Hello! So this is all rather exciting, I was chatting away to no less than the great Dharmamonkey on Twitter and was given a prompt!

"You should write one set at the end of "Man in the Wall," where Booth winds up w/an extra ticket to Jamaica bc Tessa bails. Brennan goes with him instead. Things happen... There better be smut."

So who would I be if I turned down a challenge like that?! 2-3 chapters I reckon. With thanks to my most excellent beta Jenmaccun.

Warning: contains many BnB sexual cliches. :D

Booth stared at the single suitcase stood in his hallway, forlorn in its loneliness. Tessa had bailed on their holiday... and on him. Maybe it was for the best. He pursed his lips. The tickets were on a great deal, non-refundable of course. He would just have to go to Jamaica on his own, try and make the best of it for a few nights. Start to move on, do something about those "opportunities" he'd mentioned to Brennan...

Brennan and Angela stood in front of the Angelatron.

"See, Sweetie - here's your Mesopotamian warrior; from the wounds and fractures you found I was able to find cause of death." She generated an amusing and dramatic animation, the warrior's facial features appropriately contorted as he met his virtual demise. "As you can see from these remnants of ancient arrowheads I found from the Jeffersonian artefact database, I was able to get a match on the length and angle of the entry wound - his chest was pierced by one of these arrows," Angela zoomed in on a photo of a rusty looking piece of cast metal; "...and he fell off his horse, whereupon he was trampled underfoot. You can see the indents from two hooves here... and here. Ugh." Angela winced at her own animation. Brennan smiled appreciatively. "I will send you the data."

"Thank you Ange. I will complete the paperwork."

Brennan turned to walk out of Angela's office but Angela called out after her.

"So, Booth's still going to Jamaica alone?" Brennan turned back around and looked blankly at Angela, who shrugged her shoulders.


"Well, you know what that means."

"No, Angela, I don't know what that means."

Angela decided not to state the obvious to a clearly clueless Brennan. 'For a genius she really is thick sometimes. Really, if I didn't know her better I would say this girl had never been in a relationship before...' she thought to herself, trying not to physically shake her head. She took a breath to give her time to choose her next words very carefully.

"Poor Booth. You know, maybe he could do with some company. He's probably miserable and you are his partner. If you went with him..."

"Absolutely not, Ange." We have plenty of work to do here. And besides, Booth said that going alone brought a world of opportunities."

"Nothing that won't keep. You think those skeletons are going to come up from Limbo and demand you put them back together? Zach can keep things going for a few days. This is a chance for the two of you to bond." 'Bonding with Booth' she tried not to smirk. 'I wouldn't mind bonding with Booth...'


"Yes, it will make your partnership stronger." Here is an opportunity - for them both.

"Really?" Brennan's tone was inquisitive, but she did not sound convinced.

"Improve your mutual understanding" said Angela, with as serious a face as she could muster.


"Yes. It's exactly the sort of thing partners do."

"Oh." Sucker. As she turned her back on Brennan, Angela broke into a smile worthy of an evil genius.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we will be touching down at Sangster International Airport in about twenty minutes. Please return to your seats, fasten your seat-belts, put your chairs back into the upright position and prepare for landing."

Booth looked across at his partner who was engrossed in her very dense book on something to do with the societal structure of a recently discovered ancient civilisation in Central Africa.

"Thanks again for coming, Bones. You really didn't have to, but I'm glad not to waste the ticket."

"You are most welcome, Booth. I thought it would be a good opportunity to find more common ground with you. Angela suggested we could bond." Brennan spoke with no hint of innuendo.

"I bet she did..." muttered Booth under his breath.

"Sorry, did you say something?"

"No. Nothing in particular." He changed the subject quickly. "Have you visited Jamaica before?"

"No. Although I did undertake some research once I'd offered to come with you."

"Well this place - it has kayaking, abseiling... loads to do."

"Ah yes, Tessa mentioned that to Angela as amongst the criteria you chose."

"Can we not talk about her please? Sensitive topic."

"Who, Angela?"

Booth rolled his eyes and wondered if maybe this had not been such a good idea. There was no question after their first case together over a year ago that there had been chemistry. *Lots* of chemistry, both of the working kind... and the sexual kind. How they hadn't ended up sleeping together still baffled him, he could still remember the feel of her kiss, even now; but somehow, things had not worked out. They had ended up fighting - badly, and it had taken them until pretty much now to formulate something of a good working relationship. The thing was, and Booth was painfully aware of this - the chemistry, the sexual attraction - that had never gone away. Brennan could be painfully oblivious sometimes (just now had been a good example), but then again, there were moments were they could quite easily cause a fire, the sparks between them were so strong that they hung in the air, waiting for something to ignite them.

Putting them together like this, him so soon after a break-up, her with her (in his humble opinion) baffling approach to sexual relationships - it could just be a disaster-in-the-making.

Thirty minutes later they walked through customs where they were beckoned aside by the burly but smiling officer.

