Hello, folks, and welcome to my very first fanfic! I hope you enjoy it as much as I will as I write it out. See, I came up with this idea back in February 2009 after being inspired by an episode of the pop-culture parody series Robot Chicken with Lion-O and Punky in separate sketches, though what I'm writing won't be anything at all like those sketches.

This tale is set during the animated version of the live-action Punky Brewster series and in the middle of the first season of the classic ThunderCats series. If such a crossover had existed back in 1986 or 1987 while both shows were still on the air, it would be either an animated TV movie, a full-length original novelization, or a comic book miniseries. My idea of an animated PB/TC TV crossover movie would be that Punky's viewpoint would be Taiwanese and the 'Cats' viewpoint would be Japanese once Punky and friends arrive in the Third Earth dimension.

The version of the Cherie Johnson character I'll be writing will be based off of the animated Cherie cel that currently exists on a site along with some other Punky Brewster cels called welcomeconsumer-dot-rubberslug-dot-com.

I'm taking slight liberties with ThunderCats' canon, such as Lion-O's anointment trials never taking place. So Lion-O will be struggling with his Lord of the ThunderCats title until he's fully confident he can lead his people to victory. The ThunderCats in my story will have fangs and fur as opposed to the normal teeth and fair skin they have on their show, because naturally they are cats; Panthro's line about going in with "teeth bared and fur flying" from the "Safari Joe" episode has kinda been the inspiration. Also, the 'Cats will have different eye colors except Snarf, who will have both buckteeth and fangs.

I'll be following the NBC version of Punky (both live-action and animated), though like with ThunderCats' canon, I'm gonna be taking some liberties with Punky's, perhaps even include a few Easter eggs from the live-action syndicated episodes.

This is a story that'll be full of drama and hilarity. Anyone who's a fan of the 1980s (and especially if they're a Punky Brewster or ThunderCats fan) will definitely be getting a kick out of Team Punky and the ThunderCats teaming up to battle the forces of evil. Placing Punky and her friends in a violent atmosphere may be pretty ambitious and outlandish of me, but I'm fine with it. I hope you will be, too.

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to either Punky Brewster or ThunderCats, but the story and its plotline are all mine.

PUNKS OF THUNDER: © 2013 Philip Gipson.

PUNKY BREWSTER and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and copyrighted by NBCUniversal, Inc. THUNDERCATS and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and copyrighted by Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. and Ted Wolf.


Chicago - it is the most populous city in the state of Illinois and in the American Midwest, and it is also the third largest city in the United States of America. 9.5 million people - men, women, and children alike - occupy it. It is in this city that we begin the tale of a very special little girl, sleeping soundly in her carriage-style bed in her prominently colorful room. Her name: Penelope "Punky" Brewster (though she always went by the nickname her mother gave her). Right by her side is her dog Brandon, a Golden Retriever whom Punky nicknamed "The Wonder Dog," sleeping within the customized doghouse that was especially created for him. It was a Tuesday morning, and soon the sun would arise to greet the day. Punky had been through a lot over the years; since her parents were never there for her (her father left their family and her mother abandoned her at a shopping center), she had built a wall around herself so she would never again get hurt. It was a good thing that she had only Brandon to count on, for the bond between them had gotten strong. Throughout their hardships, it had remained strong. Then, suddenly, they happened upon a vacant building they'd now resided in which was managed by an elderly photographer named Henry P. Warnimont, who had out a photography studio within a downtown mall.

When he first encountered Punky, their relationship was rocky, mostly because Henry's wife's death had made him cynical and bitter. But, after he heard Punky's story, their relationship started to grow. Henry's fostering of a child had been met with skepticism from social workers who would eventually side with him, and Punky was temporarily placed into Fenster Hall, a place where orphaned kids like herself could be taken care of. She made friends there, but no matter how hard she tried, Punky just couldn't get Henry out of her head; it was like she and him had already become one, a true father-daughter team. Soon afterwards, Henry had officially adopted Punky through court. Punky couldn't be any happier. The two were more alike than they realized, as their hearts needed healing from all the pain and suffering they'd endured in their lives. Now Punky, Henry, and Brandon behaved like a real family, despite getting on each other's nerves from time to time.

