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Friday, February 21, 2014

Two more months went by, yet Diddy was still wondering with worry if he was going to make it onto the new Super Smash Bros. roster or not.

DK's prediction about Diddy being announced in December turned out to be wrong. He also wasn't announced in January, either.

It was now mid-February, and Diddy (as far as he was concerned) had still not been announced onto the roster. Rumors had spread that the developments were nearing completion. This made Diddy believe that he was never going to make it.

Diddy missed being a first-player character option. Outside all of the racing success that he had been having lately, the rest of his life felt so empty for the last few years. Nobody bothered to enter him into Mario sports tournaments anymore, and in recent Donkey Kong-related stuff, Diddy would be demoted to an extra rather than what he had been in the SNES era. This made many flashbacks appear in his head from time to time.

When Diddy first realized that he was to be given such a demotion like that back in 2010, he was extremely upset. He never deserved this kind of treatment. Even DK thought Diddy didn't deserve this. The streak of bad treatment continued when Diddy began being signed up for fewer and fewer Mario sports tournaments and being left out of many other things in which he probably would have been good at.

This made Diddy feel left out and very depressed. He was bored to death, and there seemed to be nothing around for him to do until the 2014 Enthusia Professional Cup season started on the sixteenth day of that month, ironically.

Diddy actually got an excellent start to the Enthusia season, winning the season-opening Speediapolis 500, becoming the first and only video game character to ever win that race more than once, and also the youngest driver to ever become a two-time winner.

Aside from that, however, when Diddy came back home, it almost felt like the days before his first-ever quest with DK (DKC1), sitting around with nothing to do. The only difference was that there would be something to do on certain weekends as racing had come back to its full swing.

Diddy's sadness made DK feel somewhat guilty of overshadowing his little buddy, and as a result, sometimes when the duo played DKCR on their Wii, DK would give Diddy plenty of time to do what he could do by letting him off his back for as long as Diddy wished and unleash his weapons of success rather than have him just sit on his uncle's back and do virtually nothing (he couldn't even use his peanut popguns in single player). Diddy often commented on that as himself being too lazy and even a little childish, given the fact that some baby monkeys are like that in real life.

In fact, Diddy was so discouraged by that fact that one time, on a day when he was over-thinking about his bad treatment while he and DK were playing DKCR (and having a hard time with it, in which Diddy was required to stay on DK's back until they got out of their sticky situation), he couldn't help but make a pointless comment about it to DK to take his frustration out:

"Mind as well just put a diaper on me and permanently attach my hands to your necktie!"

Diddy quickly realized that he was over-exaggerating and he began to cry with regret against those words he had just said about comparing himself to real monkeys, since he knew he was a lot more mature than that, and that he had been past the "diaper" stage of his life for many years already.

DK was also hit by that weird comment that Diddy had made about his comparison to real monkeys and could only think about why Diddy had to suffer from that kind of treatment.

The moment after Diddy made his comment about riding DK's back being babyish, he wished he could take it back immediately, and even DK could tell that Diddy was regretting his comment.

DK paused the game and lifted a sobbing Diddy onto his lap and tried to comfort him.

He explained to his little buddy that although real monkeys may be like that, Diddy being stuck on DK's back was really not meant to be a childish thing for Diddy. DK noted that Diddy wasn't just riding his back for no reason, it was meant to be a way of helping him out when DK found something he couldn't do without Diddy. Although Diddy was okay with riding on DK's back during their real adventure, he felt that being stuck on his back in the 'game' that came afterward in the single player mode was too much. Even though they usually played while nobody else was around, Diddy still felt embarrassed by his demotion.

As DK wiped the tears from Diddy's eyes, the two embraced in a best buddies hug and Diddy apologized to DK for what he had said. DK told Diddy that there was no need to apologize and the two kept hugging each other very tightly before they made up and continued playing.

Sometimes, when DK could tell when Diddy was over-thinking about his harsh treatment, DK even deliberately threw himself off the screen during their co-op fun so Diddy could show all of his true abilities. DK didn't like to see Diddy just sitting there in the shadows of being an extra (possibly nothing but a literal "Second Banana") which had bothered his nephew too much in the last few years.

(A/N: This is something that I have always done due to my favoritism towards Diddy. Getting DK off the screen in two-player co-op is the only way to play as Diddy alone in DKCR.)