"Just a routine check of your luggage, thank you."

"I'm FBI."

"I'm sure you are, Sir, but you are not under United States jurisdiction right now and therefore you are subject to Jamaican customs checks like everyone else. Now your bags, please - Sir, Madam?"

Booth and Brennan lifted their cabin cases onto the table and popped them open.

The officer searched through the cases, finding nothing of note, although as the cases were open together and facing the same way, Booth noticed Brennan had packed some swimwear that could be considered obscene in certain countries. He also noticed an object just peeping out that *looked* a lot like something one might only usually buy in an adult store, although it was hard to be certain. Clearly the officer had seen many such items before as he barely gave it a second glance and certainly didn't question it. Booth glanced across at Brennan and for a split second she looked back at him with a an expression he couldn't quite place.

'This could be a very long five days...' thought Booth.

As their hire car wound their way through the lush and undulating landscape of the Jamaican countryside of Surrey County, Brennan looked out of the window, pondering on the sleeping arrangements. They were miles from any of the bigger conurbations so if they were going to keep each other company, they would have to stay at same place. Both had assumed they'd just get a second room if they asked for it on arrival, but when they met the owner of the boutique Bed and Breakfast, he cheerily informed them that his was a small establishment and thanks to the deal he'd put out online, they were now fully booked.

"Oh." Brennan and Booth looked at each other awkwardly.

"You didn't mention requiring two rooms when you booked. Are you very religious or something?"

"No" piped up Brennan, "but my partner is."

"Well" said the owner, "You're an attractive couple and this is the twenty-first century, I'm sure you can deal with each other for a few days." The owner grinned, knowingly.

"But we're not -"

"Never mind, Bones. Let's just go to the room. Thank you." He took a very deep breath.

The rooms were actually several small chalets just off the main house, where they were informed breakfast was served. Theirs consisted of a well appointed bedroom with a super-king size bed, a lounge area furnished with a desk and two chairs, a bathroom that opened out to a secluded outdoor shower and a small walled garden beyond it with a sturdy-looking hammock.

'This place is totally built for couples...couples having a romantic tryst. No wonder Tessa had chosen this place. Damn it.' Booth had taken only a passing interest when she'd booked and had no idea that they were miles from all but a couple of residential villages, a convenience store and a few local restaurants which seemed to be serving a variety of local cuisines.

"This is nice." Brennan wandered around the chalet.

"Yes..." replied Booth as he sauntered through. Oh...and here is the bed." 'The very big, comfy bed, absolutely made for two.'


"We hadn't really considered this."

"No. But now we're here..." Booth couldn't quite get her intonation. Was she flirting with him? She was a picture of innocence. That just made it worse. He cleared his throat.

"Which side would you like, Bones?"


"Of the bed?"

"Oh, right."

"OK, works for me, I prefer the left anyway." He smiled at her and she couldn't help but smile back. It all felt terribly domestic to Brennan, which was quite unsettling after her split with Peter some months before, where it had all become terribly strained and awkward which made the split all the easier. This was different. Strangely this felt comfortable. Comfortable and unsettling, all at the same time.

They set about unpacking their clothes, which didn't take terribly long based on Brennan's luggage being mostly swimming costumes and sarongs and Booth's a variety of board shorts and t-shirts.

"So what would you like to do now, Booth?"

"You want to go for a walk?"


Booth and Brennan, still in their travel clothes, wandered out of the guest house and headed up the road. The landscape was lush and fertile; the hills and valley spread out in front of them. They strolled for twenty minutes, chatting about the history of Jamaica, the climate, the flora and fauna. It felt relaxing not to be dashing to a crime scene or a suspect interview for once.

As is not unusual in the Caribbean, where the sun had shone brightly one moment in a sea of blue, suddenly storm clouds rolled in. Before long the first heavy drops of a downpour hit the backs of their necks and slid down their arms.

"Oh shit, we are going to get soaked."

"We are going to have to make a run for it. You ready?"

Brennan laughed.

"Of course! Race you?"

And Booth and Brennan ran, even though Brennan knew that statistically they would remain only ten percent drier by running, over the speed of an average paced walk. Despite the tropical location they were at altitude and the rain was quite cooling against their skins. By the time they reached their chalet a mile away, they were both utterly soaked and more than a little chilly, their race somewhat forgotten along the way in the quest to return to the chalet without drowning.

Having finally managed to find and dry the room key which had stuck to the inside of his jeans pocket, Booth shuffled the two of them inside.


"Over there."

"Come here Bones, you're shivering."

"So are you."

"Let's get this towel around you." With that, Booth took one of the bath towels and wrapped it around Brennan's shoulders. He began to rub her shoulders as she shook slightly from the continuing cold against her skin.

"We need to get these wet clothes off. They're keeping us from warming up." Brennan, ever practical.