Another person who entered Punky's life was Glomer, a Glomley who came from Chaundoon, a city at the end of the rainbow. Punky had been riding her bicycle one day with Brandon tagging along, and they went to see a rainbow that, unbeknownst to them, also was a portal to Chaundoon. They then decided to head back home, but Glomer, with his peaked curiosity, ventured into the human world. By the time he caught up with Punky and Brandon, he startled the former, causing her to ruin her bike. He at first was uncomfortable around her, but seeing Punky offering friendship, he repaired her bike with his magic instantly. It was the start of a beautiful friendship. Even Brandon had taken a liking to the Glomley.

Eventually Punky's other friends - Cherie Johnson (whom Punky became fast friends with), rich girl Margaux Kramer, and geeky Allen Anderson - caught wind of Glomer and joined Punky and Brandon in keeping Glomer's existence a secret from everyone, including Henry. Suddenly, the portal to Chaundoon was closing, and Glomer immediately rushed back to his beloved city...only to arrive too late, as the portal had closed. This saddened Glomer, for he now regretted ever leaving Chaundoon. But Punky, true to her word, chose to adopt Glomer as her new friend; she wouldn't abandon him the way her parents abandoned her. Likewise, Glomer wouldn't abandon Punky either, for the friendship he felt from her was now inside his heart, and it would remain with him for all of eternity should he ever return to Chaundoon. For right now, however, their fates had been linked. Glomer was sleeping above Brandon and Punky in his blanket currently.

The alarm clock on Punky's dresser went off at 7:00am, and the sun slowly rose near Punky's window, which was shaded by a curtain of a happy-faced crescent moon and several stars. Punky herself was stirred awake by the alarm. She yawned, stretched out her limbs, and scratched her back. She got up from her bed, which went down from her movement, and went to turn off her alarm, and in her pajamas no less. She pulled up the moon curtain to reveal the rising sun. Brandon and Glomer had also awakened, having yawned and stretched out their own limbs. It would be the start of a new day for all three of them.

"Good morning, Brandon and Glomer," Punky said to her two best friends. "Are you ready and raring to go?" Brandon barked an enthusiastic yes.

"You betcha, Punky friend," agreed Glomer. Like all Glomleys, Glomer's speech pattern was limited, but it didn't stop him from always being there for Punky. He folded up his blanket nice and neatly and placed it inside his left pouch, and he floated downwards to the ground.

"Then let's go!" she declared happily as she, Glomer, and Brandon walked out the open door and into the kitchen for some breakfast. Suddenly Punky remembered something.

"I want you to make yourself invisible, okay, Glomer?" she warned. "You don't wanna get caught in the act now, do you?"

"Nope," replied Glomer, and he easily turned himself invisible before he and his friends went to the kitchen.

When they arrived there, they were treated with such a sight. On the table was a large plate of cut, syrup-coated pancakes, bacon, and eggs with a glass of orange juice. On the floor, Brandon's bowl was filled with sliced watermelons and was accompanied by a glass bowl of water.

"Wow," whispered Punky, her eyes wide in amazement. She smelled the food on the plate and discovered it was freshly cooked. Now she really felt like eating breakfast. Before she sat down at the table, she noticed a familiar presence entering the kitchen. It was Henry, her foster father, in his pajamas. He smiled proudly upon his foster daughter and her dog.

"Good morning, Punky and Brandon," he greeted. "I hope you enjoy your meal."

Punky was very pleased by his presence. She asked him, "Did you do all this?"

"Why, of course," answered Henry. "I've made sure that the food on your plate was nice and toasty warm."

Punky was at a loss for words. No way would Henry be able to make breakfast this fresh so quickly. It made absolutely no sense. What was really going on with him? Was he some kind of speed demon? Punky shook her head of that thought - no one was fast, not even the elderly. So the breakfast Henry made for her and Brandon could not've been this quick.

"Um, Punky? Are you still half-asleep?"

Punky quickly looked up at her foster father. "Oh, no, Henry. I'm fine."

"Please, eat your breakfast. It's not getting any hotter."

Punky took a seat at the table and dined in, followed by Brandon feasting on the watermelons. "What about you? Are you feeling alright?" she asked her foster father, to which he callously laughed.