DK really was the only one who could understand Diddy's problems and he wanted to do everything he could do to cheer up his little nephew.

However, Diddy would only show his sad side to DK. He wasn't sure that it would be a good idea to show his sadness to Dixie because it would likely break her heart to see him like that, and he especially wouldn't show it to Cranky because he would likely tease him the same way that he had done back in the SNES days when Diddy wasn't very popular yet.

The new Donkey Kong Country game (Tropical Freeze) had just arrived eight days ago (Japanese release date reference) and Diddy had found himself with some time to enjoy the new game with DK, Dixie and Cranky, but whenever he was alone, he would return to his trance of worry about the SSB roster and the sad thoughts of his emptiness. Professional racing was really the only thing he could do outside of home. Other than that, with all of his demotions and rejections from other sports, Diddy just wanted something to do! ANYTHING to do, for that matter.

It was a Friday morning. Diddy laid in his bed alone. He had just woken up from a strange dream. He got that strange dream out of his mind quickly and started thinking about his emptiness again. He somehow wished that something, anything would happen that would cheer him up.

"I wish I had something to do," he said to himself in a very low voice, trying not to cry about his boredom.

At that moment, there was a knock on his bedroom door.

"Hey, little buddy, are you awake yet?" asked a voice behind the door.

"Uh, … y-yeah," replied Diddy weakly, sounding as if he was hardly awake at all.

The door answered and, sure enough, DK came in.

"Perhaps my wish could come true today," thought Diddy to himself, somehow believing that his wish might work its magic, although he knew the Crystal Coconut wouldn't hear him from so far away.

"How are you feeling, little buddy? I've been sensing that you've been feeling empty lately," said DK, sitting by Diddy's bedside.

"How and when did you find that out?" asked Diddy, feeling suspicious.

"Well, it's just that I often hear you complaining about how empty life has been for you lately, and I've noticed that you hardly ever come out of the house anymore, except when you've gotta go somewhere to race."

"Well," sighed Diddy, "Racing really is the only thing that I've been able to put on a to-do list lately. The season may only have just started, but I still feel so bored when I'm not busy racing. There's nothing to do around here. All of those demotions because of how much they would rather prefer you, and all of those rejections from sports tournaments I tried to enter lately have left me just lazing around without anything to do. I'm so bored."

"Wait a minute. I thought you didn't like those Mario sports tournaments," said a puzzled DK.

"I only tried to get in so I wouldn't get bored," answered Diddy.

"Oh, … I see," said DK, "Well, … did you make it into any upcoming tournaments?"

"They let me into the Mario Golf World Tour. At least I made it into something, but otherwise, nobody ever told me why they dumped me from all of the other tournaments. At least I wasn't thrown out of the Mushroom Kingdom Sports Club. Probably just thought I'd look stupid just competing in those other sports," said Diddy.

"Well, you made it into at least one of the tournaments. That's great, little buddy!" said DK with a smile, "At least you'll have something to do!"

"It doesn't start 'til May, though," said Diddy in an unenthusiastic tone, "So I really don't have anything to do until spring comes. It's already been a crazy winter, having our island being taken over by Snowmads and having to fight for our homeland. It was crazy!"

"I understand, Diddy, but I know some things you could do while we wait for spring," said DK.

"Like what?" asked Diddy.

"Well, why not hang out with Dixie?" suggested DK, "I hear she's really good at making you happy."

"I'd rather not," answered Diddy.

"What!? W-why not? I thought she was your girlfriend," said DK with shock.

"She's still my girlfriend, but … I just don't wanna accidentally show my sad side to her. What if I break her heart doing that?" replied Diddy.

"I understand, little buddy," said DK, "But, for one thing, you can't just lie here in bed, and I'm sure there will be something coming up real soon. Remember what I told you a few months ago when you told me how bored you were then? There's many things coming up that you might be good at."

"I somehow don't believe you, DK," said Diddy, "What if nobody ever accepts me as anything anymore?"

"Don't be so hard on yourself, Diddy," said DK.

"I'm not finding any reasons to why I should take it easy," replied Diddy.

"Well, I think you should, little buddy," said DK.

