Chapter 14- Who is lead and first compatition

Ally POV

It's been a week since the first day of school and today (Sunday) is the day we will decide who will be the two lead dancers in the group. The decision process is basically like this;

Yesterday (Saturday) each one of the girls that are on the team auditioned in front Mrs. Jonson, Mrs. Moon, our club teachers, and a judge hired by the school, who jugged in real competitions before, the teachers and the judge decide which girl was best and that girl becomes the lead girl dancer and the two that were second and third place get the middle positions and the others are back dancers.

Than each girl danced each boy, to determinant who will be each girl's partner. There were about 56 numbers in this audition. Then the teachers and the judge left and today the teachers are supposed to come back to tell us who was chosen to be the lead, who in the middle, and who will be dancing with who this year.

"Ally, hurry up my mom and Mrs. Jonson will be here in two minute!" I heard Elliot yelling from the living room.

"Coming!" I yelled back, left my room and jogged down stairs. Just as I reached the first floor the bell rang so I opened the door for the two teachers.

"Welcome Mrs. Jonson, Mrs. Moon. Good morning." I greeted them politely.

"Good morning to you too Ally, are you guys ready to know who the lead is this year?" Mrs. Jonson said smiling at me.

"Good morning Ally, and you know you still call me Mimi even if we in class, right?" Mimi said, raised eyebrows.

"Yeah we are really excited!" I said with a smile to Mr. Jonson. "And I know Mimi, sorry, I am just not used to call my teachers by their first name… sorry…" I add looking at Mimi with a shy smile.

"It's okay." Mimi said with a soft smile.

"Hey mom!" I heard both of Mimi's sons saying behind me.

"Good morning boys." Said mother said with her sweet motherly voice as she hugged her sons.

"Okay, what do you say, should we go so your mom and I can tell you all who is the lead and who is partner of who." Mrs. Jonson said to the two the boys who just let go of their mom and nodded.

We all went to the dining room, and Mimi and Mrs. Jonson each took a seat on the two heads of the table, and us student took a seat on the sides, on the right the girls, and on the left the boys, technically there are only six chairs on each side but we brought another two from the kitchen table.

"Okay, so we are going to start with this year couples." Mimi started.

"Yes, so boys please you all stand up and when Mimi or I are saying your name you would sit in front of the girl you are going to be partners with." Mrs. Jonson continued. The boys nodded and got up.

"Okay, so, Rocky you are with Spencer." Spencer sat across from Brook. "Elliot you are with Isabella." Elliot took the seat across from Bella.

"George you have Yakima as your partner, and Dez you are with Trish." The two said boys sat in the seats across from said girls.

"Brook and Lewis and Cassidy and Takeshi, since last year you four were partners and you were really good together you get to be together this year as well." Mimi said and the four smiled as the boys sat across from the girls they danced with for the past two years.

Wait six boys are not standing anymore, that means…

"And Austin you will be dancing with Allyson this year." YES! That what I thought, thank you Mrs. Jonson! Austin smiled at me as he sat in front of me.

"And now, for your positions on the team…" Mrs. Jonson started.

"Yes, now we have chosen you positions based on the girls' solos preferences. So we will call you on based on the girl's name not the boys." Mimi continued. "But just so you know, we didn't just do it based on technique, because you all have it, or you wouldn't have been on this team, we choose by who has the more control and is more dynamic on the stage."

"Exactly, okay so we will start from the back, the back dancers are, Trish, Brock, Rocky and Bella." Mrs. Jonson said and the girls and their partners nodded. Okay, my name wasn't called, so that must mean I am middle because there is no way I am lead. I mean I am only 12 years old and this is my first year here and there is no way th…

"And this year lead dancers are Austin and Ally!" Mimi said, cutting me from my thoughts. Wait WHAT?! I the lead?!

"What?!" I exclaimed/asked shocked.

"We are the leads Als!" Austin exclaimed smiling, taking my hand from across the table.

"Wow, but how? I mean we are 12, ever since the first year of this school the lead dancers were always at least 15." I asked confused.

"Well, even though you two are young, when dancing you Ally showed that you know what you are doing and that you control the stage, then in the duet, you were great with each one of the boys but the duet you had with Austin, well it was magic, Mr. Anderson, the judge, and I both thought so, Mimi here said that in her sons and your cases she won't say her opinion but I am sure she agrees with us. I guess we gave you the perfect song, ha?" Mrs. Jonson said, smiling. I looked at Austin and Elliot, than glanced at Mimi, they, like me, were holding in their laughter. The songs in the duets were randomly chosen, and song Austin and I got was 'Moves Like Magic' by Adam Trent(1), ironic, right?

