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Oh and from now on, bold will be the group watching and regular text is the memories. One of my friends pointed out how hard it was to discern it all.

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Jack flew through the halls of the ice palace. "ug, I hate summer! It's-"

"HEY!" Anna shouted as she paused the memory, "Winter isn't any better for me!"

"At least it's easier for you. You don't have to worry about getting stuck on one side of the planet or about summer fey because you have to cross the equator just do you your job at the poles." Jack complained back.

Anna just humphed in annoyance and pressed play.

"It's so boring!" Jack thought out loud as he came to stop at a balcony with a clear view of were snow covered evergreens meet rich green oaks. "Mab has me stuck in the Farie Realm for going too far over my one quota, I figured she would be happy about that one," Jack said with a smirk.

Anna again paused the memory, "Which quota?"

"I think you can figure that one out." Jack said with bemusement,"

"You dog! You where the one constantly attacking the Summer Fey!" Anna shouted.

"Let it go Anna. The past is in the past." Jack told her.

"Okay, Elsa!" Anna said as her and Bloom erupted in a fit of giggles.

Jack turned to face her, "Really?" then faced Jamie, "You just had to show them that movie didn't you?" he said as he glared at the teen.

"What we couldn't sleep last night. I figured it wouldn't hurt" Jamie said with a shrug.

"How about we just get back to the memory?" Vell said as he took the remote and pressed play.

"I have already seen everything I can here, and all the fun fey are doing their own work…." He mumbled annoyed. Suddenly he lurched up caught with a bright idea. "I haven't seen the kitchens yet! I remember hearing a rumor that it was run by Changelings!"

"That better be a false rumor!" Tooth shouted.

"It wasn't run by them" Jack states.

"But there were changelings in the kitchens." Bunny says.

"Well yay, the Yetis can only do so much. The smaller stuff is impossible for them." Jack says bluntly.

"Do you still have them in there?" Tooth asks.

Before Jack could say Anna takes over, "Of course! All the courts have changelings. WE have greatly limited the number of changelings but it's one of our oldest traditions."

"Not to mention, Changelings get better treatment in the Farie Realms then in their world." Vell added.

"But it's bloody sick! They are no better than pampered trained pets!" Bunny shouted.

Before the Fey or one ex-Fey could argue that Jamie butted in, "What is a Changeling?"

Bunny looked straight at him with a bit of pity and guilt, "A human child that was stolen from their parents and sometimes replaced with a sickly Fey child. The human children are raised as pet slaves."

Jamie looked agaist, and looked straight to Jack.

"Don't be ridiculous!" he said annoyed. "I have never taken a changeling!"

"Maybe we should zee if we can skip thiz memory?" North said hopefully, seeing the tension in the air, Sandy nodded in agreement.

"And hear you all wanted to see how I learned how to cook?" Jack said aloud.

"We watch!" Vell exclaimed and pressed play yet again.

Jack sped through the icy halls and stopped at the only stone doors in the castle. The doors were intricately carved with flames and large yetis cooking. With a grin on his face he pushed the large doors open and was immediately dwarfed by the large fluffy creatures.

Jack rose up in the air but wavered and quickly landed 'I think I'll just stay on the ground' he thought. Everyone gave him curious or questioning looks. "Hot air rises. And there are open fires in the kitchen" he said like it should be obvious.

Jack had an almost dance like movement as he twisted in and out of the large busy yetis. The yetis were two distinctly different types there where taller ones towering at around 8 feet in different shades of white and grey, and shorter ones at 7 feet in varying shades of brown.

Tooth suddenly piped up as they watch Jack bother the various yetis in the kitchen, "I recognize the brown ones as North's yetis but what are the white ones?" she asked.

"North was Given the Northern Yetis by Mab when he had gone to her with the boon," suddenly turning to North, "Still can't believe you actually did that," turning back to Tooth, "Anyways the whitish ones are the Southern yetis. And before you all ask they get their names by which hemisphere they originated on. Oh Jamie, you'll like this. The Northern yetis are thought to be Sasquatch and the southern yetis are thought to be the abominable snowman by humans."

Jamie's eyes widen in excitement, "Awesome!"

"Anyways you're missing the good parts." Jack said as he brings everyone's attention back to the screen.

Jack had suddenly moved from the main cooking area which was an intricate layout of stoves, cooking fires, prepping tables, freezers and fridges, slow cookers, and anything else needed to make food all divided into different sections: Pastries, red meat, poultry, seafood, and vegetarian. Children in sooty black or purple clothing were running in and out of the cooking yetis caring supplies in and finished foods out. Above the main area there stood two yetis, one Northern and one Southern.

Jack walked up to them after he snagged a chilled cholate chip cookie. "Hey Phil, Gretchen, what's up," Jack said as he rose up above them, the air cooler near the chilled cooking area.

The two looked at him and grumbled and tried to shoo him away,

"Now that's not very nice of you? I just want to see what's going on down here. I never got the chance to." Jack complained.

The two head yetis looked at each other and quietly argued amongst each other. Gretchen glared back at Jack and told him in roughly that he could stay so long as he didn't mess with the cooks or children.

Jack had flown around, avoiding the hot pockets of air, watching how the Northern and Southern Yetis cooked and his interest was piqued. Flying back up to the yetis and yelling "You don't mind if I use some of the old cooking stations do you? No? Great!" as he rushed by. The yetis didn't have a chance to respond. He rushed to the stations and pulled out a dusty old cookbook. Flipping through the tabs he stopped on desserts and smiled gleefully as he landed on one he liked. He read through the directions and got to work. About an hour later Jack had his hands coated in ice, and charcoal cookies sat on the counter as the memory faded to black.

And everyone, except Jack, was laughing at the memory.

Anna being the first to catch her breath asked, "What possessed ye to grab a hot tray from an oven!"

"A better question would be what possessed you to use an oven!" Bloom added.

"That was hilarious!" Puck added.

"Oh yes, very funny. Laughing at my misery, you all better be careful. You're starting to sound like Unseelie Fey." Jack snidded. All six of the Seelie fey present gasped and the Queens pelted Jack with Popcorn.

Lizzy snatched some of the flying popcorn and tossed it in her mouth, "How did you manage to turn your burning skill into actual food?" she asked.

"What else? I practiced. Mab had put a three year ban on me for that stunt. Said I had shot down, not only the Seelie but also the Unseelie during this huge battle, just before the memory."

"Hm. Well I, for one, am glad for the improvement. Is there any other new talents, we should know about?" Lizzy asked.

"How about I'll let the memories tell you. That way I don't repeat myself." Jack said as he pressed play.