Hey awesome nerdlets. How you doing? I'm SlayGal, and this is my first 39 Clues fic. I wanted to do a multi-chap Amian, because, well, multi-chap Amian. So spawned this awesome crap. I do swear a bit, so be warned.


Me: Why hello Mr. Kabra

Ian: Who are you?

Me: the dictator of your fate. You wanna help me out with something?

Ian: What is it?

Me: (*whisper whisper*)

Ian: No.

Me: But you have too!

Ian: Why should I open up some nerd's fanfic anyway?

Me: 'Cause if you don't I'll show Dan the video of you and Amy in... the closet.

Ian: It was one time!

Dan: What was one time?

Me: Well, you see, Ian got him and Amy locked in a closet this one time, and they-

Ian: (*claps hand over my mouth*) SlayGal27 does not own anything in this story except the plot anything you don't recognize from the Cluniverse. (*takes hand off of mouth*)

Me: Kissed!

Dan: Cobra!

Ian: Oh shit...

Well I found that Mildly entertaining. Anyone else? Yes, no, maybe so?



Amy pulled at her hair, trying to tame the auburn waves into a decent style.

"'Ello love."

"You just gonna stand there or help me out?"

Ian grinned as he walked up behind the eldest Cahill, carefully zipping her up, letting his fingers ghost ever so lightly across her spine, pretending not to notice the tremor in her as he did so. He smirked and whispered, "All done."

Amy quickly let go of her long waves, letting them tumble around her shoulders. Ian wanted to scream. Was this girl trying to kill him?

He wondered, just for a moment, how they had gotten here.