"Um, yes... Yes we do." And before allowing himself to think about it, Booth peeled off his shirt, leaving his torso bare and took a another towel to start wiping himself down. His wet jeans were still stuck to his legs for now, but leaving nothing to the imagination above the waist, not even for Brennan's writer brain. She tried and failed miserably not to be totally overwhelmed. Subtlety not her strong point, she gazed like a lustful groupie at his musculature, mentally noting every ripple and sinew in her eye-line. She looked predatorily at Booth, completely forgetting who he really was to her. Her look blinding him to any coherent thought, Booth forgot everything he'd told himself earlier on the plane, forgot about their recent case banter and the accompanying flirting that should never go anywhere, and took the bait.

"Like what you see, Bones?" he smirked, and found himself standing slightly taller.

"I am merely appreciating that you obviously spend a considerable time at the gym", she said, with absolutely no conviction at all. She was mostly mesmerised, but remembering the brief for a second without thinking any further of the consequences, she dropped the towel Booth had carefully draped over her shoulders and peeled off her wet top, leaving herself in a simple cotton bra and her own damp capri pants. In her actions she'd inadvertently stepped forward a couple of paces so she was standing right in front of Booth, within touching distance. Within kissing distance. It could be deemed a challenge, who would crack first?

They stared at each other for what was probably just seconds, but felt like eternity. They were far too close to each other for a sensible conversation and after one moment too many of staring, the temptation of around eighteen months of unresolved tension took over and lust won out. Many years later, as a happily married couple, they would still bicker about who moved first at that moment, but like so many things in their relationship, it was absolutely synchronous.

As if they had been pulled together by magnetic force, the next thing either one knew, they were in the middle of what could only be described as a searing kiss, hands roaming over shoulders and around backs and waists as their tongues found each other and began a lustful duel. When the oxygen started to run out, Booth pulled back just enough to start a trail of open-mouthed kisses down Brennan's collar bone towards her breasts as he held her waist, fingertips gently rubbing against where her back dipped into her pants. Brennan sighed. This was even better than she remembered from the year before... and she had remembered that kiss outside the bar more times than she had liked to admit. She ran her hands down up and down his back, loving the smooth feel of his skin against her fingertips. Her brain was focussed on nothing at this moment other than the twin sensations of her touching him and his lips now pleasantly assaulting her. She felt his hands slip back up her back to the fasteners on her bra and deftly unhook them. He briefly moved his attentions to kissing her shoulder as he peeled the straps down. Brennan wriggled her arms to help the straps on their way and the garment fell between them, catching briefly on their remaining clothes before its final resting place on the floor.

In the meantime, Booth had manoeuvred them to the edge of the bed with his legs against the mattress. He pulled them on to the bed so he was sitting with Brennan kneeled top of him and he enjoyed the gentle weight of her against him as he put his hands round her waist, his mouth over an uncovered breast, tongue laving a nipple. Brennan threw her head back and as Booth continued to lick and suck he glanced up to the graceful column of her neck where moments before he'd begun his journey. He avowed himself to revisit that area at some point later.

By now they were both acutely aware that they were both very aroused but still uncomfortably damp. Brennan pushed Booth back onto the bed and now on top of him, started trying to wriggle out of her pants. He pushed his hands down below the material and helped her slowly slide them off, leaving his hands on her butt. He had hardened in expectation during the previous few minutes, causing a delicious friction between them as she writhed. After some more heavy petting, he flipped them over. Brennan shoved her fingers down to his flies and after a little frustrated movement, freed his member from its confines. She stroked him hard, once, and he moaned at the sensation. With his damp jeans and boxers still on, pushed down just to his knees; the brief of drying off by now entirely forgotten, Booth shoved her panties to one side and with little formality thrust into her for the first time, meeting no resistance from Brennan's slick folds. They both moaned in pleasure at the feeling.

However good it felt though, based on the circumstances alone, this first time was going to be quick and dirty. They moved against each other relentlessly, each focussed only on the sensation of their coupling. Brennan's hands roamed over Booth's back as he pumped into her; he revelled in her tightness and she, in his size. He kissed her hard, their tongues clashing as they devoured one another. Brennan cursed loudly and Booth responded with an even more frenzied set of thrusts.

They were both so tightly wound and their sex so rigorous that their orgasms came quickly, one after the other. Booth rolled off her and they lay next to each other, both spent and panting from their exertions. The whole experience had lasted maybe ten minutes in total, but had been so intense they had had no idea of the time passed.

By the time they were done, the sun was shining again through the now evaporating clouds.

"Well..." 'That was very satisfying.'

"Well..." 'Wow. Just... wow.'

"At least we've warmed up." Brennan observed.


"We shouldn't do this again. I mean... it's probably good that we've addressed our sexual tensions but ultimately this would probably cause complications in our partnership."



"Maybe we should both get freshened up and changed. Would you like the bathroom first, Temperance?"

Yeah right, because once is gong to be enough for these two, heh heh.

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