On a hunch Abby heads to his office, if Teddy is anything, he is a creature of habit. Teddy's receptionist knows exactly who Abby is from some of the photos that Teddy has in his office. She waves Abby through. Abby lightly knocks on the door before she enters. She is duly impressed by what she sees. "Hey you. "

Teddy looks up from the scattered papers that he has been staring at. He has read the first line at least 27 times. He can't focus enough at the moment to actually bother to read them. "Hey yourself."

Abby takes in the office. "You know, I never really had an opportunity to congratulate you on winning. This is something T… really something. Dad would have been proud, Mr. Mayor." Teddy actually thinks back for a minute. Abby doesn't know what he did to win but at face value, this was big. Abby saunters up to the chair in front of the desk and takes a seat.

"So how did it go?" Teddy rolls his eyes at her. Well, no one lines up for a duty like this especially since they weren't married that long. "As well as could be expected."

"So public or private?" Teddy looks up at her. He knows why she is asking. "Private."

"Good choice. " She stands and paces a bit before ruffling the papers in front of him. "Put them down Teddy. I know you have read the first line 50 times." She closes the folder and spins him in his chair. "Come on, you haven't eaten today… you look like hell… and."

"and you can stop there. How did you know…" She interrupts him.

"Teddy… I have known you longer than 10 seconds. Kind of familiar with how you tick." He gets up after her prod. Teddy puts on his coat and heads out after Abby. "I'll even buy."

"Oh in that case…" His secretary is quite happy to see Abby dragging him out of the office. He has been impossible this afternoon.

She drags Teddy for BBQ. "You want to eat here?" She has taken him to one of the downhome dives with great food that they used to go to.

"Darlin, I have been out of the country… I want "home" food. Plus, you will have to take off that damn tie, Captain Pinstripes." There it is… finally a smile. She talks to him about her visit with the girls and some of the places she has been lately. Abby wants to ask him what really happened that night. She knows what she has read in the papers but also doesn't want to make Teddy relive what is already playing on a loop in his mind. She may have to use the backdoor on this one and ask Rayna. She has her own suspicions and actually isn't quite sure she wants them confirmed.

What Teddy doesn't know is that Abby knows exactly what he did to win the election and she doesn't like it one little bit. Actually, she is not happy with anything that has happened while she was away. She and Teddy have been thick as thieves since they were little. She can't stand to see him falter. She knows she may have to pull out a shovel and dig up her own history with Rayna's father to protect Teddy from both Lamar… and himself but one thing at a time. Let's get through this funeral first.

Teddy planned an elegant funeral service for Peggy. His gestures were sweet and sentimental. All of the family was impressed as to how he held it together through the service and the burial. The service was for family and friends only. Teddy did not want to risk a security issue given that Peggy died from someone actually trying to kill him. At this point, he can't take another blow or risk the rest of his family.

Rayna had forgotten just how close Abby and Teddy were. Watching them together reminds her so much of her and her sister. They are that close because they had no one else. It was the price of being the children of powerful men. The last place on the planet that she wanted to be was this funeral. Tandy came with her for support. She knows being there was the right thing to do but… sometimes the right thing… sucks.

For the next few days, Teddy is a bit lost and moping about much to the dismay of Abby and Rayna. Rayna has been in touch with Abby since Teddy has seemed to shut down. He hasn't been by to see the girls in almost 3 days and the girls are starting to ask questions.

Teddy's house has had guards since the night of the attack. Rayna would bring the girls to him but she and Abby both agree that the guards would likely freak them out a bit. Abby remembers all too well trying to get into the house that first night. She had to confirm who she was… three forms of id and her passport actually came in handy. The challenge was explaining why she had a New York address and that she left her accent here when she moved to New York.

Abby finally corners Teddy. "What is going on with you?" She traps him in his study. "I'm fine." Abby squares up to his desk. "Really… you are going with "I'm fine?"

He knows where this is going and just doesn't want to deal with an Abby intervention. "I'm fine." She paces back and forth for a moment. Teddy waits for it… and waits for it.

"That is bullshit and you know it." And there it is. "Abby, I'm fine."

"Ok Ted… in the last two years… you have embezzled a couple of million, lost your trust fund, had an affair, knocked up your mistress, divorced the love of your life, had your daughter find out that she is not your biological daughter and that her father is Deacon… married your mistress, just buried your wife and despite all of that the icing is that you made a deal with the devil himself so we both know "I'm fine" is total and utterly complete bullshit. So, if you want to talk about this.. you know where to find me… I'll be right here." Abby storms out of the room.

Ok… that was both barrels and she threw in a hand grenade. Teddy knew it was coming. He knew she held that in for a while… and what was the worst… is that she is right.