Hey guys its me and this is a new story. this story starts at the end of the titan war

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Percy POV

Me and Annabeth stood back to back, Annabeth fighting Ethan and Me fighting Luke/Kronos. Annabeth parried a slash sent from Ethan and twirled her blade and stabbed him in the stomach. He fell to the ground and disappeared into the shadows. I went to stab Luke when Annabeth turned around and started fighting me.

"Annabeth what are you doing?" I yelled.

"You thought that I was actually on your side? You actually thought that Silena was actually the spy? Truth is that I slipped the bracelet onto her wrist before she left. I hate the Olympians and Kronos gave me a much better deal."

"what do you mean?" I asked fearfully.

"He gave me immortality and the chance to kill you!" she said attempting to stab me. I ducked down and she ended up pushing downwards and stabbed me in the eye,(AN: Kill Bill moment)I screamed in pain as she stabbed my other eye.I blindly reached out for her and the last thing i heard from her was," I will see you sooner than you think."

I sensed something coming from behind me and met the object with my sword. it cut through the object like butter and there was an agonized scream coming from the person and I realized it was Kronos. I heard a thud and I fell to the ground looking for the body. I felt a hand and grabbed it.

"Thank you Percy. I can't believe Annabeth would do that. Please clear my name. Help the undetermined be claimed. Thats the only reason I did this. I-"

" It's okay Luke. I understand. I will do everything in my power to clear your name." I reassured him.

" Thank you."He croaked out and finally went still. I reached for his eyes and closed them.

Thats when I heard 12 sets of feet come pounding into the Throne room.

"What happened here" I heard my fathers voice call out.

I heard a few sets of feet pound towards me.

"Percy!" Hermes and Apollo yelled.

I looked up into the direction of their voices and heard gasps of shock.

" Percy what happened to your eyes!?" Athena cried out.

" Annabeth was a traitor.'

" you can't mean-"

"Silena wasn't the traitor. Annabeth framed her.

That was when I passed out.

Apollo POV

We lifted Percy onto the gurney and wheeled him into the medical room.

I went to see his and saw how bad they really were. These were unfixable.

"we can't fix these he is going to have to be blind for the rest of his life." I whispered to Hermes.

"WAIT!" Athena yelled. " Have you guys ever thought about cybernetic eyes?"


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