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Abbie and Ichabod were in the cabin's kitchen, preparing their so called evening snack though it was just 6pm. They've had a long day behind on the field chasing after some low level criminals, and Abbie had decided that a moment for a movie was needed today. Ichabod was totally unaware of what the world had to offer nowadays (he hadn't even heard a word 'movie' before) so he had accepted Abigail's suggestion.

"Have you ever eaten popcorn?" Abbie asked showing a small bag.

"I believe I have not," Crane answered giving a suspicious look toward the thing in her hand.

"You'll like them," she said smiling and put the bag into a microwave next to her.

Of course poor Ichabod didn't have a clue what was going to happen next.

As the room suddenly started to fill in with loud popping sounds coming from the machine Ichabod startled, and panicking for the sudden threat he grabbed Abbie's arm and pulled her away from the microwave. Abbie didn't have time to realise what was going on when the man seized her to his lap and shielded her with his own body.

"Uhmm.. Crane?" She asked face against the man's chest. "What are you doing?"

"The machine is going to explode!" he said not letting go of her.

"It's not exploding," Abbie said with calm voice. "It's the popcorns that make that sound. It's not dangerous."

"I'm not so sure about that. Anything that makes sounds like gun shots should be considered dangerous."

Abbie sighed to Ichabod's jacket. "Crane, you need to trust me on this. Have anything happened yet?"

She felt how the man's head turned carefully to look at the direction of the microwave.

"No," he answered hestitating. "But it doesn't mean – "

"What it means is that we are perfectly safe."

Ichabod hesitated couple more seconds before letting Ms. Mills go.

"I must apologies greatly," he blushed slightly as he took a step away.

"No, not at all," Abbie tried to lighten up the atmosphere. "Thank you for your.. protection.."
"Against popcorn," Ichabod glanced to his sides, embarrassed.

"Yes, against popcorn," she repeated biting her lips, trying not to burst out laughing. "I.. appreciate it."

Ichabod nodded. "I think I will.. wait on the living area, if you don't mind."

And without an answer he walked to the other room. Abigail just shooked her head and smiled.

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