Autopsy Hallway

Danny Williams fell back to read a text from Fong as Steve and Catherine entered the doors to Max's area, when two male voices coming from around the corner, reached his ears. They didn't realize the detective was within earshot, and their laughter caught Danny's attention as he heard the end of their discussion.

"Freaking oblivious."

"McGarrett? Hell, yeah."

"Did you see him in the lobby? And yesterday, with that chick from records? She practically couldn't speak when he thanked her for the files. He's oblivious. Has no idea three quarters of the women in this building would do anything … and I do mean anything … to get his attention."

"He really doesn't notice? Legit?"

"Legit. I've worked a few cases under Lukela where we assisted Five-0. Half the witnesses, the CSI techs, they get all giggly around him, like they're in high school. Dude's focused as hell, never notices. I don't think he cares about the attention because, well, you've seen Rollins … would you?"

"No. You're right. And ya know how I always say I'd never cheat 'cause my girlfriend would kill me?" McGarrett's girlfriend actually could kill a guy."

"True, Bobby, true."

Both men laughed again and Danny chuckled to himself as he pushed through the autopsy suite doors, thinking of the flirting girls in the convertible years ago when Steve just kept driving. Oblivious, indeed.