suggestions and he'd translated. The little droid had adapted well enough to the new environment, and had been of better disposition toward Carter than he'd thought R2 capable of. From what he'd gleaned from talks with his mother, she'd never gotten on well with him. Maybe he just didn't like redheads.

"Well, we were headed back to PT-703, for further exploration. Did you want to come?" Daniel asked him.

"Yeah. I think it would be good for me to go there. I don't know what I'll do when we get there, but I'd like to see it again."

"Is there anything you want to do before you go?"

"I should call Amanda. I left her watching her brother and sister indefinitely. She's responsible, but seven and thirteen year olds get on anyone's nerves after a while."

"Go ahead. We're planning on leaving at 1400."

"Thanks," George said, and found a phone to contact his family.

Jack watched as everyone gathered in the gate room. "I thought you said the big guy was coming," he said to Daniel.

"He was, but something came up with his kids. He said he needed to go home. He'll be back sometime, when he can, if nothing comes up."

"What could possibly come up?" Jack asked as a cold coil of dread settled itself in his gut.

"I don't know," Daniel said shrugging. "It was just a random thought."

Jack shook his head, squinting as the gate finished dialing, and flushed. They went through, arriving at the now-swarming site of the intersection of two galaxies. He felt uneasy and found that there was really little that he needed to be doing. He and Teal'c settled for trying to do heavy lifting for Sam and Daniel, and hoping that everything stayed nice and boring. Unfortunately, that was not to be. SG-1 was almost superfluous; they did heavy lifting—at least that seemed to be why he and Teal'c were there.

It was nearly dusk when the gate activated again. He had assigned one team dedicated to monitor the gate, so he asked the head of the team, "We expecting anyone?"

"No, sir, this is not a scheduled visit," the man answered, his weapon pointed at the shimmering blue field. visit."

"Great," Jack said, noticing that the dread that he'd been feeling all day had just layered another coil on top of itself.

SG-3 already were was at the gate with their weapons aimed at the opening gate, Jack and Daniel arrived just as the wormhole stabilized. Two people stepped out of the event horizon, a short blonde man and a shorter red headed women stepped out. Upon seeing the SG-3 with weapons drawn, they reached down for the two cylinders on their belts, pulled them, and lit the brilliant blades.

"Hold your fire!" Jack shouted raising his hand to emphasize his point as he walked over to the new arrivals, Daniel joining him on his left. The blonde looked intently at Jack, and nodded closing down his blade, the woman didn't. The blonde said something to her, but she just shook her head.

"What did he say, Daniel?" Jack asked.

"I haven't had time to learn the entire language yet, Jack, but if I had to guess he told her to put her weapon away and she refused," Daniel said.

"Thank you, Dr. Obvious," Jack said sarcastically.

"You asked," Daniel retorted, earning a glare from Jack. Then the blonde spoke, in Goa'uld, causing SG-3 to raise their weapons back up. Daniel quickly responded in the same language and the blonde man nodded, his next words were completely alien to Jack, and he got annoyed when Daniel laughed, then spoke in English, "This is the language we share in common."

The blonde nodded, and paused, then said, "I am Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master. I'm looking for my son. Have you seen him?"

"You're shitting me," Jack said.