"Yes, my dear," he replied. "I've never felt better in my life."

"Are you going to work today?" Punky asked.

"Of course I am. I have to be in top shape if I wanta take photographs."

"That's good," Punky replied back. She sat down and ate her breakfast while Brandon feasted on the watermelons.

"Make sure you enjoy yourself today. Time waits for no one, you know," Henry advised his foster daughter in that same cheery manner, and he went to the bathroom to take a shower, leaving Punky and Brandon alone. Soon after that, Glomer made himself visible to the two.

"The coast is clear for now, Glomer," greeted Punky in whispers to the small creature so he wouldn't be found out by Henry. "Do you want a piece o' my bacon?"

"Of course," the Glomley whispered back. Punky offered him a piece of bacon, and he chewed it up rather quickly in a saw-like motion, swallowed it down, and licked his lips. "Mmm," he said dreamily.

"Glad you enjoyed it," Punky said happily.

"What was that, Punky?" Henry called from the bathroom.

"It was...probably somebody who must be mowing really fast outside," replied the girl in the hopes of protecting Glomer.

"Well, maybe they oughta dial down the noise a bit," Henry stated to Punky's relief. "I could be rendered deaf at any time."

His statement elicited a quiet snicker from Punky. When she regained her composure, she chastised Glomer. "Be careful, Glomer," she hissed. "You have to keep your existence a secret."

"I sorry about that," said Glomer embarrassingly.

Brandon barked if Glomer wanted some watermelon to which the smaller creature nodded a yes. He took a piece and, unlike with that piece of bacon, nibbled on the watermelon, mindful of the seeds within it.

The rest of their time together was spent eating their food. So far today was starting out good for them and for Henry. But just then, they heard Henry cry out in pain. They looked in the direction of the bathroom. This worried them so.

"You stay here, Glomer, while Brandon and I go check on Henry," Punky whispered to the Glomley.

"If you be saying so," Glomer replied.

Punky and Brandon immediately went to Henry's aid, and they discovered that he was clutching his chest in pain. He breathed raspily.

"What's wrong, Henry?" asked Punky worriedly.

"It's...it's nothing, sweetheart," Henry struggled to say.

"You gave Brandon and I a good scare." Brandon barked in agreement.

"I assure you that I'll be alright," insisted Henry. "I'll have to cancel my trip and have a doctor evaluate me. Go on and finish your breakfast. You don't wanna be late for school now, do you?"

"Well...okay, Henry," said Punky in defeat. There was no sense in getting all worked up over foster father, though her concern for him didn't entirely fade. She and Brandon returned to the kitchen to see Glomer.

"Glomer, Henry's having chest pain," she informed.

"Did someone be giving good whack to his chest?" asked Glomer confusingly.

"No," corrected Punky as she indicated her own chest. "Chest pain is a symptom of the body. It happens randomly to anybody. Mr. Fulton taught us all about physics at school yesterday."

"What going to happen to Henry?" asked Glomer, afraid of what might happen to Punky's foster father.

"Why don't the three of us talk to Cherie, Margaux, and Allen about Henry after school?" Punky consulted. "They might provide us some clues about why his chest pain was so sudden."

Glomer said, "Okey-dokey. We talking to your friends after school."

Punky nodded. "That's good to hear." Glomer smiled at his human friend.

"You bestest friend I ever met." He hugged Punky. Brandon was a little offended and whimpered sadly.

"Aw, Brandon," cooed Punky, patting Brandon on the head and making him feel better. "You and Glomer are both my bestest friends. We're gonna need all the friends we can get if we're to be there for Henry." Now she was feeling certain she made the right choice in telling her other friends about her foster father's condition.

After school was done at 3:30pm, Punky, Glomer, and Brandon were assembled at Punky's treehouse with Cherie, Allen, and Margaux. They were all assembled for what Punky was about to tell them. Glomer, of course, was back to floating above ground. The four kids were wearing their backpacks on their backs (Punky's was yellow, Margaux's was navy blue, Cherie's was green, and Allen's was orange).