"Yeah, I guess…" I trailed off, really biting my lip so I won't laugh.

"Okay, so I think we are finished here, don't forget you have a competition in two weeks, Cassidy and Yakima, since you two are middle you are going to compete solo each and the winner will be first understudy for Ally and the other, second understudy. Now George and Takishi you two also are going to have a solo each so decide who is Austin's first understudy and who is second. And you four are going each pair to have a duet so as a pair we can know who is first and who second understudy." Mrs. Jonson.

"Yes, and the other number will be a group dance without Cassidy, Kim, Takishi and George so they can focus on their solos and duets."

"Okay." Cassidy, Kim, Takishi, George, Austin and I said all together. We looked at each other and laughed.

"Okay then, goodbye, we will see you tomorrow in class." Mimi said and they left.

"Okay guys, since its Sunday and I am sure none of you has anything else to do what do you say we will go on all that number we need to dance next Saturday?" I said smiling sweetly while smirking inside and everyone groaned but followed me up to the dance studio.

A week later

So it's been a week and today is the first competition of this season. During this week we worked really hard on the group dance while Cassidy, Kim, Takishi and George worked on their numbers. The others and I decided we should help them so we paired and each pair helps with another number, the pairing was like that:

* Elliot and Spencer helped George with his solo.

* Dez and Lewis helped Takishi with his solo.

* Rocky and Bella helped Kim with her solo.

* Trish and Brook helped Cassidy with her solo.

*And Austin and I helped with both solos.

It wasn't a easy week at all but I am really proud of all of the team, they were amazing this week. Cassidy, Kim, Takishi and George wanted to help with the group dance but we didn't let them, they needed to focus on their numbers.

"Okay guys, five minutes until solos, Cassidy you are first, Takishi you are two numbers after her, then it's your turn George you are right after Takishi, and three numbers after him you are Kim." Austin said looking at that booklet where all the performances are written in their order(2).

"Okay, we are all ready." Kim said and the other three nodded in agreement.

"Okay, you will go to back stage and we will be sitting in the audience." I said and we all took off, the four that perform now to the stage and the other 10, including me, to the audience.

Then all four of them preformed their solos. They were so amazing!

Then it was time for the group dance, and we danced to the song People Like Us by Kelly Clarkson, and it was so awesome. Since in the start she is not really singing but more talking so when we started I (they said I should do it since I am the lead) stood in the middle with my back turned to the crowed and the others were spared around the stage, either standing with their head down or sitting hugging their legs. Then the words started and I said it out loud turning as I do, and the others slowly lifting their hands and standing (those who were sitting) up, and coming to me. Then the music started and we started dancing.

The there were the duets and again they were so amazing! Honestly I think they should have been leads, they are so good. Anyway now its awards time and we are all sitting on the stage, in this compaction in the solos the boys and the girls are in separated categories, I don't know why but I guess that's how they wanted to do it.

"Okay, and now for the junior solo category, we will start with the boys. On third place, with 278.4 points Roy from Magic Dance Academy (4)" The host said and a boy who I guess is Roy got up to get his award. "Now there is only 0.6 of a point between first and second place. On second place, George from HTS. "The host continued and said, and when he said George's name we all cheered as he went up to get his award. "And on first place, also from HTS, Takishi!" the host finished and we all cheered again as Takishi got up.

After that is was girls' solos awards and Cassidy got second place only 0.3 from first, Kim. Though on the duets they got the same score so the tied in first place.

On the group dance we got the overall, since our score was 289.7 which is the highest score of the entire competition.

"Wow that was one exhausting day, ha?" Kim said when we got home.

"Yeah, I say we all go to sleep, I thing we all need it." Bella said and we all nodded in agreement and went our separate ways to our rooms and we all go to sleep.

While Lying On My Bed I Started Think, Coming Here To HTS, Even If It Means Leaving My Family, Was One Of The Best Decision I Have Ever Made. Because I would've have decided to at stay at home I wouldn't be here found have found all those ammonizing friend, I wouldn't have been reunited with two of my best friends (Elliot and Rosie) and of course I wouldn't have found;

My heart Keeper!

and the end!

unfortunately this is the end of THK. But is cool, because exectly one year and a day ago I published te first chapter of THK! how cool is that. Shout out for Fluvio for remindig me that yesterday was THK birthdate:)

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