I am changing Captain Cold's background for the plot to make any sense.

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(Captain Cold POV)

Barry Allen.

A name Leonard Snart despised, no matter how he heard it.

Barry Allen, a competitive arse who made him lose his job.

Well, not lose it per se, but since they were going for the same promotion, it didn't really matter. He wasn't even a field agent! Thats what they were specifically looking for! It was crazy how someone like him could get the job that was practically made for me!

So maybe he sabotaged a couple of Allen's experiments, but that wasn't the point! Scientists were supposed to know how to put out fires and take down bad guys, no?

Oh, right, they usually don't have the body strength to do it! That was a field agents job! Barry Allen was just a stupid scientist, if there ever was one.

And, he just woke up.

Time to start my plan. Allen won't know what hit him, and this time it won't be lightning.

(Felicity POV)

He's awake. He's okay.

"Oliver?" I asked into my cell phone.

"Felicity, whats up? Are you okay?" I was met with.

Trust Oliver Queen to think I only call him when I'm in distress.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Great, actually. Barry just woke up."

"Oh, thats um… Great Felicity. Really, thats great. Really, really great." Oliver says back.

"Oliver, are you okay? You just used great like five times in less than thirty seconds." I ask, worried about his tone of voice… It was, sad?

No, he can't be sad about Barry waking up. He dislikes the guy, but not enough to make him wish he stayed in a coma for the rest of his life.

"Yeah, no, I'm great." Oliver says… And is that Digg laughing in the background?

"There it is again." I tell him.

"Miss, you can only use a cell phone in the lobby." Some nurse says as she passes me.

"Okay, Oliver, I have to go into an elevator so I might lose you. I'll call you when I get out okay?" I ask him.

"Yeah, no, thats fine." He tells me.

At least he didn't use 'great' again.

I hang up as I walk into an elevator, and press the "lobby" button.

Maybe I can get Barry a stuffed bear or something from the gift shop while I'm down here. Would he like a cookie, I know I hate hospital food.

I get lost in my mind until I get knocked into the ground by some guy who doesn't even apologize, not even thinking of helping me up.

Some pretty red-head sees me get knocked down, and decides to be a good samaritan, and helps me up.

And thats how I met Iris West.