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Platinum sighed loudly during dinner, to which her father took no notice of at first. Her sighing had become common at the table and Mr. Berlitz had stopped paying attention at every sigh. That is, until she continued her sighing, getting louder and louder with each sigh. Eventually, she wasn't even Putting down his silverware, he finally acknowledged her, daring her to sigh again.

She met his dare. Her father's patience had run out.

"What is it this time, my dear?" Her father asked, with a touch of annoyance in his voice. "And do stop that sighing, its childish."

"Father, I have brought this up before, but I would like to ask again. Could you please allow me to attend a private school?" She stared at her plate, preferring to not meet his gaze. Her father's glare could be quite intimidating at times, but Platinum was not going to be swayed this time it was her father who sighed.

"Platinum, I have told you multiple times, countless times! You have the best tutors in the Sinnoh! Why in the world would you want to go to a crowded and filthy school?" Mr. Berlitz was proud of her daughter's academic progress. She was years ahead of what any other girl her age would be usually studying, and it was because of her tutors. He was certainly not about to send her away to some unknown, foreign place. Especially if that place would jeopardize her progress.

"Father, you know it is better to experience things first hand instead of reading or hearing about it." She stopped, before adding, "You of all people should know that. School is a place every ordinary child must go to. While I understand most children complain about going, I am actually quite curious about what it is like and see it as a wonderful opportunity." She also added quickly, "I shall also be attending a private school. It is nothing like a public school." Or so she thought. Platinum had never been to either so she could not be certain.

"I suppose you won't take no for an answer?" Platinum quickly shook her head, crossing her arms for emphasis. "You do realize you will not be able to back out of this even if you come to despise the place." A nod this time. Her father smiled a little at his daughter. He was secretly not expecting her to give this up. "I am guessing I am also correct in that you have already picked out a school?" The girl motioned to a waiting servant who brought forward a packet. Mr. Berlitz took it and quickly looked over the contents. Among them were application forms, a map, and various other informative papers.

"Well…" He started slowly, "I see that it is a very good school... highly prestigious...", after which the girl could only hear snatches of the man's conversation with himself as his voice had dropped to a whisper.

After a long while of waiting in anticipation, he stood up and cleared his voice. "Very well, I give you my permission to go." Platinum almost jumped out of her seat in joy, before her father continued. "However," He paused for dramatic effect. "I do not trust you to go alone."

"Then Diamond and Pearl will go with me." She answered on impulse, fearing her father would send two strangers to watch over her instead.

Mr. Berlitz looked slightly irked at the suggestion. "Those two boys who lied about being your bodyguards? Surely, you could think of someone else? And besides, you have all grown up older. How can I… trust them with my daughter this time?"

"You can trust them Father. Of all people, you should be able to." Platinum smiled softly, remembering the adventure the three of them had went on a few years ago. Her father frowned. "And also, they are my closest companions. I can trust them, and so should you." She had planned to lay on the guilt thickly, as it seemed to help her chances of going. Her guess was correct.

A long pause. Platinum held her breath without even realizing it, excited and scared at what her father's verdict would be.

He finally sighed. "Fine, you may go as long as they go with you." The girl restrained herself from jumping up and laughing. "I expect to receive a letter monthly, of course." He added. Nodding vigorously, she quickly finished dinner and said a swift goodnight to her father.

Before leaving, she could not help herself. "I promise you Father, we shall not get into too much trouble together." She teased.

Mr. Berlitz sent her scurrying through the door with a glare. Motioning to another servant, his glass of wine was refilled. Testing it, he gazed at the scarlet liquid. Smiling to himself, he whispered, "I have a feeling we'll be seeing each other much more often." And with that, he downed the glass.

Pausing on the other side of the door in the hallway, the full weight of what she had said dawned on her. 'How am I going to convince Diamond and Pearl to go? What if they just say no and laugh? They would not do that, would they? What if- no. She shook her head, trying to get rid of the thoughts. Walking to her room, she mumbled to herself.

"I am sure they will agree. They are my friends after all."

Platinum woke early the next day and dressed in her usual attire of a simple white shirt, black vest and pink skirt. The girl walked down the stairs as she struggled to put on her scarf, telling her father as she passed the dining room that she would be back later. All she got in reply was a grunt. Her father was obviously still a bit moody towards her decision. She stopped at the door to type a message into her Pokétch.

"Diamond, I am sorry to bother you, but can you come to Lake Verity as soon as possible?"

Platinum quickly pressed send on her Pokétch and typed another message for Pearl.

Before leaving, she stopped to admire herself in the mirrored door. She had grown more self-conscious of herself, and always caught herself fixing her hair or her clothes when she saw her reflection. It was more a nuisance than anything, but she couldn't help herself.

Satisfied, she walked out of her mansion and on to the road, looking around a bit and frowning. She still had not thought of a way to convince them to go to a school all the way over in Kanto. "I suppose I could always start fake crying if they say no. That always seems to work in those plays." She quickly shook her head as if that could somehow get the negative thoughts out of her head. Reaching into her pack she pulled out a bright red poké ball. In a flash of white light, rapidash was out and ready to go. The girl sighed again.

"I am giving too much thought to this. If they say no, they say no. I cannot force them to go and that is all to it." She jumped on to the horse, who then promptly galloped towards the lake.

"Dia! Wake up already!" Pearl hollered and banged on the door some more, threatening to break it down. "We're going to be late with our meeting with Missy!"

Diamond opened his eyes slowly on her name and fell out of bed. He walked down the stairs, forgetting to change out of his night-clothes and opened the door, met only with laughter from his best friend. He looked down finding he was only in an T-shirt and munchlax boxers. Smiling sleepily, he told Pearl to wait as he went to change.

