Okay memories time! I've been dyeing to do one of these; I hope I do it justice! It will be in chronological order. This will include some of my OC's from Attack of Winter and Summer, if you want to know about them go read the story. Oh and just a forwarding, this is teen for a reason, and I isn't because of a slip of the fingers and a couple curse words are sprinkled in. the reason for teen though won't appear for a while though. Jack will be an adult when it happens.

I do not know yet if it is after AoWaS or just an alternate story where the guardians know the rulers.

And finally- Disclaimer, I do not own Rise of the Guardians, only my OC's

In a pocket detention, there was a dark room with deep red and black panel walls, a black velvet rug, black couches and chairs, in the corner sat a popcorn machine, soda fountain and a candy bar, all fully stocked. It looked like a home theater. Bright flashes of light appeared in the room, when they lessened a Russian man, a feathered fairy, a giant anamorphic Rabbit, Four season spirits, and 7 teenage humans, one twelve, the rest eighteen, sat in the couches and chairs. North sat in a chair, Tooth and Anna sat in a couch next to him, Sandy in a chair, and Monty in the chair next to him, behind them sat Jamie, who shared a couch with Pippa, Jack was left in a couch, Bunny sat in the middle Sophie and Bloom, behind them Cupcake sat in a chair and, Claude and Caleb sat in a couch with Vell in the middle. Stun expressions were on all their faces as they looked around and at the other familiar and new faces.

"Who are all of ye?" Anna asked to the teens

"The same could be said for you" Caleb shot back.

"I am the summer queen A'ine! Now who are ye?" Anna yelled

"Anna knock it off, these guys are my friends and the first believers I mentioned to you." Jack said. Okay introduction time before anyone else stars yelling demands, he said eyeing Vell and Bloom "the man siting between Caleb and Claude is Vell, the girl on the right side of Bunny is Bloom and on the left is Sophie, the girl sitting next to tooth, as you already know is Anna and the boy and girl sitting next to each other, holding hands I might add, is Jamie and Pippa," Jack said with a smirk," and the girl sitting in the chair is Cupcake" and you guys already know all the guardians, including myself, Jack then took his seat which was in the middle of everyone else.

"Jack thank you so setting everything straight, and welcome Guardians, Monarchs and Humans," a voice over head of them said

"Manny iz that you?" North asked

" Yes it is I, I have brought you all here for a little …. Fun. My wife Gaia wanted the monarchs to be closer to see each other memories, and I thought it would be a wonderful idea if, since Jack was first, then the guardians and his first believers could get to know him a little better too." Manny said

" What!" All of them said, except Jack who had a look of horror on his face and his mouth on the ground.

"Nonononono, we are NOT going to watch my memories! NO way, absolutely no possible way!" Jack said.

"it is Gaia's orders, do you want to go against you bosses orders, I believe she even has a punishment ready for you if you refuse. I belive it is something similar to last time…" Manny said

Horror appeared on Jacks face again, quickly shaking his head," Fine… how far back are these memories going anyways" he said as he lumped in his seat.

" they will span from your early childhood to just after pitch attacked."

Giggles were heard from all the teens, including the monarchs, "We get to see a baby Jack!" Sophie exclaimed. More laughter ensued and Jacks cheeks turned a light blue as hos hood went up.

"Before I start the memories, here is a remote", a small black rectangle with a play, pause and fast forward button on it," the fast forward button will only work on select memories, and you will know when those come up. And now, enjoy the show." Many said after the remote was given to Jack, he swore he heard laughter in Manny's voice at the end of it.

The Room darkened and the movie theater screen shown a blinding white. Then it faded to reveal a scene of an old wooden boat, the kind Columbus sailed, and a small boy, no older than three, ran between the legs of sailors and passengers, a young woman and man chased after the child. The woman's hair was in a cap and she wore a petticoat and corset, he husband had a loose shirt and tattered pants.

"Jackson! Get back here right now!" the woman yelled, the young child ignored her and ran to the very tip of the front, "Get away from the edge!" she rushed forward and scooped the boy in her arms and held him close. "you do not ever do that again, do you hear me, my son, I and your pa thought we lost you on this big boat. We were worried sick! Please don't leave us a again." The young mother said. Her husband just stood next to her and comforted her.

"Mor, Ma-mama, en øy, I –I s-ee gween!" little Jackson pointed out to see with his chubby fingers.

"that is no island, my son, that is are new home, The New World." She said. Great cheer went out through the boat as there long voyage was over.

The screen faded back to black and the light went back on. All the people in the room looked at the screen then at Jack.

"you looked so adorable as a toddler!" Bloom said, Anna, Piipa, and all the other girls in the room nodded in agreement, Jacks cheeks went back to blue.

" Nice to see we aren't the only people you think ta give headaches to huh?" Bunny said

"let uz see more memories zo we can get out faster, I have felling that we will not leave till they are finished." Vell said

"Agreed" Jack said as he pressed the Play Button and the room went dark again.

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