Punky had her hair tied in small pigtails and wore her usual clothing with a slightly-rolled-up right pant leg, a scarf tied to her left leg, and mismatched shoes, while Cherie, her afro hair tied in a singular pigtail, wore a sleeveless peach shirt, fuschia jeans, and white shoes, Margaux, the third girl, wore two pink bows on her hair and had on a pink-and-white dress, white footies, and pink tap shoes, and Allen, the only boy in Punky's group, wore a brown vest underneath a white sweater, beige jeans, and red-and-gray sneakers.

Noticably, Cherie wasn't wearing her headband and arm ring - a neutral decision on her part. Glomer and Brandon remained quiet, intently listening in on the kids' conversation.

"Thanks for meeting up with me, guys," Punky said to her three friends. "I don't know what I'd have done."

"No problem, Punky," said Cherie. "So what's the emergency that you wanted to tell us about?"

Punky breathed in and out. She knew it wouldn't be easy, but it had to be said. "It's about Henry."

"What's wrong with Henry?" Allen inquired.

"During my breakfast time, he had chest pain," explained Punky. "Before that, he said he and some friends were going on a trip to take all sorts of pictures."

"Well, maybe all the stress he has is getting to him," surmised Cherie. "It could be because he's overworking himself just thinking about you."

"He's my foster dad. It's his job to worry about me. Still, I can't get over what could've happened to him earlier."

"Well, maybe he's just feeling out of shape," said Allen in his usual geeky way.

"Or..." Margaux offered matter-of-factly, "...it could be because his spirit isn't all it's cracked up to be."

Punky merely scoffed at that remark. "No way. Henry's spirit works just fine. You're just pulling my leg."

"Henry's chest pain could mean anything," deduced Cherie.

"It could affect any part of his body," Allen duly noted.

"Or give him short-term memory loss," added Punky.

"It's either those two or...or perhaps his time is coming," concluded Margaux bluntly.

Punky's, Allen's, Cherie's, Brandon's, and Glomer's eyes widened in surprise at Margaux's claim. Cherie snapped to Margaux, "Don't say such things like that!"

"Why not?" shot back Margaux. "Nobody lives forever, so it's best to make due with what happens now."

"I'd take Henry's chest pain or him losing his memory over him dying any day," challenged Punky.

Margaux sighed at Punky's bravery. "Oh, you poor, deluded kid," she sullenly said. "You're too wrapped up in yourself to see the big picture." She stood up and looked Punky directly in the eye and smirked. "You know I'm right," she added in a low tone.

Allen couldn't stand for this, so he got up and made Margaux face him instead. "Margaux, that's enough," he spat. "You're scaring Punky with this nonsense about Henry dying."

Punky was in her thoughts, too distracted to notice Cherie joining in the eventual brawl between her, Margaux, and Allen that would break out. Punky didn't want to believe Margaux's words, but somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew the proud blonde was telling the truth. What if Henry's time really was coming? Punky imagined herself being sent to a new foster home, or worse, boarding school. Neither option to her would be the same as what she had with Henry. If he died, then Punky's world would surely fall apart; she had already lost so much in her life.

No. Punky rid her head of such horrible thoughts. Margaux was simply being her typical self. Standing up and facing her friends, she angrily shouted to them, "That's enough! No more fighting!" Immediately, the three kids called it off, but not before Allen and Cherie gave Margaux a brief death glare.

"Peasants," Margaux spat, a word she always used around those who were beneath her.

Before they all could take their focus off of Henry, Glomer had an idea that he hoped would work. Margaux's choice words about Henry seemingly had gotten to him.

"Oh, Punky friend, what be happening if I prevent someone from dying?"

"Glomer, you're not suggesting..." Punky was shocked, as were her friends; Brandon whimpered, fearing for what Glomer was about to do.

Glomer nodded. "Yep. I going to save Henry's life."

"Whoa, whoa! Take it easy now, Glomer," implored Allen. "Do you really wanna mess with the forces of nature?"

"Y-you know I was only joking, right?" laughed Margaux nervously.

"Please reconsider, Glomer. Please!" Cherie begged.

"Don't do it, Glomer," urged Punky. "As much as some people fear death, even me, cheating it is just wrong."

Punky and her friends' pleas fell on deaf ears. All that was on Glomer's mind was saving Henry from "certain doom." "Glomer know it risky," he declared, "but Glomer be darned if he not try."

