The She-Rex of Bayville (Ch 37): Hunting the Reavers, Part I


(Megan's Point of View)

We were on full war footing. Ray and I were unable to really get in time, or privacy, for anything more than a very quick kiss on the cheek. Hardly satisfying. Of course, it was also convenient that such limited kissing went unnoticed by ANY of the adults, so I guess it's not ALL bad…

Todd was now by Wanda's side. Medic had used her powers to bring him as close to full health as she dared. If she uses up her power to deal with minor things, then she will not have the power to heal Major injuries. It's all about power management. Yes, we X-Men have classes on this.

I mean, non-ferals have limited amounts of energy that they can store/use at any one time. Some, like Ray, can augment this but accessing an outside power source. Most cannot. Roberto and Scott have to recharge from the sun. Ray can get himself electrocuted, and store the power harmlessly. When he went to China, to fight the plans of Apocalypse, he had to face Storm the Horseman, who had then hit him with a real lightning bolt. Ray was not only unharmed, it super-charged his own electrical power as he zapped Storm the Horseman.

This is why Storm made sure that it was warm and very sunny out, and both Scott and Roberto were absorbing as much sun as they could. I'll admit it. They did look nice without shirts, and in shorts. They also looked like they should be cold. It IS November in New York! Still, Storm gave them a bit of warm weather for their health. It must be like a modest spring day out there, instead of a chilly New York November.

Lance was barefoot, for the moment, as was Amara. We were as ready as we could be. Minutes became hours. Hours dragged on. It was in the dead of night when it happened.

Jean's Telepathic voice called us all.

#The Reavers are back! Here they come! Battlestations!#

The blaster bolts came fast and furious! So too, did our powers. Cyclops had disabled three Cyborgs in rapid succession, by targeting legs, or treads. Boom Boom had a field day tossing her Energy Time Bombs with vicious glee! Blob was hit, repeatedly, but, again, his sheer bulk and mutant toughness made the attacks painful, instead of deadly. Rahne had a woman Reaver face-down while she kept her fangs around the cyborg's neck.

Ray was atop me, in his harness, hurling electrical bolts, like an Ancient God of Old! No Reaver could get near him! The few that tried, got to deal with ME! I bit off metal limbs, and chewed up weapons! I stomped Reavers into the dirt, and I punted one across the lawn! I even stepped on the chassis of one those lower-body-is-a-mini-tank freaks, and kept it from rolling off. When he turned to see why he couldn't move...All he could see was TEETH! Teeth the size of bananas, and a feral grin!


I saw a trickle of oil escape his lower chassis, and I laughed about it later, but first I put the smack-down on the rolling junk-pile! Using my foot and powerful leg, I shoved him across the grass, only to have him collide with TWO other Cyborgs! Picking up the split is a fair move in bowling. It's just funnier with cyborgs! I invented a new sport Borg-Bowling!

I could see Wolverine taking apart cybernetic limbs all around him! Jean was mostly defending others, which is good. Sunspot would have been really hurt by a chainsaw-like weapon from one of the lower-body-is-a-mini-tank jerks! Instead, Jean shoved a bit of metal, from broken cyborg, into the mechanism. There went that weapon! Boom Boom was exploding a few cyborg weapons, too. She ran up, and put one of her Energy Time Bombs inside the barrel of a weapon, and jumped away…


The S.W.A.T. sniper dropped six cyborgs this time. All were immobilized by a .50 calibre round into the mechanical spine. Cyborg or not, you need SOMETHING working there to stand up! Trust me! I know what I'm talking about. I remember what happened to me in Japan all too clearly!

A few police were placing the Trackers on cyborgs. A few Jamie Clones were helping the police in that job. Jake hurled a boulder at a pair of cyborgs, but only one was hit. I'll have to tell him later about the new sport! Beast had tricked two Reavers into shooting one another, by getting between them, then leaping out of the way!



Both went down as Hank was quoting somebody again. Quicksilver blurred by, and left tire-chains wrapped around a few cyborgs. The chains had pretty bells attached.

I could hear Quicksilver say "Oh! Very stylish! The belled-like-a-cat-look is so good for you! Bu-Bye!" The Reaver's reply was REALLY unprintable!

Rogue, who was nearby, was not happy to hear it, either! So, having nothing else to do, she stuck a Tracker on the offender's back, and a bit of laundry in his mouth!

"Now HUSH! Ya metal yahoo! Ah am a lady, an' ah don' haveta hear that kinda talk!"

