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"Mm..." Platinum rolled around in her bed, trying to fall back asleep. She had woken up around ten minutes ago, but had still refused to open up her eyes. They had gotten back at midnight, and she was dead tired. Trying for another ten minutes, she finally stretched and sat up, rubbing her eyes. Curious about the time, she looked over at her clock. "One thirty-seven..." She mumbled. She had missed breakfast and lunch. Yawning again, she got up and walked to her bathroom. Turning on the water in the shower, she looked in the mirror, and almost started to laugh at how her hair looked. A few strands did a strange loop over her head while others stood straight out. She had not bothered to brush and put it up before heading to bed last night. Twenty minutes later, she stepped out of the shower and turned off the water. Wrapping a towel around her, she started to brush her hair slowly and methodically. After getting dressed she headed downstairs to see Ruby and Sapphire bickering. Again.

"What do you mean by that?"

"What do you think I mean? It can only mean one thing!"

"What are you guys arguing about?" Platinum yawned again. Both of the Hoenn trainers glared at each other, before Ruby explained.

"This barbarian here-" He started.

"I told you not to call me that!" Sapphire screeched, while Ruby ignored it.

"Ruined the perfect dress I made for her."

"Because that dress was hideous!"

Ruby sputtered. "H-hideous? The only thing hideous about it was the person-"

"Don't you dare finish that sentence!" Sapphire warned.

"Fine." He muttered something under his breath, not quite audible.

"Are you guys going to the dance together?"

They both seemed to blush a bit at this before Sapphire spoke. "Yeah, but it's not like I wanna go with him! I just couldn't find anyone else."

"You mean everyone else got scared and ran away." The boy snorted, before Sapphire began to throttle him.

"Die!" She screamed, while mauling the poor boy. Platinum just watched before walking into the kitchen and acting as if nothing had just happened. Grabbing a couple of apples, she sat down at the table with Crystal and Silver.

"Good morning you two." She greeted.

Crystal giggled, while Silver smiled a little. "It's already two thirty Platinum."

"Oh... right." The girl laughed a little to cover her embarrassment. "Wait! Crystal!" Platinum screamed

The older girl looked a little shocked at her yell. "W-what's wrong?"

"I never got a chance to really teach you how to dance!" Platinum said frantically. She had spent the past few days working on homework and daydreaming about the dance that she had really only spent a few hours teaching Crystal. "I am so sorry, please forgive me."

Crystal laughed a little. "Oh, I'll pull through with the basics you've taught me. I doubt Gold will want to dance anyway, considering he can't dance either."

"Right." Platinum giggled nervously, before turning to Silver. "So, Silver. Are you going to the dance with anyone?"

The red headed boy shook his head. "Dances are stupid."

"It's because he never gets a date." Crystal teased.

"That too. Most of the girls here are crazy." Silver replied, motioning with his hand to the room where Sapphire was beating Ruby.

Crystal laughed. "Just don't tell that to her face."

Silver rolled his eyes. "Whatever. The only reason I would go to the dance would be because of-"

Crystal pointed out the window. "Hey! They're back!"

"Never mind." Silver sighed, as the Kanto trainers opened the door. At the same time, Sapphire and Ruby both walked into the kitchen, scowling at each other.

"We're back!" Blue announced.

Red laughed. "Sorry we're late. We wanted to pick up a few things from the school."

Crystal nodded. "Right. Well, where's Gold?"

"We ditched him." Green smirked. "We couldn't stand being with him any longer."

Just as Green said that, Gold walked in with mud all over him and a bruise forming on his forehead. "Jerks. Thanks for ditching me!" He spat.

"Well that's what you get for teasing Blue." Red smiled, patting the boy on the back.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm gonna go take a shower." He sauntered into the parlor, heavy footsteps resounding through the house as he headed upstairs.

Yellow turned to Crystal and Platinum. "Hey, you guys! We should go start getting ready too!" The two girls nodded and went up the opposite stairs as Gold, following Yellow to Platinum's room.

Blue turned to Diamond. "Here, Dia. Come with me so we can get you ready for your date with Platinum."

Diamond flushed. "D-date?" Blue nodded, and proceeded to drag the boy up to her room.