"Should I, DK? You'd have no idea what it's like to be left in the shadows of being a 'Second Banana'. The last few years have been nothing but boredom here at home," said Diddy in a depressed tone.

"Look, … Diddy, I know how you feel, but … -"

"No one knows how I feel!" shouted Diddy, "It's been proven too many times already! Nobody gives me a chance to do anything anymore. I'm being left out of sports, I'm being left out of the Smash tournaments (at least, that's what he thought) and I'm being constantly demoted to an extra rather than a mainstream guy. You know something, DK, if I ever had a chance to wish upon something right now, the only thing I'd say is that I wish, I wish, I wish I had something to do! ANYTHING! PLEASE!"

"I don't think you'd have to use that as your wish, little buddy," said DK, giving Diddy a look of suspicion.

"Okay, then, … prove it. Tell me. Why should I believe you?" demanded Diddy.

"Okay, then. Just hold on for a sec. I'll be right back," said DK, and he stood up and left the room.

Diddy could only feel curious as to why DK had left the room. Perhaps DK was intending to show Diddy something that he thought would interest him. Diddy didn't feel 100% sure of that, but he was sure that DK had at least something to show him.

Moments later, DK came back into Diddy's room, holding a small piece of paper in his hand. He sat down next to Diddy's bed again.

"I've got something that will surely get that depressing look off your face, little buddy," said DK.

"What is it, then, DK? What is on that little piece of paper?" asked Diddy.

"It's just a note I received today, and I was told to read it to you," answered DK.

Diddy sat up and pulled himself out from under his blankets. He seemed to be more interested in what DK was about to read to him.

DK began to read the note:

"Hey there, Diddy, …"

Diddy scooted closer to DK.

DK continued: "It has been quite a while since we saw you in action and we would imagine how you've been feeling about it."

The look on Diddy's face began to turn less depressed.

"Although it took a while to determine whether we were gonna do this or not, we have come to an agreement to …" DK paused for a moment.

Diddy felt like he couldn't wait to hear what were the next words, "What is it? What is it?" asked Diddy, talking so fast, making him sound a little impatient.

"To … include you on the Super Smash Bros. roster for the upcoming tournaments."

"Whoa, … w-w-W-WHAT!?" said Diddy with surprise.

"We're sure you'll be feeling happy to not have to be lazy anymore now that we have officially announced your name onto the roster as the twenty-fourth fighter to be named. The tournaments will begin later this year, so don't be late when they do come up. Oh, and by the way, good luck on your Enthusia racing season, particularly since you're the only one representing Nintendo in Enthusia this year after Bowser Junior's departure. Sincerely, Nintendo."

Diddy just sat on his bed with his heart pounding like crazy and his mouth open. He couldn't believe the words that had just come out of his uncle's mouth as he was reading the letter.

"Did … they … d-d-did … -" Diddy just couldn't put his surprise into words.

"Yep. It's true, little buddy. You're in!" said DK with a grin.

"THEY PUT ME ON THE SMASH ROSTER!?" asked Diddy, wanting to be sure of it.

"Yes, they did, little buddy!" said DK in an excited tone.

Diddy stood up on his bed in amazement. He couldn't believe it. His streak of bad treatment was finally over! The pain was gone! His lazy period was over! He was finally back in the spotlight with his big buddy! His wish had come true! It wasn't just something to do; he was at long last announced into the new Super Smash Bros. roster after spending several months worrying about it!

With that, Diddy grabbed his backpack (from DKCR and DKC:TF) from his bedside drawer and strapped it over his shoulders, and grabbed his red baseball cap and flipped it on top of his head. Then, he activated his jet pack and began to fly around his own room like a little excited, eccentric child!

"YYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH, HHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOO!" screamed Diddy in such delight as he flew around in celebration.

DK couldn't help but just sit by Diddy's bed and watch his little nephew blast himself around the place. He knew how happy Diddy was now, and didn't want to spoil his moment by stopping him from flying around the place. DK just simply smiled at his flying little buddy.

After about half of a minute, Diddy eventually calmed himself enough to stop flying around like crazy. He stopped and hovered above his red gaming couch, then he deactivated his jet pack.

DK stood up and ran up to Diddy's couch. He took a seat on the couch just as Diddy came down and sat down next to him.

"I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, BIG BUDDY!" exclaimed Diddy in over-excitement, "I'M BACK! I'M FINALLY BACK IN THE BIG SHOW!"

