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It honestly started off like any other day. Waking up from my cozy little bed that was covered with a blanket mother made for me last christmas, putting fresh clothes on, which consisted of a pair of black pants, a black undershirt and my uniform vest over top. After finally managing to pull my long brown hair into a braid, I was off to work. Father had already left for work, and everyone else was still fast asleep. It was a very nippy morning, which caused the clouds of smoke that came from the factory to be even more noticeable. Thinking to the night before, I couldn't help but look to the window toward the top floor of the factory. I swore I saw a figure, but hadn't the factory been empty from workers for a while now? Shaking my head I quickened my speed until I was welcomed by the warmth of the candy shop.

"Good morning my dear" Mr. Lucas greeted as he brought a box full of Wonka Bars to the front. I smiled over at him as I shrugged my old jacket off. "How are you today Mr. Lucas?" I replied, walking behind the counter so that I could start my morning routines. We fell into a quiet little conversations about how today was going to go and how Mrs. Lucas was feeling ill. As we opened the shop, many children of all ages rushed in giggling and making there way to the various types of candy that was set on display just moments earlier.

"I almost forgot to give you this, I found it in our mailbox and it was addressed to you." Mr. Lucas chuckled as he wormed his way through the children to hand me the envelope. It was a deep shade of violet and was smooth to the touch. I rose an eyebrow at him as I turned it over in my hands. "Don't look at me." He shrugged as he went toward the register to help a customer check out. I moved toward the back of the counter away from the hustle and bustle of check out and carefully opened the letter. 'Who would send me a letter?' I thought as I pulled a sandy colored piece of paper from the envelope.

'My dear,

I have heard from many that your work with the customers is better than any of those you work with. Candy is made to make people happy and bring memories that will make them smile, but if not sold by a kind soul, the candy will have no effect. I am very happy that you have continued to work here, even though I have heard you have been offered other types of work'

It was true... Many people have asked me to work at their shops, but there is something about the candy shop that holds a dear place in my heart so I have always declined.

'I seem to notice that jacket of yours though.. My dear, that jacket couldn't keep a polar bear warm, how would it keep you warm? Therefore, in the back of your shop behind the box of wonka bars, you will find a surprise. Think of it as a job well done. I simply cannot tell you who I am, but I wish with all my might that we could meet. Maybe someday fate will look down upon us with a smile, just as you have brought a smile to me. Until then my sweet candy.

- Your sweet candyman.'

I looked around carefully, there was no-one out of the usual here. I looked down at the letter and couldn't help but feel a slight blush form on my cheeks. No one has ever thought to say these kinds of words to me. I slowly walked to where the box of wonka bars were and pulled them off the rack and gasped. Behind them was a thick, black jacket with beautiful purple designs around the cuffs. I slowly pulled it out and smiled at how soft it was. Who would be so kind to me? This jacket must have cost a fortune... My thoughts were interupted my the phone ringing. I placed the jacket with my old one and answered it.

'Hello this is Ariona, how may I help you?" I was suprised when I heard my brothers voice on the line.
"Ariona! You're never gonna believe it!" And his next words made me drop the phone to the counter.

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