Chapter 2 – so can I go?

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Ally POV

When we got home my parents asked my siblings, Kira (20), Dan and Ben (twins-15),Dallas (12 - my twin), Roy (10) and my baby sister Layla (5), to go to their rooms and from me the asked to stay, because they want to talk to I knew that they are going to talk with me about the school. But they all shook their heads, like saying no. then Kira said "no way, you are going to talk to her about that school and we want to be here and support her." (A/N I know I said she didn't want to go to the school but I'm changing it so she wanted to go).

I looked at her and mouthed "thanks", she smiled and looked at our parents.

"Fine, let's go to the dining room and sit at the table." My mom said with a sigh. She knows that when all 7 of us, siblings, want something, we always get it, always…

We all sat at the big dining room, me and my siblings on one side and our parents on the other.

"Look we wanted to talk to you about this school, I mean you are only 12 years, and sweetie I don't think that you can just go across the world by yourself." my mom said.

Then my dad said "Look, I think that this is a great opportunity for you, to go to another country, and study dance and performing..."

"Really, thanks daddy, I knew I can count on you!" I said cutting my dad in the middle, with a giant smile on my face.

"Oh, sweet heart, you didn't let me finish, I was going to say that it's a big opportunity for you, but not for now, maybe in 2, 3 years when you'll be older. I'm sorry." my dad said and my smile dropped. I can't believe that they don't think I'm able to go to this school.

"Oh... And what about you Kira, what do you think?" I said looking at my big sister with a voice full of hope. Usually my parents always agree with her. She is really smart, and their first child.

"Well... I think that Ally is old enough to decide. And look, on the Way here I used my phone to enter the school website; 'Hollywood's town school - to live, to learn and to be who you want'. According to this website kids from the age of 3 till they graduated university from all over the world go to this school, and there are plenty of adults that take care of the students. If you are asking me you need to take this opportunity fast before it will fade away, little sis." She said "believe me if I could I would go to this school myself but I can't. Because you know, I've already graduated." I laugh, the reason why she can't go is not just her age it's also the baby she is caring, you see when Kira was 14 she found him, her 'heart keeper', his name is Amir, he is mortal but knows everything. Any way last year they got married, she was 19 and he was 22. Now they are expecting the first child!

"We both agree with Kira." Both Ben and Den said at the same time. They usually do it. The funny thing, Ben and Den are identical twins, and believe me when I say that they look exactly the same, the only why I can tell them apart is with magic. You see, when they were born our parents were afraid they wouldn't be able to tell them apart so they put same kind of a spell on them that light them in an aura, each one in anther color; Ben in blue and Den in green, but only wizards and other magical beings can see it. They also have the same personality. But the funny thing is the fact that Ofir's - Den's 'heart keeper' identical twin sister Bella - is Ben's 'heart keeper'.

I hear a 'bang' and look at the source of the voice and see at my little brother Roy who wrote with his magic 'let her go, don't keep her from having the time of her life' after I read I give him an air kiss. You see, when Roy was born we discovered that he is mute, and apparently the only thing you can't use magic for is to cure medical problems that are worse than a paper cut, so he stayed like that, but he doesn't care.

"I think you need to let her go too, it's will be for the best" I hear Dallas say, and I looked at him shocked. I couldn't believe he is on my side, we hadn't talk to each other for over 6 years, since he found a way how to not go to the war and I accused him for Austin's death. We only talked when had to.

"If I may" I snapped out my shook when I heard my baby sister Layla' who is sitting on my lap, started to talk "I really don't want you to leave, because it means that I'll be stuck with four boys and no girls, but you can go if you want to." She says with a sad smile on her face and everyone laughed. I kiss the top of her head and whispered "thank you" in her ear. Everyone was still laughing, because even though Layla didn't even have her 6 birthday, some time she talked like 60 years old.

"So mom, dad you see, even my siblings think I should go, so please" I say.

"Well, if all your siblings think you're ready, who we are to stop you?" my mom said.

"Penny, I don't know, it's my baby girl…" my dad started but my mom cut him in the middle.

"No, Lester, she will be fine, we should give her at list that, who knows how much time she has until… you know" my mom said, all my siblings looked confused, only my parents and I knew what my mom was talking about. (A/N you'll know what she is talking about in the next chapter or the one after.)

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I yelled with an enormous smile on my face, yes, I was so happy! But then I saw Kira's face, I couldn't read it, but it was weird "Kira is everything okay, is that the baby?" I asked her, and I was kind of worried. I mean she is 8 months in the pregnancy, and her husband, Amir, is in France visiting some relatives, and because of the pregnancy she couldn't go with him.

"Oh no everything is okay with the baby, but I was thinking about your magic, what about your training?" she said and I sign in relief. That's not a problem I've already finished my training, because of my special situation (A/N the same situation like last time.) But before I could say anything my mom butted in.

"Yea honey, what about your training?"

"Mom, you know I've already finished my training, no? I mean I was sure that Mr. Wilson talked with you. Did you forget you ordered me the fast truck so I'll be ready in time, for… you know…?" I said, telling them things they already know.

"Oh, right, well honey, you know what you can go but you need to go to the council and ask for permission to move to a place that you probably won't have a portal to the 'Wizard World' and the magical universe." My dad said. Great, if the council is all I have to deal with so I can go than I will go for sure. Usually the council won't let a wizard be in a place without a portal. But fortunately, I knew a spell that can create a portal to any place in both worlds; the mortal one and the magical one. No one knows about that spell, I created the spell as part of my final assignment in my magic training, but then when I showed it to my teacher we discovered that I'm the only one that can use this spell, it was because the spell was something that my teacher called it 'individual spell', which means that only the creator of the spell can use it, and others can't. And for about 4 months since I've already finish training my teacher and I have been working on the spell to make it viable for everyone to use. But my teacher and I are the only ones who know about the spell, but I guess I'll just tell the council about it and I'll get the permission in no time.

"Don't worry about that little thing. I'll deal with the council." I said with a smile.

"Well, okay if you get the permission from the council, then we give you our permission to go." My mom said.

"Well goodnight guys, and thanks again for letting me sleep here while Amir is out of the country." Kira said while yawning.

"Sweetheart, this is your home. Even though you already moved out, this is will always be your home." My mom said smiling at Kira, then looked at us (me and my other siblings) and added "but your sister is right, go to bad, all of you now."

We all laughed but went upstairs to bad. After I got ready to bad I lied on my bad and looked at the ceiling and thought about everything that had happened the past hours. Like that, while I was thinking I felt asleep.

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