"The rebels," Vader yelled, "That's just what we need. I thought the rebels didn't know about this place."

"I guess they do," the stormtrooper replied.

"Just hold them off," Vader yelled, "And cool it with the attitude."

"Yes sir," the stormtrooper obeyed as he hung up.

Then, Vader contacted Rex.

"Yes sir," Rex saluted.

"You know those people I asked you to give a tour," Vader ordered, "Kill them."

"Yes sir," Rex replied as he hung up.

"No," Sonic harshly yelled, still weak.

Vader put away his communicator and took out his lightsaber. "Now," Vader greeted, igniting his lightsaber, "Where were we?" Before Vader could do anything, a blaster shot the lightsaber from Vader's hand.

"I believe I swiftly escaped from your imprisonment of me," a voice from besides Vader in a doorway answered. Vader turned to the voice.

"General Grhar," Vader growled, "I should have known you were behind this attack. I don't know how you found out about the Death Star, but I'm sure you didn't tell Leia."

"You know me," Grhar replied, "So, what trouble you been up to?" Before Vader could come up with a witty retort, Grhar shot Vader with his blaster, which was set to stun. "I hate long stories," Grhar remarked. With that, Vader fell to the ground.

"Who are you," Sonic asked Grhar, "What's going on?"

"General Grhar of the Rebel Alliance," Grhar answered, "Are you in danger?"

"Yeah," Sonic answered.

"Then I'm here to save you," Grhar replied.

After Rex hung up on Vader, he made a hand gesture to the two stormtroopers with him and they all pointed their guns at Sonic's friends and Shadow.

"What's going on," Tails asked.

"I'm sorry," Rex exclaimed, "But you all must die. You won't be getting a fruit basket." As he said that, somebody shot one of Rex's friends in the back. Rex and his other friend turned around to see a group of rebels. They engaged in a gunfight with the stormtroopers all dead and three rebels still alive.

"Are you alright," one rebel asked, "Are you in danger?"

"Kind of," Knuckles replied.

"Then come with us," the rebel replied, "We're here to save you." The three rebels ran off and the gang followed.

As Sonic and General Grhar approached the hanger, Grhar grabbed a thing with buttons on it from his pocket, pressed one of the buttons, and the door to a ship's back door opened. As Grhar put the thing back into his pocket, him and Sonic boarded the ship to find something. What did they find? Let's take a pop quiz to find out.

What did they find in the ship?

A. The cast of Pearls Before Swine.

B. The group of rebels with Sonic's friends (and Shadow).

C. A group of Stormtroopers.

Answer: If you picked B., you're right. If you picked C., nice try. Better luck next time. If you picked A., you should talk to a psychiatrist.

"You guys beat me here, huh," Grhar joked, "Looks like I need to practice more." While Grhar prepped the ship for takeoff, something was going on in the back.

"Hey," Sonic told everyone, "Glad to see you're alright."

"Don't worry about us," Knuckles replied, "We can take care of ourselves."

As Knuckles said that, Sonic spotted Amy. He began to walk up to her.

"Hey Amy," Sonic said when he reached her.

"Hey Sonic," Amy replied.

"Listen," Sonic confessed, "There's something I have to tell you. I probably should have told you a long time ago."

"What is it," Amy asked.

Sonic leaned in real close to Amy's ear and whispered three words: "I love you."

"You do," Amy asked.

"Yes," Sonic answered. To respond, Amy pulled Sonic in for a long, passionate kiss and Sonic returned it. Everyone noticed.

"What do you think Sonic told her," Cream asked Knuckles. Knuckles did a facepalm.

"Ok everyone," Grhar said from the front of the ship over an intercom, "Buckle up. We're headed to Yavin IV." Everyone buckled up and Grhar put the ship in lightspeed towards Yavin IV.