"I feel glad myself that you made it on!" replied DK, "See, I told you not to worry about it so much."

Diddy stood up and did a few acrobatic dance moves, "OH, … MY GOD! THIS FEELS LIKE MY REDEMPTION DAY! I'll finally be a first player's character again when their game comes out after the real tournaments begin. I JUST CAN'T WAIT FOR IT!"

Diddy began to take some heavy breaths. His over-excitement was wearing him down.

"Okay, okay, little buddy, you've just about worn yourself out. I'm happy you're so excited, but you've got to settle down," said DK.

"I'm sorry, DK, but I'm … I'm just so … happy … (pauses) … happy … that I … I could go so monkey-crazy as if I had bananas for days!" yelled Diddy in happiness.

"I know, Diddy. Here, let's just take a few deep breaths and calm down for a bit. Then, he can have some breakfast, okay?" said DK.

Diddy was taking some rather heavy breaths, indeed. He felt like he didn't want to calm down. He put his hand over his chest and tried to calm down, only for his inside feelings to keep him feeling so energized.

DK scooted closer to where Diddy was still standing and put a hand on his back and shoulders.

Diddy's breathing became more stable again.

"Thank you … so much, … DK … for giving me that great news," panted Diddy.

"You're welcome, little buddy," said DK.

Eventually, Diddy settled down long enough to at least sit down. Instead of sitting on his couch, though, he decided to sit on DK's lap.

DK kept one hand on Diddy's back and gently rubbed Diddy's legs with the other hand.

"I had been wondering for so long if this was ever going to be a reality." said Diddy, breathing normally again.

"I told ya, little buddy. I had predicted the whole time that you were going to make it. I had always been sure of it." said DK.

"I just hadn't felt sure it was going to happen, given everything that they'd done to me in the last few years, … but … they've finally found their sympathy towards me," said DK.

"Well, … I was assuming that you hadn't made it in to the other sports tournaments because they probably ran out of room before you could find a slot, … but now … there's a fighting slot out there that's been given to you. I knew there would be something coming up in the near-future that you would be accepted into, and … vela!"

"You were right, big buddy," said Diddy, "I just didn't wanna believe it until something did happen. I'm sorry I didn't believe you."

"There's no need to apologize, little buddy. You were just feeling depressed about how empty things had been for you up until today. In fact, I've been sick of being forced to overshadow you, anyway. You've been given what you do deserve: a place in the spotlight."

"A spotlight which I thought would never shine on me again," said Diddy, "I'm glad that someone's finally given me a chance to do something after all. You thought there was no need for me to wish that I had something to do, … but … my wish has come true after all!"

Diddy began to grin widely again.

"How long had you been wishing that, Diddy?" asked DK curiously.

"Ever since the Sports Mix tournaments ended," replied Diddy.

"Well, … there were a few tournaments that took place in between then and now."

"I only made it to one tournament. It was a tennis tournament that took place two years ago, but it sucked. I was terrible in it," said Diddy with a slight frown.

"I know, but there's no need to think about that anymore. You've made it into the Smash roster and you're about to be given a chance to blast everything with your peanut popguns again!"

"Yeah," said Diddy with another grin, "I've been wondering when I'd ever get a chance to use those for competition again. It's about time I dug those out and gave everyone some more peanuts as a surprise attack! That will be fun!"

"It sure will be, little buddy!" said DK.

"And how's about some British drum and bass music for the loudspeakers!" said Diddy.

"What?" said DK with some strange curiosity.

"I'm just kidding!" laughed Diddy.

"Oh, yeah, your favorite music genre ever since the DKCR game came out," commented DK.

"Yeah, I just like listening to that stuff," said Diddy.

"I know. Well, anyways, I'm glad that I could be the one to tell you the great news. I knew it'd put a smile on your face."

"I feel as if I haven't smiled like this for ages, … well, except for when I won the Speediapolis 500! Funny moment when Sonic and Shadow shoved the Winner's Quart of Milk down my throat while we stood on the podium!"

"Yeah, I saw that," laughed DK.

"But now I'll be smiling until it's time for the Smash tournaments to begin!" said Diddy.

"Well, then, why don't we go ahead and have some breakfast so you can keep that energy inside of you," suggested DK.