Now he felt a sense of pride swelling up within him. He was about to ignore what common sense was telling him. No one could raise the dead, and it especially applied to Glomer's kind. It was a law decreed by the Glomleys that they wouldn't interfere with how humanity worked. But Glomer wasn't with his people; he was with Punky and her crew. If he didn't follow his heart, then he would never be able to forgive himself. He'd come to understand the bond Punky and Henry shared from the way she spoke about the man. His thoughts finally in order, Glomer made his choice known at last.

"All right!" he proclaimed with a smile. "I gonna do it!"

"No, Glomer!" cried Punky and her friends frantically, but it was too late as Glomer held out his hands and zapped his magic sparkles across the backyard all the way to where Henry was. Unfortunately, due to Glomer's inexperience, the sparkles bounced upwards and ricocheted into the partly-cloudy sky. All of the sudden, dark clouds eclipsed the sky and the shining sun, and thunder and lightning flashed in front of the inhabitants of the treehouse.

Uh-oh. I done a badley thing, Glomer thought with despair.

"I-I think we better stay inside until the storm passes," Cherie said fearfully.

Punky could only stare at the sky in disbelief - no rain came down. She really believed Glomer's idea wouldn't work. She could understand why he went through with it, but she still thought it was crazy. She berated herself for not being more forceful with Glomer, and she facepalmed with both hands. "Oh, Glomer. What in the world did you do?" she asked, her voice muted.

"I sorry," said Glomer sadly. "I letting you all down."

Then, he and the rest of Team Punky felt a gust of wind blowing their way. Accompanying that was a glowing purple portal that appeared in the sky. It fired a spotlight-like beam towards the crew, paralyzing them and forcing them to close their eyes, and it seemed their bodies would remain frozen as if they were stone statues.

"Hey! What's happening?!" shouted Margaux.

"I...I don't know, but we can't fight it off!" Allen shouted just as much.

"This beam is just too powerful for us!" Cherie called out. "We're all doomed!"

Punky, however, didn't share her friends' fears and basically resigned to whatever fate befell she and them. "This is it then," she whispered as tears fell from her eyes. "There's no escape for us. I'll never see Henry again. He was a brilliant foster father to me."

Multi-colored lightning came out of the beam and engulfed the small crew, but it didn't so much as electrocute them. Instead, it carried them upwards into the portal. Everyone screamed (Brandon howled) as they were getting closer and closer to the portal. And then, they were inside it, absolutely nowhere to be seen. Afterwards, the beam, its portal, and the dark clouds evaporated, leaving the sun and partly-cloudly blue sky in their place. It was seemingly the last time that Punky Brewster had spent on Mother Earth. A squadron of birds flew by as if nothing ever happened, not even what had transpired this day.

Henry, dressed in a green shirt, dark-blue jeans, and black socks after having gotten back from seeing a doctor, put on his shoes and rushed outside to the backyard to see what the commotion was about. He thought he'd heard a storm brewing, and he looked up to the sky to see that there was no storm; it died down so quickly then. He took notice of Punky and her friends not in her treehouse.

"Punky? Where are you?" he questioned to dead air. School was over for the day, so there was no reason for Punky to focus anymore on schoolwork other than homework. Henry shrugged it off as simply a field-trip assignment, but he wished that Punky had told him first. Nonetheless, he knew that Punky would take care of herself. He trusted her.

What do you have to worry about, Henry? Punky's a strong person. You need to learn to let her make her own choices once in a while.

He smiled kindly and went back inside his apartment to go about his business, having gotten his thoughts in order. Punky would return to him on her own accord.

The first chapter only covers Punky's point of view, but, while not ignoring Punky and her friends, the ThunderCats' point of view is where things will truly kick into high gear. Plenty of Punky and ThunderCat Power will be present all over the story. The concept of a Glomley not interfering with human lives comes from the Punky Brewster storybook "Not All Rainbows Are Golden," which can be read and heard on YouTube currently.

Edit 1: I've revised/expanded upon this chapter so that it'll hopefully flow better than the original. I've made it so that Glomer is the one to save Henry's life instead of Punky. ^_^

Edit 2: After careful consideration, I've changed Cherie's last name back to "Johnson." Somehow "Benson" just didn't seem like a good last name for her.