I'm sorry. I just couldn't help uploading this idea. –~– I got the idea by humming the opening song from 'Ouran High School Host Club.' Weird right? Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading the story that I thought of while humming a completely different opening song from a different show. Enjoy.

Chapter 1: The World of Cards


:~The Land of Hearts~:

"Where is Lucy?" Judy Heartfillia asked one of his maids. The maid stopped what she was doing and looked at the man. "She's in the library sir. Would you like me to go inform her that you are asking for her presence?"

"No Virgo. I was just wondering where she was. You may take your leave." The maid, Virgo, nodded as she walked away.

Jude looked at a picture at his desk and sighed, "Layla...if only you were here to help me." Jude all of a sudden remembered an important event. He sighed once again.

"I do need her presence here after all. I guess I'll call Capricorn."


"I love this book." Lucy whispered. As she walked out of the library, she saw Capricorn, a butler that her mother had hired to take care of her.

"Ms. Lucy, your father requests your presence at his office right now. He says it's urgent." Lucy nodded and walked off. Once she reached two big white doors she entered.

Lucy looked at her father and asked, "What did you want to talk to me about father?"

Jude looked at his only child and answered, "The meeting with the other lands will be starting next week. I was hoping you would attend for me."

"I will father."

"Thank you. You are dismissed now." Lucy nodded and walked out.


:~The Land of Clovers~:

"NATSU! Stop running around like an idiot! It isn't manly!" Elfman shouted. Natsu nodded and slumped down on the nearest chair. His cat, Happy, then stopped running around and sat down too.

Natsu looked at him with a shocked expression. He had been running around for more then forty minutes and when he's told to calm down, the cat calms down too!

"Happy you little—!"

Wendy, a girl with ocean blue hair, entered the room and walked up to Natsu. "Natsu-san, Laxus is calling you. He said if you don't go he'll make you pay." As Natsu was about to reject he noticed the soft eyes Wendy was giving him.

"Fine. I'll go."


"I'm going to what now?" Natsu asked. After being told to attend an important meeting, he was questioning why him. Of course, anybody would question why him.

Laxus groaned, "You idiot! Listen when I tell you this! The Hearts are the ones who are quiet and read, the Spades are the whatever ones where they don't care and are carefree, and the Diamonds are the elegant and formal ones! You mess up and I'm telling you, it won't be pretty! Understand?!"

Natsu nodded and walked away. He had heard about these meetings. He couldn't believe that they were the most important. The worst part was that he was chosen when it could've been Gajeel. Gajeel was much more mature then he himself was. So why did they choose him?


:~The Land of Spades~:

"GRAY! Would you sit down already?! You're making us look like more idiots then the ones at Clover are!" Lyon shouted.

Gray looked at his older brother, "Lyon! We all know they're the idiots. Well...at least bigger idiots then us. So calm down."

"Do you even know what's going to happen next week?!" Lyon asked. Gray thought for a second but shook his head. They were then approached by a girl with baby blue hair. "U-um Gray-sama...your mother is asking for you."

"What does she want now Juvia?"

"Juvia was told that it was important." Gray nodded and walked to his mother's office. He was then starting to get a bad feeling involving what Lyon said.


"Gray you're going and that's final!"

"But mom! Can't Ultear or Lyon go?! I can't handle being in a room with two formal people and one of those crazy idiots from Clover!"

Ul, his mother, looked at him with piercing violet eyes, "Would you stop stereotyping?! Not all of the people from Hearts and Diamonds are formal and not all of the people from Clover are idiots! Now go and try to learn some manners before you go to the meeting!"

"Who said I was going?" Gray asked, "I never said I was going to give in and go."

"You'll go unless you want me to call Meredy."

Gray raised an eyebrow, "Meredy? Ultear's three year-old child? You actually think that scares me?"

"Let me finish! If you don't go, you'll have to babysit her for three months!" As Ul looked at her son's face she knew she had won. "When does this meeting start again mom?"


:~The Land of Diamonds~:

"Erza!" a woman with silver-white hair shouted. A woman with scarlet hair turned around and looked at her friend, "Mira! Show some manners would you!"

Mira nodded and looked at her friend, "Who do you think will be going to the meeting?"

Erza thought for a moment. "Sir. Hibiki might. He is a smart man. No wonder Cana has a thing for him." Mira nodded in agreement.

As they continued having their discussion, a man with strawberry blonde hair or as some people call it ginger came in.

"Lady Erza, I am here to inform you that you will be going to the meeting next week in place of Lady Lisanna. She's far too ill to go." Mira looked down sadly while Erza nodded.

"Thank you Leo for informing me."

"How many times do I have to tell you Miss!? Call. Me. Loki!" Erza chuckled and nodded.


"Lady Erza, thank you for agreeing to go to the meeting." Juda said.

"I will be taking my leave now." she said as she walked away. As she exited the room she could feel someone behind her.

She turned around and smiled, "What is it Romeo?"

"I was thinking if I could go over to Clover. You know...to visit her." Erza knew very well who was the her. She nodded in approval and watched as the boy ran away in glee.


:~The Kings, Queens, and Jokers~:

"Makarov! You need to control your town more carefully! If you want to make Clover look more mature then teach the person you chose for the meeting some manners."

A short, chubby man nodded. "Yes Bob. Is it because you want to see how intelligent we can be?"

"Oh no. I just want to see if your men can get any more handsome. Don't you think Ooba?" A woman who had her gray hair in a weird looking bun scoffed. "Honestly Bob, I don't understand what happens over there at Hearts. For all I know we Spades are far more intelligent."

A man with blue hair shook his head, "I may only be eighteen, and I admit it, the Hearts are the most intelligent. With us Diamonds going in second place, you Spades in third and the Clovers in fourth. No offense to Makarov."

Makarov shook his head. "Anyway, Jellal...I see you're getting married to Lady Erza. Am I correct?"

The man nodded, "Though it was made up by our parents. I don't know how she feels about this engagement."

"You know, Lucy Heartfillia can help one of your men become more mature Makarov." Bob said.

As Makarov was about to object, Ooba had to butt in their conversation, "Nonsense! Ultear can teach him or her! Her child is already learning mathematics!"

"She's only learning time. I mean, Ultear enjoys looking at the time don't you think?"

"Ha! Clovers do not need your help! In fact they don't need help from anybody! It's the person's choice of what they want to do or not!" And that's how another argument started. Another man then entered. "Hey do you guys want to hear a—"


"FINE! Ugh! It always has to involve the Mary Hughes whenever I'm around! For once I wish I was born alone! Not with some silly twin sister!"

I'm done! Tell me whatcha think? Do you like it? I hope so. Anyway, if you're wondering which person is where here are the answers...

Lucy: She's in the Hearts Kingdom. A place where they love to read and they're smart. They enjoy the nature and are calm people. Bob is the King. Jude could be considered the next in line one. He's not Bob's son though.

Natsu: He's in Clovers Kingdom. The Clovers are brave people yet crazy and idiotic-ish. But they can be pretty smart when it comes to fighting. They are very caring people. Makarov is the King.

Gray: He's in Spades Kingdom. They enjoy sculpting (some of them) and are less idiotI'd then the Clovers. They are good fighters and also very caring. Ooba is Queen.

Erza: She's in the Diamonds Kingdom. They are considered the most elegant and formal people. They are opposite from the Spades. The King/Prince is Jellal.

I'll try to update soon. Bye! :)

-Girl with Life Full of Anime