Green raised an eyebrow. "They need two hours to get ready?"

Shrugging, Ruby stood up and brushed himself off. "I know I'll need two hours to get her ready." He said while jabbing a finger at Sapphire. She rolled her eyes and ran to her room with Ruby close behind. Red sighed.

"So what do we do for an hour?"

Green smirked again, pulling out a pokéball. "Two on Two?"

Red smiled. "You're on."

Platinum giggled at the sight of her friend. "Wow Yellow. Green is a pretty lucky man."

Yellow blushed at the compliment. "You think so? I don't know, this dress feels weird. And I usually don't have my hair down like this." She shook her head side to side, letting her hair swish back and forth a bit. She had on the simple pale yellow dress Blue had bought her, coupled with a shiny silver bracelet on each wrist that Platinum had let her borrow.

"You look fine Yellow." Crystal reassured. "At least you wont trip on yours." Crystal had already changed into her dress, but to her horror found it was even longer then she had expected it to be. It reached down to her feet, with her toes barely peeking out from under the dress.

Yellow laughed a bit. "Don't worry, you'll be wearing high heels."

Crystal rolled her eyes. "Great."

"Ouch! Stupid brush!" Platinum gave the brush a death glare before tossing it on to her bed. "Hmm... should I keep my hair down? Or tie it up?"

Yellow walked over and pulled Platinum's hair into a low ponytail. Looking at it in the mirror she let it down, then collected it again. After a minute, Platinum started to fidget a little. Yellow finally laughed and tied her hair into a low ponytail with a silver ribbon, leaving a few strands to frame her face. "It's better with the ponytail."

"Thanks." Platinum smiled.

"We should start heading down. It's almost five." Crystal said.

"I thought it does not start until six?" Platinum said as they carefully walked down the hallway.

"Yes, but it takes awhile to walk there. Especially in heels..." She groaned. Losing her balance for a second, Crystal held onto the wall for support.

Yellow smiled and looked down at her feet. "Good thing I'm wearing flats." As they passed Blue's room, they could hear her hysterical screaming along with Diamond's cries of pain. Platinum winced every time Diamond yelled.

"It wont freaking stay down!" Blue screamed as she frantically ripped the brush through Diamond's hair.

"Ow. Blue? Can you, ow. Please not brush, ow! So hard? Ow!" Diamond was on the verge of crying.

Huffing, Blue ran the brush through Diamonds hair one more time. "I would, but your hair won't stay down!"

"I'll go with it sticking up-"

"No! Everything has to be perfect for you guys! I mean, we got you into the suit right? Brushing your hair should be nothing!" With that last sentence, she pulled the brush harder than ever before.

"Huh, thanks Blue." He felt he should be slightly offended at that comment, but shrugged it off.

Blue smiled. "No problem! Now, stay down hair!"


Ten to Five, everyone excluding Blue and Diamond were down in the living room, waiting. Yellow and Platinum were talking on a couch, Gold and Crystal were watching Ruby and Sapphire argue, Green was staring at Yellow while Red was waiting for Blue. After five more minutes, Blue finally walked down the stairs with Diamond. She wore her very short dress, while Diamond had on a plain gray suit. Red stared at Blue, his mouth slightly open. Gold had started to stare too until Crystal saw him and slapped him on the back of his head, knocking his hat off. He had agreed to put on a suit, but refused to leave his hat.

Blue quickly bounded over to Red, wrapping her arms around him. "Everyone ready?" They all double checked that they didn't forget anything, and left the house, heading for the main building. Crystal and Platinum lagged behind, not used to walking so far in high heels. Diamond had offered to carry Platinum, but she had refused, telling him not to worry about her.

"Ugh! This dress is too long." Crystal grumbled. "And I hate these high heels!"

"They are hard to walk in. Oh!" She had almost tripped before Crystal caught her. Thanking her, she took out a pokéball. "Come on out Rapidash." The horse appeared in a flash of light and bent down, allowing the girl to climb up. After helping her senior up, they set of at a brisk trot to catch up to their friends.

