Epilogue: Two Years Later

He's in town for business, helping another company get back on its feet, when he sees Kurt's face splashed around town in advertisement for a genderbent version of Wicked. Blaine can't help but laugh, remembering Kurt talking about that very thing when they had gone to the playhouse. From what he can gather, the reviews are raving and Kurt's name is quickly becoming the one on everyone's tongue. There is even talk of taking the show to Broadway, though the sources seem sketchy on that one.

He's in his hotel suite with the tv on for background noise when he hears laughter he never thought he would hear again ringing throughout the room. He rushes to the living room, his face half shaved, to see Kurt on some morning talk show. Blaine turns the volume up and sits on the edge of the nearest seat.

"...great surprise to me when I got the part. There must have been thousands of men trying out, but the director seemed to really like me," Kurt is saying. "I feel very lucky."

"Yes, we heard that you had a bit of a tough background," one of the co-hosts says sympathetically.

"Yeah, it wasn't always easy, but Tina, who plays the part of Boq, she helped me along the way. Honestly, I probably wouldn't be here if it weren't for her."

"Now, you've always been very outspoken about your life on the streets and being a prostitute."

"Yes, I'm a huge advocate for anything that will help get people off the streets and away from that kind of life. It's not pleasant and it was hard to deal with, particularly when you're a kid. The police don't care about you; the government doesn't care about you; it's hard to get on your feet when no one wants to help. I was very fortunate to have a benefactor of sorts who helped me and Tina get down here to San Francisco, but most kids don't have that luxury."

"Well, it's very lucky for us that you did, because your voice is just amazing. And I even hear talk about a possible move to New York," the co-host digs a bit.

Kurt laughs, his eyes squinting. "Well, I guess I'm allowed to say this now: Yes, the show will be moving to Broadway! I don't have the specifics just yet, but there, you have a bit of a scoop for your viewers."

The hosts laugh and they talk for a bit more, but Blaine turns them out. Kurt looks… He looks amazing, his eyes bright, his face fuller than it had been two years ago. He's wearing clothes that fit, his hair is well kept, and there's something… lighter about him. As though the burden he had carried was lifted off of his shoulders.

And now he is going to be in New York.

Blaine starts planning. He's never been one to make the same mistake twice.


It's a few months before the show gets moved, but it passes quick enough for Blaine. He's a busy man, after all, but he makes sure to snag a good seat for the opening night show. A huge bouquet of flowers has been sent to Kurt's dressing room the night of the opening with only a card saying Break a leg! attached, unsigned.

Blaine is dressed to the nines, sitting in the balcony area of the theatre, where there's no chance Kurt will be able to see him. He's anxious for the show to start, to see the young man the young boy he had known has become. Once Kurt takes the stage for the first time, Blaine's breath is caught.

Kurt owns the stage, moving around and performing and his voice… Blaine had forgotten how amazing listening to Kurt sing was and now he's able to hear every bit with the acoustics in the building. His voice is stronger than ever, his body graceful, and, yeah, this is what Blaine has been missing in his life for the past two years.

He's the first to stand when the curtain closes, applauding loudly. When the cast comes out for their final bows, he lets out an ear-splitting whistle and, for the briefest moment, he's sure that Kurt sees him, but then he's shuffled off stage. Blaine waits for the crowd to disperse a bit before making his way outside to the stage door. There's a group of people already there, talking excitedly about the show, but Blaine waits a bit of a ways down away from them, but in perfect view of the door.

There's a few people that come trickling out, stopping to sign playbills and take pictures with the fans, but none of them are who he wants. He stands out there for almost half an hour before Kurt emerges, arm in arm with the girl who played the genderbent version of Boq. They sign and take pictures, moving quickly down the line, and once they emerge, they hook their arms together again and start heading away from everyone. Blaine takes his chance, walking towards them.

"...even know where I'm going to put that huge bouquet; I wonder who-"

"Hello, Kurt."

Kurt and the girl - Tina, he thinks he read in his playbill - jump, and, when they turn around, Kurt's jaw drops.


"Blaine?" Tina whispers, frowning.

"You were amazing up there." Even in the dark, he knows that Kurt is blushing.

"Thank you, I-" He stops and clears his throat. "T, go ahead without me; I'll be fine."

Tina is eyeing him warily, but says, "Okay. Call me if you need to."

Kurt laughs, kissing her cheek. "Always." He turns back to Blaine, looking a little nervous. "H- How have you been?"

"Why don't I take you to dinner and we can catch up?" Blaine offers instead. He feels like a teenager, awkwardly asking out his crush, but he let Kurt go once and he's not going to do it again.

Kurt smiles, wide and happy. "I would like that."

And so it was that Kurt Hummel got his fairytale ending. So what if his prince didn't rescue him? What the tales don't tell you is that sometimes, you have to rescue yourself.

The end.

A/N: This is the last part, so that means I get to turn into a sentimental sap, right? Right. Deal with it.

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