Hey guys you might know from my other story "Our love has downs but at the end we fall in love again" and i might upload the next chapter of that around tomorrow :) and let's begin


"Can't wait for Paris!" I say with excitement

"What's good with Paris" asked Rhydian

"It's amazing it has the eiffel tower,Plus it's called the city of love" Shan said while I nodded with excitement

Then bell rang and we went to class with jana following us

"well nice to see everyone in time...well everyone don't forget to pack your stuff

for tomorrow and please be on time on the flight cause if your not on time you can't come and now let's get to out lesson..."


Rhydian Pov

Me and Maddy were walking down the side walk talking.

"I'm soo not looking forward to this trip" i say then Maddy grabbed me by the shoulder " Look at me you are gonna enjoy this trip or I have to get me knuckles and punch you in the face" i giggled but I focused in Maddy's eyes and then the world started disappearing and me and Maddy were in our own world and I never felt this way about Maddy besides when I held her hand in her first transformation "besides it wouldn't be fun if you weren't there" then I saw her face reddened."did I just say that well you..uuurrmm..me...us...both of us have to go home see ya byyee" I saw her waved and I waved back

Maddy Pov

Great way to make a fool of your she Maddy i thought.I reached me house and unlock the door."Mam I'm home" I shouted and went straight to my room uuggghhh "i can't stop thinking of what just happen" I whispered to me self when I dropped in to me bed.


I woke up early in the morning to be sure i'm not gonna be late I got my phone and texted in me,Shan,Rhydian,Tom and Jana

MADDY:Anyone awake yet :)

Shan: Yup around 1 hour ago

Tom:Yup around 30 minutes ago

Rhydian:Now i am

Jana:Woke up 20 minutes ago

Maddy:Bernie's at 7:00 (it's 6:00 am)

Shan:Yea k xox




I put down me phone and grabbed my towel and hed to the that I changed to me green top (like she wore on "Going Underground" episode") and some blue jeans and me black shoulders to stomach jacket/coat and wore my white sneakers and a red scarf and then I grabbed my blue (Aimee Kelly's real fave colour) suitcase And headed to Bernie' looked great jana wore a pink lace top with jean shorts and black tights and she looks better than me probably rhydian will like what she's wearing then I'm with red sweatier and just some blue jeans "Where's the boys" i asked

"On their way" jana answered

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