This is the story of Sao Yujiro

Introduction to the main character

Sao Yujiro is a

-13 year old child,

-Which lives in Tokyo

-he has black hair,

-dark brown eye,

-he seems always depressed but he laugh a lot,

-he's 1m45 tall

-he weights 50 kilogram (a bit fat) he is a very good student

He is kind of a pervert in his mind but he's all nice with girl and stuff.

One day while he was going out from school, and as usual he bought stuff on the way

He was testing a new drink that they said there was only going to be one ever sold.

But when he drank it he all of suddenly felled asleep.



Sao Yujiro, an adolescent, failed into unconsciousness and no one noticed him

Then when he woke up he felt all weird he got back home and some guys on the way said "did you ever see that girl (small nosebleed in), she's quite sexy with a bit of her butt out"

-"no I didn't (nosebleed)"

Sao continued on his way.

When he got home his mom (she is the person who take care of him because his parent got separated) said "who the heck are you and what you're doing in my home?"

-What grandma? You don't recognize me?

-I said who you are!

-I'm your son!

-I don't believe you you're a girl!

-what!?(Looks himself in a mirror) What the heck happened to me?

-you're not my son go away

-mom I have something to prove you it's me!


-the left hand is nice the right hand is evil

-How do you know this!

-Because I'm your son!

-ok let's admit you're my son, how did you become a girl

-I have drinked a new drink maybe it has magic power

-Say me something else to prove you're my son, and then I'll believe you, maybe about the cat

-ok then. Mino (it's the cat name), Mino we're going to hurt you, we're going to hurt you Mino.(small laugh)

-My son! (Gives a hug)