Who knew the blonde brawler had dancing skills? Blake certainly didn't.

"C'mon, Blake!" she called out in the rain. "Dancing in the rain's one thing you could never miss!"

The cat faunus smiled, but she shook her head. "I don't think so, Yang," she replied. "I don't really like the rain!"

It took a couple of seconds for Yang to realize that she was part-cat, and when she did, her head hung in dismay.

"Aw, but it'll be better with you here with me," she muttered. Suddenly, an idea struck her, and she rushed to where Blake was sitting and watching.

"DON'T TOUCH ME" was scrawled all over Blake's expression as soon as Yang came closer. The other Huntress in training laughed at this and went into a nearby room. She didn't mind if she was dripping from head to toe. A few seconds later, she came out with something clear and waterproof, something as large as Blake with a hood.

"A raincoat?" the dark-haired girl asked. Yang nodded and a big grin graced her face.

"Yeah! You know, it'll protect you from the rain. A thousand percent guaranteed!" Yang informed her partner who still seemed disinterested. She really wanted to dance with her partner, though, as the rainy season in Vytal was quite short and she wanted to make the most out of it.

When Blake did not oblige and turned back to her book, Yang tried again. "Come on, we wouldn't be out for too long! And it only rains once in a thousand years! Please, Blake, just this once?"

A few moments of contemplation later, Blake put down her book and stood to face her partner.

"You'd better make sure that doesn't get me doused in the rain," she said, trying to sound threatening but only ended up showing her true feelings with a small smile.

"Yaaay! I promise, Blake, you won't even get your clothes wet!" Yang cheered as she put the raincoat around Blake. The cat faunus then rolled her eyes as she let Yang deal with the raincoat; she had never owned nor worn a raincoat before.

"I better not have," Blake threatened, but smirked afterwards. She was dragged by Yang into the pelting rain before she could change her mind.