Merry Christmas… Even though I don't celebrate it. I was hoping to go to the movies today but that didn't happen.

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A tornado was what Felicity loosely resembled. She was spinning around her colorful apartment that was completely Felicity (Good thing I cleaned it a few days ago. And where is my briefcase/laptop bag? Dining room table.) trying to get to the airport to catch the only flight leaving Starling City tonight. Which leaves in three hours.

Questions like Is it hot or cold? How much should I pack? flowed through Felicity's mind making sure both her mind and body were occupied. In the end she decided to take clothes that were both colorful and went with anything, her make-up bag, her hair-care products, shoes, and other necessities, liquid or other, in a suitcase.

She put her tablet and keyboard with the charger in her briefcase, with her phone and phone charger, external hard drive, headphones (because who likes those icky airplane headphones?), and a book. She put her wallet, gum, sunglasses and scarf in her pocketbook.

After she finished packing, she printed her ticket and then went over what she packed to see if she forgot anything. Twice.

Once that was all done, she hailed a cab (thankfully, I'm a girl. I can't imagine how hard it would be to hail a cab if I was a dude. It must be uncomfortable to be a guy. Like, how could you walk with something between your legs? Does the size matter, or is any size hard to walk with? WOW,FOCUS FELICITY!)

Hopefully I channeled Felicity's ramble-ness (is that a word? Can we make it one?) accordingly. Let me know of any grammatical mistakes, cause I have no beta. Yay! (Sarcasm)

E/A/N: And I swear, the next chapter will not be only someone's thoughts… I think.