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Percy POV

I woke up and felt bandages around my eyes. I reached for them and someone pushed them away.

"Don't touch them." Came Apollo's voice.

"Why not?"

"Your eyes are gonna feel a little strange."

He slowly slid the bandages off and I closed my eyes. I slowly opened them and it was like camera lens opening. I looked at Apollo and information popped up like a dictionary.

Apollo; son of Leto and Zeus. God of the Sun,poetry,prophecies,and music. Twin brother of Artemis. Stare at center for five seconds to find info on Artemis.

I looked up in shock at Apollo. He looked at me sadly.

"I'm sorry Percy, it was the only way we could keep you from being blind. I-"

"Are you kidding?! This is awesome! I was just wondering how long I've been out."

"Oh well you have been out for 1 week."

"Eh... it's not that bad. Everything that happened in the throne room, was it real?"

"Yes Annabeth Chase betrayed Olympus."

"Shouldn't we be going to the throne room?"

"Yeah we should go."

We reached the throne room and my father embraced me with a hug, tears spilling down the back of my t-shirt.

"Percy let me see your eyes." He said slightly demanding.

I looked him straight in the eye and he gasped.

"What do my eyes look like?"I asked, since I hadn't seen them yet.

He pulled out a full length mirror and I looked at my eyes. The had the same shape as a circular camera lens and were silver with a hazy blue pupil. They were a pretty, ghostly blue.

"It is time for the heroes to gain there rewards."

(Pretend like the awards go like they did in the book but exclude Annabeth and Percy's reason for not wanting immortality and his love for Annabeth.)

1 year later.

"Come on Percy you have to fight harder if you want my blessing!" Artemis' voice rang through my head. Did I mention I was the champion of Hestia,Hera,He ate,and almost Artemis. Except I was her new guardian. I finished off the last hydra and headed back to camp.

When I got there Artemis was waiting for me with Viola who was a unicorn that looked like a thestral with a horn. She was pitch black and my baby. Artemis stepped forward and put her hand to my head. Her hand pulsed with silver energy and then I had all the knowledge that I needed to know about hunting, archery, stealth, and knife fighting. We went to the campfire and sat around. The hunters gathered around them.

"You guys do know it's Christmas eve right?"

"What's Christmas?"

To say I was shocked was an understatement. They didn't know what Christmas was?! It looked like everyone but Thalia didn't know what it was.

"Well Christmas is when a person named Santa Clause comes and gives everyone presents, all in one night, to everyone!" I exclaimed joyfully.

"And on Christmas eve it is a tradition to sing carols." Thalia said handing out Carol booklets. We sang 8 or 9 Christmas songs and all the girls were laughing and smiling.

Phoebe looked up at me and asked," Thalia says your a good singer, can you sing something for us?"

I glared at Thalia and grinned evilly,"say percy, how about you sing that sing that song you wrote for Christmas last year."

I sighed and shuffled toward my bag finding my over stuffed song journal. I flipped to the page and started singing, ( I don't own this song shane dawson does)

If life was like a Christmas movie
I wouldn't have a care or worry
And everything would always turn out fine

Making angels in the snow
Kissing under mistletoe
And everyone would always have a smile

But baby, life isn't that easy
Sometimes it gets crazy
I'm falling on my knees
I'm hoping for a happy ending
So let's stop pretending what life could be

There'll be dancing and singing
This Christmas life
And the bells will be ringing
This Christmas life
No more heartaches or heartbreaks
This Christmas life
Oh I wish it could be mine

If I lived up on the north pole
I would stare outside my window
And look around at all the shining lights

Christmas carols at the front door
Family at the dinner table
And every night would always end just right

But baby, life isn't that easy
Sometimes it gets crazy
I'm falling on my knees
I'm hoping for a happy ending
So let's stop pretending what life could be


So I close my eyes and
create a wonderland where
anything's possible there
I'm just dreaming of what it would be

[Chorus x2]

I looked up to loud whoops and applause. I looked at Artemis and her eyes were wide as dinner plates.

"Well it's time to go to bed guys have a good sleep." I said walking off to my tent.