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Chapter 2

Daichi's POV

It was raining, and everyone stared to part ways. I stayed put, staring at the freshly dug grave beside Bellemere's. There was a stone nicely decorated placed there with the words "Monkey D. Nami" and her DOB and DOD underneath. Bellemere's has a stone too now, my mom used some of the money she gathered over the years to get a nice simple one with a pin wheel and Mikan engraved in it. My tears mixed in with the rain. I was so engrossed in my thoughts to notice the smooshed sound of footsteps in the drenched ground getting closer. When they stopped a hand touched my left shoulder lightly. I looked up to see the man known as my father.

"We will be leaving tonight" his voice dull. I just nodded, I had nothing to say right now.

Later that night I was in my room, packing up for my new life on a pirate ship. I got clothes, pictures, and anything else I thought I would need. I really didn't know what to expect so I packed a lot just in case. When I was done I started walking around the house that was my home for the first 13 years of my life. I went to the kitchen remembering my mom standing there cutting up oranges and handing me a slice. I remember the stories she would tell me of her adventures near the fireplace. Man I'm going to miss this place.

I walked out and started heading to the shore to see the ship that will be my new home. As I got closer I noticed a ship with a lion's head on the front, and a flag with a jolly roger of a skull and straw hat on it, I correctly assume it's this one. When I board I am immediately greeted by a reindeer and the man with a long nose I saw earlier.

"Hey and welcome aboard the Thousand Sunny, and becoming the new navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates" He was very cheerful "I am Usopp the sharp shooter and Chopper here is the doctor".

"Hiya! We got someone new to play with now!" the reindeer jumped up and down.

"Hello I'm Daichi, as you already know I'm Nami's son..."

"We know who you are, you're also the captain's son. We know all about you from the letter's and pictures your mom sent us" he interrupted.

"My mom sent you guys letters and pictures?" I was perplexed, why didn't I know about that?

"Yeah she did from the time you were born until about the time you were 3" he answered.

"Why only til I was 3?"

"I guess because the further away we got the harder it was to receive and send letters. After you were one and we got back to where the grand line was, it would be months until we would get anything. The lag was too far apart"

"Oh" was all I could say. Why would she never had told me she sent letters and where were the letters they sent? Why did I never get a chance to read them.

"Anyway I'll show you to your new room. You will be getting Nami's old room. Robin moved out so you will get it all to yourself" He stared leading me to the stairs that lead to the cabins. As we walked I saw all the crew members. First there was the man with green hair and the man with blonde hair, they were fighting, I couldn't tell what about. All I heard were insults like love cook and shitty swordsman.

"That's Sanji the cook and Zoro the swordsman, don't mind them they do that all the time " He pointed to a woman who was sitting in a lounge chair reading and then to a man nearby that looked like he was part machine. "That's Robin, she's an archaeologist and Franky, he mans the ship" and then he pointed to a skeleton leaning on the railing playing a violin "and that's Brook, he's our musician" he finished.

I looked around, a skeleton, cyborg, and a reindeer! This is the weirdest pirate crew. And there is an archaeologist? What would pirates need with an archaeologist!? But these people were my mom's friends so I guess they are okay, plus from what she has told me these are some of the strongest people she has ever met. I start to look around for my father.

He noticed "Looking for Luffy? He's probably in the kitchen eating us out of house and home" there was annoyance in his voice at the last part.

We got to a door below deck, "Here is your new room. Dinner should be served shortly but Sanji will call when it is ready. Trust me you'll hear him. I'll leave you here to unpack" he smiled as he walked out the door and closed it.

I looked around and saw a mattress with pink comforters and pillows, there was also a dresser and a desk with a few pens still lying on it. I laid my bags on the mattress and started to unpack. While I was putting my clothes in the dresser I heard the door open. I turned and looked at Luffy.

"This was your mothers old room when she was apart of the crew. Robin seems to kept it the way she left it" he was nudging towards the pink covered bed. I kept silent and continued unpacking. He tried to talk to me some more but I ignored him. He finally gave up and walked out. I laid on the bed; it wasn't like I was trying to be mean, I just didn't know what to say. I'm still not exactly comfortable with the idea of him being here now after all these years. I can't just pretend like were old buddies.

"Sigh" I guess I'm done here, might as well go up and officially meet the rest of the crew. These are the people I have to live with for a while after all, might as see what they are like.