Hey guys I'm i don't really know what to say so let's get to the story

Maddy Pov

Here's me Jana and Shan Waiting for the boys "When are they gonna get here were gonna be late" i say in a worry tone

"Don't worry they're on their way" Shannon said before putting her drink in her mouth then finally they're here."Ok let's go" Jana demanded while she stands up."But I haven't had any breakfast yet" Rhydian moaned "We'll get something in the airport" I pulled his arm to the door ,then i let go

We reached at the airport 10 seconds late

"Come on the plane is starting to fly off" started to run then we finally reached the was 3 seats in the middle and at the sides 2 seats. Rhydian,Jana and I sat in the middle seats. Rhydian in the middle me and Jana at the sides and at our back was Shannon which sat in the middle and at her sides were Tom and Harry and at our front was Susan,Whitney and Jason (Random names for students).When the plane started fly I got nervous i saw my veins blacken in my hands "Maddy calm down we'll be alright...here" he took out a bottle of water "Thanks Rhydian" i say back while my veins fade away.


"We're here" i sighed then suddenly Shannon screamed to me."What Shan" I moaned

"We're room mates" "great now can we sleep" I moaned again

"We only got here mads" Rhydian said with that smile i love

"we'll i didn't get to sleep in the plane I was to busy watching movies" as my eyelash flutters "Well can i at least check the room" when I grabbed me suitcase Shannon was following me "I'm coming incase you fall asleep" as we go to the elevator the elevator woke me up because it was going so fast and it was glass walls."Wow this is amazing" me and Shannon said at the same time


"Let's go I'm hungry" says tom

"Let's go guys" Jana moaned

"Wait I wanna take one last photo" i say as I took out my camera.I go upstairs more like ran upstairs and i nearly fell when someone catches me "Are you ok?" says a boy with light brown hair and deep blue eyes (Like Jack Griffo but French)"yea I'm good" i say

"What's your name" he says "Maddy...What's yours"

"Dylan" he says with his cute French stood there till mrjeffries called me

"Comin sir i need to get me camera" I lied."Well i better go bye" i say

"Will I see you again" he shouted

"Maybe" I smiled...

Guys hope this isn't confusing again

I just feel like crap this week and I'm so tired