"How's about a little something else first," said Diddy.

"Whadda ya mean, little buddy?" asked DK.

Diddy wrapped an arm around DK's neck and swung himself around to hug his uncle.

"Aw, little buddy," said DK, wrapping his arms around Diddy's back.

"Thank you so much, DK, … and … I love you," said Diddy gently.

"You're welcome, Diddy, … and … I love you, too, little buddy," replied DK gently.

"We're finally gonna be an epic duo again," said Diddy, "I can't wait to team up with you without having to ride on your back."

DK laughed at that comment.

"I can't wait, either, lil' pal," replied DK, "You can finally get some real exercise out there."

"Yeah," said Diddy.

"Now then, how's about some breakfast?" said DK.

"Can't we let this moment go a little longer?" asked Diddy.

"Well, … maybe I could," said DK, poking Diddy's back several times.

"Hey, wh- … what are you doing, DK?" giggled Diddy.

"Why not give the moment a little more excitement?" suggested DK.

"Whadda ya mean, more excitement?" asked Diddy suspiciously.

"You know what I'm talking about, little buddy," answered DK as he began to tickle Diddy's back a little.

Diddy knew what DK was up to.

"What!? No! Please, I'm not falling for your tickling tricks again, DK!" said Diddy.

"I'm afraid you just did!" commented DK.

Diddy wrestled himself off of DK's lap and reached for the end of the couch, but DK quickly scooted closer to Diddy and began to tickle his little nephew all over.

"NO! PLEA-HEA-HEA-HEASE! D-E-E-E-K-A-A-AY! STO-HO-HOP!" laughed Diddy as he tried to find a way to escape from DK's tickle torture.

"You said you wanted the moment to last longer, so I'm making it more happier by keeping that smile on your face! Now how's about that spot that always makes you giggle."


But it was too late, as DK was already beginning to tickle Diddy's exposed belly, making him thrash around so much that he almost made himself fall out of the couch, but he sneaked one arm and reached the floor, and he was able to dive down to the floor and out of DK's grasp. Then, Diddy began running on all fours towards the living room. DK quickly got up off the couch and raced after him. They ran about the living room for a minute, then Diddy headed for the kitchen with DK following.

Diddy raced over to the dining table and dove onto a chair. DK stopped right behind Diddy and tickled his back again to humor himself a little more.


"Aw, where's your humor to it, little buddy?" said DK.


Convinced that Diddy had had enough, DK finally stopped tickling Diddy and let him sit up in his chair. Then, he gave DK an unhappy look.

"It could've gone without that, DK," said Diddy.

"Sorry, little buddy," said DK, "There seemed to be no other way to keep it happy. What's good news without laughter? It'd be no news."

Diddy laughed at that comment and found himself out of control again. DK couldn't help but laugh, too.

The bottom line was that Diddy's wish had finally come true. There was at long last something for him to do that did not require him to ride DK's back like a little 'baby' monkey, and it wouldn't be long before Diddy's time to shine … again … would come.

YES! YES! YES! IT HAS FINALLY HAPPENED! DIDDY KONG HAS MADE IT INTO THE NEW SSB GAME AFTER ALL! THANKS, NINTENDO! YOU'VE FINALLY SHOWN SOME SYMPATHY TOWARDS THE LITTLE MONKEY! Now Wii U and 3DS gamers everywhere can enjoy Diddy Kong when the game comes out! I don't have either one, but I still can't wait to see what Diddy has in store!

Credit goes to the following fanfic writers that helped inspire me:

Twin Cats - for helping me keep my patience at a decent level while waiting for Diddy's announcement and for your inspirations on all of those hurt/comfort moments between Diddy & DK.

VideoGameNerd123 - I thought I'd put in a little bit of flavor from your tickling story by adding DK's tickle torture on Diddy (in my own way, that is). Your tickling story has been very cute and I just couldn't go without putting a bit of it into this story to keep Diddy smiling! Like I said, it seemed like monkeys in their natural habitat, so I really couldn't go without it. Thank you for your inspiration as well!

And to all of the other fanfic writers that took some time to read this story - I hope that all of you enjoyed this and will have some inspirations for any future stories that you might plan, and I also hope that you will enjoy playing as Diddy Kong in the upcoming SSB game!


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