To my McRoll girls:

You've turned me into something N-McG doesn't even recognize: a romantic - only for McRoll, but still. Thanks for gushing with me & for making this fandom so much more fun!

Hugs from Danny's home state, Mari


This is a collection of McRoll-friendly one shots that sprung from my mind in reference to watching Danny & Steve in that convertible when Steve ignored Danny and just kept driving past the flirting women and then in the bar, when Steve was totally uninterested in the girls "eye humping" him because he's got Catherine.

I don't publish unfinished or TBC fics, so each chapter is a finished one-shot, based on a common theme.




HQ Lobby

Completely absorbed in his discussion with Catherine, Steve McGarrett removed his sunglasses and tucked them into a pocket as they entered the Palace. Glancing up in response to the young receptionist's overly enthusiastic, "Hi Commander!" he absently replied "Oh, Hi, Maggie".

Completely missing the beaming smile his nonchalant greeting put on Maggie's face, Steve nodded at a small group of people in the lobby as he and Catherine passed the desk.

"Danny!" he called across the lobby as he and Catherine quickened their pace and caught up with the detective, who'd just entered the elevator.

"Max has something, c'mon." Danny held the door until they reached him and they rode down to autopsy.

Only Catherine noticed Maggie's beaming smile fade when Steve guided her into into the elevator ahead of him with his hand on the small of her back, or the eyes of the blond woman from the group they'd just passed linger on Steve until her eyes flitted away when she saw Catherine look up.

When Steve looked confused at the laugh and smirk his girlfriend gave him, Catherine simply shook her head, said "Nothing." and returned his smile with an amused one of her own.


The group of four employees Steve and Catherine had rushed past in the Palace lobby consisted of one HPD officer, a judges' admin and two assistant D.A.s. One being the girl whose eyes followed the Five 0s for a second too long after the elevator doors closed.

"Jesus, O'Reilly's caught it." The HPD Corporal chuckled. Kaiwa had been on the force for fifteen years and was one of the few who'd accepted Danny Williams when he'd arrived from the Newark P.D. in 2010. Kaiwa, a divorced dad in his late thirties, had daughter Grace's age and the two had shared a common link.

Liz O'Reilly, twenty five years old and a newly minted assistant A.D.A., blushed and swung back to face Kaiwa, her blue eyes wide. "What?" Liz had grown up on Ohau and had returned to take the A.D.A. job following a stint on the mainland after law school. She'd started ten days before.

Kaiwa said "McGarrett-itis" and slapped A.D.A., Joe Davis on the shoulder. "Another one bites the dust, Joey." the men chuffed as they left in separate directions, leaving Liz and the other woman standing at the foot of the large staircase.

"What the hell?" Liz, being new, didn't know exactly how to take the comment, but Kaiwa hadn't seemed like much of a buster and Joe was a decent guy.

"Aww, they're just jealous." Kara Leeds laughed. Kara was happily married with two teenagers but she got a huge kick out of watching the women in the building swoon over the handsome Commander. She understood their crushes; she was married, not dead. "Practically every new female assigned to HQ gets a crush on one of the Five-0s, usually McGarrett."


"Really. He's off limits, though. The woman that came in with him, Catherine Rollins, she and McGarrett are a couple."

"Are they?"

"Yeah, they're totally professional at work, but the story is they've been together for years." Kara grinned at the dimming of Liz's smile. "You'll get over it." she laughed, "Eventually. They all do."

"That so?"

"Yeah. McGarrett's polite to everyone, but I've seen women flat out proposition him and he never takes the bait. He's what my husband calls 'love blind'. Tom always told me he'd never cheat on me because he's blind to other women." Kara chuckled. "I thought he was just being cute by saying that when we were in our twenties. Now I see it in my son. He's so head over heels about his girlfriend, he's just ... well ... oblivious."

With a last glance at the elevator, the two women started up the staircase to being their day.