Chapter 1

"Cammie," Liz shouted, coming into their suite. If there was one thing Elizabeth Sutton was clueless about, then it was the fact that most people at the Gallagher Academy don't get up at six thirty in the morning. "Headmistress Morgan wants to speak to you now."

"Now?" Cameron Morgan said, sitting up. She had been looking forward to the Sunday morning lie in after finals week.

"Yes. Apparently it's very important."

"What are you two doing up this early?" The voice came from the sleepy form of Rebecca Baxter. "At least try not to wake Macey."

"Too late." Macey McHenry, daughter of an important senator and cosmetic heiress, looked like she had been asleep for at least two days.

"I'd better go," said Cammie, yawning, "Mum will be getting impatient." She crawled out of her bed – literally – and began to get some clothes on.

"No Cammie, she said to go in your pyjamas," said Liz quickly.

Cammie sighed and slipped on her dressing gown. "See you guys in a minute then." She walked out the door and through the halls she knew better than anyone here, to the Hall of History. She made her way to the headmistress' office and knocked.

"Cammie?" her mum sounded as awake as she was asleep.

"Yeah," she replied and went in. "Hey Mum. Couldn't this have waited until tonight?"

"Tonight? Oh yes, Sunday. Well… I might as well tell you now you are here."

"Tell me what?" asked Cammie. Whatever it was, it didn't sound like good news.

"You remember when we had the boys from the Blackthorne Institute come and stay?" Cammie nodded. "Well we are doing a similar thing with three pupils, one girl and two boys, from a… special boarding school in Britain. They are in your year and would benefit greatly from learning some of our skills."

Cammie was confused. "But Mum, why are you telling me this when you didn't tell me about the Blackthorne boys coming? I mean, they were like us… in a way."

"Because, during the summer, you, Bex, Liz and Macey are going to be looking after them."