Blob trashed the Reaver who was trying to shoot Rogue in the back. I do mean TRASHED! A bewildered person WAS a scary cyborg, and then was simply a fool stuck in a scrap-pile! Being sat on by Blob is bad enough, but he folded the cyborg like an accordion first, THEN sat on what was left! Amazing how many people forget that Blob is strong enough to grab an airplane thrown at him by Magneto (During the whole Apocalypse Event)! Trashing a cyborg is less work than that…

Ray blasted another Reaver. I stepped on another one! While the cyborg was under my clawed foot, I bit off the energy cannon fro it's arm, and spat it out at another Reaver. He ducked, which ruined his aim. Ray blasted him too, only to have to duck from return fire. I was about to rush the Reaver, when Scott's optic blast hammered the metallic jerk!

My Dad used his police baton to redirect a Reaver's weapon towards the ground, as per training, and used his other hand to spray mace in the cyborg's unprotected face. That put her in her place! Hey, that rhymed!

Then it was over.

The Reavers Teleported away again. The Police Captain grinned as he went to the police van and started up the trackers! Hank had been sticking like glue to the Captain. I guess that Hank was the Liaison to the PD. A minute later, Hank called out to everyone!

"People! We have a LOCATION!"

We got healed up, and had a light repast as we waited for Medic to finish putting everyone back together.

Lance was looking a bit off, as he still had a headache from using his powers so much. Kitty, however, took his mind of the headache...mostly.

After a debriefing, we found the Reavers had their base in the mountains, just upstate from here and to the West.

Our tactical teams were going in together. The S.W.A.T. team as well. They would make the official arrests. After all, once the police start chasing you, jurisdiction means little, unless the local PD makes a fuss, which I was sure they wouldn't. After all, Bayville PD had been SHOT AT! No cop will EVER take that lightly! There is a reason why it's often called 'suicide-by-cop'. Trust me.

The X-Jet, the Blackbird, the X-Van, Lance's Jeep, and the Police Helicopter were all added to the SWAT van, Prisoner Transport Van, and two cruisers, loaded with gear. This convoy was aimed straight at the mountain lair of the Reavers.

The location was a mountain top, that can be found North of Willowemoc, North East of Sand Pond, North West of Bear Hill Road, and almost Due South of Balsam Lake.

The Captain called the State Police, who will be aiding in the raid. In addition to destruction of private property, using firearms with 500 feet of a school (The Institute legally IS a school), Attempted Murder, it is Illegal Weapons (Military Grade) charges, and using Deadly Force against Police Officers that get the State Troopers wholeheartedly involved. Like I said, NO cop will put up with that nonsense, nor should they!

We took a full DAY to get into position. This gave Medic time to both put everyone in top fighting shape, AND be well rested for the raid. We made our plans. Checking the paperwork, we did find that the land is owned by one Cameron Hodge. He is gonna have some 'splainin' to do, Lucy...Already, the Lawyers were being set into motion.

It was 3:19 AM when the raid began.

I had my own Dad and Ray both strapped to my back for the raid. Dad is in full riot gear, and Ray is in uniform. The only police gear he took was a gas mask, and a set of handcuffs. Dad sat in front of Ray, because Dad was wearing heavy riot armor, and Ray was in his X-Men uniform. Dad also needed a clear field of fire for his police-issue shotgun.

Normally police will NOT allow civilians to join in on a police raid, but the X-Men had been deputized first. The circumstances were far outside the norm, for any police officer, and this pairing up simply made sense. We needed the police force's blessing, and they needed our raw power. The training for both X-Men and the police emphasized teamwork. We would work hand in glove.

The Brotherhood would more troublesome, due to a lack of team-training. Still, surrounded by cops, none were likely to do anything too stupid. Especially after Lance warned them to behave. Wanda and Toad were set to go in with the initial wave. Wanda's firepower and Toad's leaping speed make for a good combination. They were getting a crash course in S.W.A.T. teamwork, from a few of the S.W.A.T. team members. Wanda and Toad had to wear Riot vests. Blob was given a helmet, and it actually fit him.

We were ready. The timer hit zero. It was 'Go' time.

Pietro, Shadowcat, Kurt and Wolverine went in first. With their speed, travel powers, and skill at stealth, they would move in, disable all the alarms, and open the way for the rest of us. It went off without a hitch. No alarms went off. No guards were tipped off.

Within seconds of the initial rush, we realized that we'd been had!

The whole place was just a way-station for them! All of the Tracking Devices were piled in the center of the main room. Along with a HUGE pile of explosives. *SIGH* Why did I get out of bed again?

We HAULED outta there! Kitty disabled the explosives, by phasing through the electronics. Still, we were back at square one. Or were we? We had one lead. Lucy had some 'splaining' to do…