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Chapter 6: Awkward


It had been a week since Lisanna's death. Mirajane had learned to move on. Everyday she would go and visit Elfman at Clovers. Hibiki on the other hand...was still trying to figure out a few things...

"C'MON!" he shouted in stress. Erza had happen to walk by and gave him an odd look.

"Are you alright Sir. Hibiki?" Hibiki lightly screamed and quickly regained his composure. He coughed and fixed his jacket. "Yes. No need to worry Lady Erza."

Erza chuckled. "I know you're lying. Do tell what's troubling you."

Hibiki scratched his head.


Out of all the people.

He had to tell one of Cana's best friendsl



"Well...I don't know..." His breath pitched as he felt the aura around them change. "You don't trust me?"

Hibiki turned to face Erza and held his arms up in defense, "Of course I do! It's just that...not on this subject..."

"It's about Cana. Follow me." Erza grabbed his tie and pulled the caramel-haired man down the corridor. He whined quietly. Finally, they reached a room that was most defiantly Cana Alberona's.

'Dear lord!' Hibiki shouted in his mind. Erza smirked evilly...which was one of the rarest things. As he was about to run, Erza pushed him into the room before locking it with a key. couldn't open it from the inside...leaving a frightened Hibiki locked up in Cana's room.




Erza whistled innocently and quietly as she swinged the golden key around her finger before placing it in a drawer that was in her room. She then continued to walk away from her room. She decided to go and apologize to Lucy, Natsu, and Gray for just leaving them to check out the Land of Jokers on their own.

She sighed.


"Gray! You better get ready!" Ul called out. Gray poked his head out of his bedroom door.


"Erza Scarlet will be getting here soon."


"Oh wait! Never mind dear..."

Gray sighed in relief, "Thank goodne—"

"You have to go to Diamonds. Go get ready!"


"Princess, you are wanted at Diamonds. Shall I help you get ready?"

Lucy looked up from the book she was reading, " thank you Virgo. I'll just go get ready myself."

Once Virgo was gone, Lucy quickly ran to her room.


Wendy tried to shake Natsu awake. Note; tried.

The idiot just wouldn't budge!



"NATSU-SAN!" Natsu bolted up and started rubbing his ears. They were sensitive after all.


Hibiki shivered as he was far too afraid to turn around. Just as he was about to turn around and explain, a pillow hit him square in the face. "DON'T LOOK!"

He grabbed the pillow and pressed it to his face to prevent it from falling.

He shivered as he wondered what Cana would think of him now.


Erza paced back and forth...waiting for her guest. "Hello Erza!" The scarlet-haired woman turned around to look at a Lucy. "Greetings Lucy. How are you?" she asked.

Lucy smiled, "I'm fine. How about you?"

"Just fine."

Little did they know, they'd be waiting for a LOOOONNNG time for the men to get there. " are you?"

"...Didn't we talk about that five seconds ago?"


"Are you done?"


"How about now?"


Hibiki sighed. He felt a huge lump stuck in his throat and he knew that he was nervous. Really nervous. He was going to make Erza pay for this. He didn't care if she was stronger then fifty (possibly a hundred) men. She's making him suffer.

"Little problem..."


"I don't have any clean clothes right now..."

"You have got to be kidding me!" Hibiki was utterly suffering.


Erza continued looking outside, the gloomy rain not stopping any sooner. She sighed in frustration. "When will those scoundrels get here?!"

"Um...Lady's only been five minutes..." Lucy informed. Erza stomped her foot. "I don't care! They should know better then to keep me waiting!" They heard pounding on Cana's door and Lucy looked at Erza. "May I ask what is that?"

Erza smirked, "Nothing dear. It's best you don't know..."


"I need to get out! I can't be in here! It's rude!" Hibiki shouted as he banged on the door while Cana sat on her bed. "Aren't you going to put on some clothes?! Like underwear or something?"

"Oh yeah!"

Hibiki rubbed his face. He wasn't cut out for this. He was freaking out, he didn't know how long he could resist, and it scared him. He really wanted to get out. It was awkward. Sure, he was a ladies man...but this was different. He only flirted with woman. He banged his head against the door and slowly slide down to the ground. "My life is over...I won't be able to face her anymore..." He pulled out the black velvet box from his pocket and sighed as he shoved in again.


Erza and Lucy continued waiting for Gray and Natsu to come. Been three hours and no sign of them yet. "THOSE LITTLE BRATS ARE STILL KEEPING US WAITING!"

"Lady Erza...please calm down."

"Just wait till I get my hands on them!"

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