"Teddy don't ask questions that you really don't want to hear the answers to. " There is an edge in Abby's voice that Teddy can't place but has heard before. It isn't fear. It isn't even annoyance. It is definitely an edge.

"Abby I have to know. What is your history with Lamar?" Teddy takes an authoritative tone or as authoritative as he can take with someone who won't put up with his bullshit.

"Teddy, I love you and because I love you. I am not going to answer that."

Teddy's cell phone rings saving Abby from this awkward moment. "Saved by the cell." Teddy mouths to her as he moves to answer his phone. It is city business that needs his immediate attention. "This isn't over Abby." Teddy turns away from her and walks towards his car.

"I know." Abby takes a breath and adjusts her position against the car. "Olly Olly Oxen Free." She knows he is there like a disturbance in the force.

Fozie appears out of the corner of her eye and takes up Teddy's former position. "Abby you are going to have to talk to him sooner or later about this."

Abby rolls her eyes at Fozie. "I choose later." Fozie gives her a grin.

"Darlin, you are going to need to tell him about everything. You know that." Abby gives him the look that he knows means to tread lightly.

"Foz, I know… I just don't know how… not yet."

"So when is the obligation to Jeff?" Abby gives him a quirky smile.

"And how did you hear about that? Did you finally install that chip in my head?"

"You did not hire me for my typing skills, Babydoll." Fozie pushes on Abby's shoulder like Teddy does when he his egging her on.

"Tomorrow night." Abby has been trying to figure out how to handle this. That kiss of his has scrambled her better senses. It brought back a few too many memories.

"You are so not ready to dip a toe back into that pond."

"Pond, Fozie Bear, this is like trying to surf a tsunami."

Fozie wraps his arm around her shoulder. "Hang eleven, brah. A good kiss can scramble anyone's brains up a bit."

The next day finds Abby back at her studio with the Edgehill wonder twins. She has been fitting them and designing a collection based on her vision of them. She is torn whether or not to go with her instincts and dress them up counter to their reputations.

Abby still has the problem of needing a guy or two to make this complete. She is hoping that between Jeff and Rayna that she can pull a rabbit or two out of her fedora. She needs the balance.

She works for hours with Juliette and Layla. She knows that Jeff is going to hit her up for a dress for Juliette for the CMAs. She wants to leave the shock and awe for Rayna. Rayna needs this but Juliette… needs a second chance. Rayna is family. But, she sees a lot of herself in Juliette. Abby is driving herself batty with the checklist in her head.

As the afternoon winds down, Abby finds herself alone with Juliette. As she is measuring Juliette, she begins a conversation with Abby. "You know Ms. Conrad." Abby instantly stops her. "You can call me Abby. Ms. Conrad sounds like an elementary school teacher."

Juliette begins again. "Abby, I appreciate you taking a chance on me." Abby is a little shocked to hear those words from someone like Juliette. She had been basing her opinion on what she had heard about Juliette. "Jules, I know what this world is like… trust me."

Abby's words intrigue Juliette. She remembers what she said to Layla when she was dressing her down. How she did rebel before them and better than them? She wants to know more about Abby Conrad but that information is hard to find. Abby has managed to stay off the grid with the exception of her business. Juliette considers herself a bit savvy with technology. Even her team could not peel back the layers of that particular onion. Juliette isn't sure what she wants more… to find out about Abby or to find out the secret to staying off the digital grid.

They work for a while longer before Abby calls it a day. She has an appointment to keep whether she wants to or not. Under Fozie's watchful eye, Abby heads to her apartment to get ready for her "date."

As she is getting ready, it occurs to Abby that she has no idea what Jeff has planned for the evening so she has no idea how to dress. This is a most unexpected conundrum especially since she is a freaking fashion designer. What she dreads the most is not the date… it is the company that will accompany the date. She knows this world too well. This may not be New York or LA… photographers seem to be everywhere. Everywhere you don't want them and that is going to suck… Edgehill has had a lot of publicity as of late… and Jeff… is Edgehill.