"Just change fast." Walking as slowly as he could up the stairs, just to irk his best friend, he listened through the open window at Pearl's muttering. He was fairly loud even when he was mumbling. When he came back down to the door, he was in his regular traveling clothes consisting of jeans, a red scarf and a white shirt, covered by a black vest with a gray stripe across the middle.

"So what does Platinum want?" Diamond asked while trying to put on his signature beret, which refused to stay on no matter what.

"I dunno, but we should go now! We don't wanna be late!" Pearl laughed. "You know how Missy gets when things don't go exactly as she planned."

"I guess so-" Pearl promptly cut Diamond off with a "Great!" and proceeded to drag Diamond to Lake Verity.

"I can walk by myself Pearl..." Diamond smiled.

"Yeah, but you don't walk fast enough." His best friend replied. "Which is why I'm forced to drag you. You can thank me later."

There was no one at the lake, given that it was still early in the morning. The bidoof were still sleeping while the occasional starly called out to its mate. Platinum was already there, calmly staring out over the lake and taking in the peaceful atmosphere as she went over various plans to convince them to go if they said no. Most of them coming from books or movies she had read or seen. She could bribe them, or hold a family member or an object of importance as hostage. Although, she wondered how that might affect their friendships. Fake crying was still the best she had, she decided. She was broken out of her train of thought when a voice cut across the silence, startling her a little. Recognizing the voice, she could have sworn that his yell had been so loud that it sent tiny ripples across the lake.

"Good morning, Diamond. Good morning, Pearl." She greeted the two, nodding ever so slightly and giving them a warm smile.

"What's up Missy!" Pearl grinned. Platinum clenched her teeth at the nickname and started back, but decided it was best to ignore it given how much was on the line. "So what did you want to see us for? Did something happen? Did you get robbed? Is Team Galactic back? Are you finally going to pop the question?" Pearl asked before Diamond could greet the girl.

Platinum flinched a little at the sudden bombardment of questions, but regained her composure after a second or two. "No, it is nothing like that. I wanted to ask you a question even more serious than... popping the question? I suppose this is popping a question, in a way."

Pearl looked like he was about to burst from excitement at hearing this. Diamond remained as passive as ever on the outside. On the inside, however, his stomach was a frenzy of beautifly.

Platinum took a deep breath and asked swiftly, "Would you like to attend a private school with me?"

Pearl wore a confused look while Diamond remained apathetic, on the outside of course. Pearl recovered first.

"Come again?"

Platinum repeated her question, earning her more blank stares from the two boys. "I meant, I am heading to a private school in Kanto. And I would happy if you two could go with me..." She mumbled a bit. 'That is it,' she thought 'They are going to say no and I'm never going to be able to go to school.' "Never mind. I am sorry I asked such a stupid question. Please forgive-" Platinum started to apologize when Diamond spoke up.

"So, uh… let me get this straight. You want us to go with you, to a private school?" He said slowly. She merely nodded. "Well, if my mom says it's okay I guess I could go. I mean, if you really want me to go." He blushed. "She always did want me to get more education."

'Yes! Thank you Diamond! Now I just have to convince Pearl to go.' "So, Pearl? Would you like to come with us?" He still had the blank look on his face. "Um, Pearl?" There was still no answer.

"I'll take care of it Missy!" Diamond chirped.

'Again with that nickname…' She clenched her teeth again. Diamond proceeded to lightly slap Pearl repeatedly across the face. He received a punch to the jaw from Pearl in return, who woke up with a start thanks to being slapped repeatedly.

Platinum quickly rushed over to the boy on the ground. "Diamond! Are you alright?" Examining his chin, she frowned slightly. "Your jaw seems to have started to swell. We should get some ice to stop the swelling."

The boy just laughed it off saying he was alright. She held out her hand to help him up, which he took. She thought she could see a slight blush over his face, but dismissed it, thinking it was just turning red from the impact. Pearl however, started to bombard Platinum again with his ramblings and questions.

"Why would you want to go to school? It's horrible! Me and Diamond went to school when we were littler, and it was no fun at all! You had to do useless things like math and read! And the food at the cafeteria, my Arceus, that was terrible. Even Diamond refused to eat it. Also, the teachers are incredibly mean. They think they're all mighty or something and their word is law." He paused for a bit. "Of course, I can't really remember... so what's this school like?"

"I am actually not sure. I can give you the school packet, if you would like.."

"No, that's alright. I'd rather be surprised when we get there. It sounds really fancy. By the way, what about money? Aren't private schools supposed to be super expensive?"

"That is not a problem." Platinum giggled. After agreeing to pay for their tuition, he gave up and decided to go after stating that he didn't trust just the two of them to go alone.

"Thank you two so much! The boat leaves in one week at Canalave city, so be ready by then!" She then gave each of them a hug and a school application and ran off towards Sandgem Town before they could change their minds, calling over her shoulder more thanks. Pearl, noticing the blush on Diamond's face, started to tease the poor boy about his crush.

He smirked, "I bet you just wanted to be with her, didn't you? That's why you agreed to go."

"What? No! I mean..." Diamond stuttered. "We're her friends. We should be there for her when she needs us most, right? Besides, we can only benefit from this. And there's gonna be free food!"

"Yeah, I guess so. Anyway, race you back to Twinleaf Town!" Pearl sped off along the trail while Diamond walked, smiling to himself as he thought about what had just happened. Looking around at the forest surrounding him, he sighed a bit.

"I suppose I won't see this place for a while after we leave. No more naps or picnics by the lake... I hope they have a lake there." The boy continued walking towards town, filling his head with all the adventures he could have at school.

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