Hey! Puppytime here! I saw a ABC for this pairing Zack/Lighting, or Fairron, as I have learned to call it, so I decided to do one of my own! I adore this pairing, btw. Enjoy!


It was like all the air left the room, disabling Zack's breathing. It was a totally normal day for him, until he walked into the rec area and saw the most beautiful woman he'd ever laid eyes on.

She had light pink hair, and aqua blue eyes that seemed hardened with years of hardships, but were soft at the middle with pleading love. She wore regular black slacks, but even those didn't take away from her immense beauty.

Zack just stood there, looking like someone just slapped him with no reason until Cloud walked up and, with a poker face expression, smacked Zack on the back until the black-haired man took a deep breath. Cloud then said dully, "My job here is done." He then walked away without another word.

Zack gulped, gathering his courage. If he didn't make a move, some other lucky asshole would. He then puffed up his chest slightly and walked over to the woman with a slight swag in his step.

When he got over to her, he put on his best devilish smile and said, "Hey, what a beautiful woman like you doing in a place with so many uncivilized men?" He could already feel the death glares from the 'uncivilized men' standing near him trained on his back.

The woman ignored him, staring off in the distance.

He wouldn't be ignored! Not him, an Elite 1st Class SOLDIER!

He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and said, "So, I'm Zack-" He couldn't finish because the woman grabbed his wrist and flipped him over on his back. She then stomped her foot on his chest and growled, "Don't touch me."

The only thing Zack though at that moment was, I'm in love...

Sorry it's so damn short, I promise that the chapters will start to get longer! Until next time, this is Puppytime, jumping on a chocobo and running away! Bye!