"Ahh. This is so much nicer than walking." The older girl sighed. Gold saw them and started to tease her about not being able to walk, until he got a swift kick to the head. "Idiot... at least these shoes are good for something." she muttered. Platinum stifled a laugh. After half an hour of walking, they reached the hall where the dance was. Recalling her pokémon, the girls walked to join their friends who were already inside. Inside, they met a sight. There was a complicated crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The center of the room was slightly lowered into a sort of pit, where other students were dancing and mingling. Around the pit were masses of chairs and tables, each with a letter and a number on them. Platinum shuddered and grabbed on to Diamond's arm, not wanted to get lost in the crowd. The boy blushed a little but hid it pretty well from her.

"Huh, there are more people here then last year!" Blue laughed. "Perfect, this dance will be more fun that way."

After finding their table, the boys went off to get dinner for their partners, leaving them to gossip.

"So, see any of the teachers?" Crystal asked.

Yellow scanned the dance, looking for familiar faces. "I don't see anyone. Oh, there's Mr. Surge and Ms. Sabrina... Dancing?"

Blue looked shocked. "So they are going out!"

"You knew?" Sapphire looked confused.

Blue shook her head. "No, but I had a guess something was going on. Still, isn't he like seven years older? Talk about creepy."

"Maybe she likes those older men?" Sapphire giggled, before long the whole table was laughing. After a few more minutes, the boys returned with the food and they started to eat. Platinum noticed that instead of devouring everything, Diamond had stuck with using a fork, and even though he still ate a lot, she was happy he was minding his manners in front of her to impress her. The same could not be said for Sapphire and Gold. Crystal had to constantly slap Gold on the back, to prevent him from choking, while Sapphire had taken to throwing things at Ruby when he tried to tell her to slow down. Platinum shifted her chair farther away from Ruby, so as to no get caught in the crossfire.

"Phew, that was pretty good." Blue stretched a bit before standing up. Grabbing Red's hand, she dragged him into the pit forcing him to dance. Green simply held out his hand to Yellow, who took it while blushing, and led her to the center for a dance. Sapphire refused to dance with Ruby, no matter how much he begged. So they ended up sitting there with Sapphire still eating while Ruby glared at her.

"So Super Serious Gal, let's dance!"

"W-what? Dance?" Crystal looked shocked. She was not expecting Gold to ask her to dance. "Why would you want to dance?"

"Uh, because we're at a dance? We dance at dances?"

"Right... but I can't... I mean I have to um... It's these high heels."

Gold smirked. "You can't dance?"

"I can! I just don't like to."

"Huh." Gold's face turned neutral for a second, before his grin came back. He quickly grabbed Crystal's wrist and walked to the dance floor, tugging her along. She desperately looked back at Platinum and mouthed "Help me" before getting lost in the crowd. Giggling, the girl stood up and looked at her friend.

"Would you like to dance?"

Diamond's face turned bright red and hesitated a bit before he accepted her hand and stood up. He had never really learned to dance, but he could follow what everyone else was doing.

Platinum laughed. "I thought you said you had never danced before."

Diamond smiled sheepishly. "I haven't. I'm not terrible, am I?"

"Of course not, you are actually pretty good." She replied. Sure, he had stepped on her feet a few times, and he was off beat a bit, but he wasn't terrible. At least he was doing better than Crystal. The girl had looked at her seniors and saw that Gold was in pain while Crystal's face was red with embarrassment, and looking down. It took all her willpower not to laugh at that moment. The music had stopped and now turned slow, much to Platinum's horror. She had always wanted a slow dance, but not now. She had no idea how to slow dance. The panic was mutual on both their faces.

"So, you want to try or quit?" Diamond smiled.

Platinum bit her bottom lip and looked around. Most people had stayed on, so they would not be seen by too many people. "We could... try."

"Alright. But, what do we do?"

Platinum giggled. "I have no idea."

"We could watch the other people?" Diamond suggested.

"Alright Diamond. So, it looks like I put my arms here. And you put your arms there. Then you... too low Diamond! Put your arms around me right here."

"Ah! Sorry!" After a few seconds, they got into a place that looked somewhat like everyone else. Diamond blinked. "This is... weird."

Platinum rested her head on Diamond's chest like all the other girls were doing. "It is pretty comfortable."

"For you at least."

The girl just giggled. "So now we just sway back and forth?"

"I think so."

After a few more moments, Platinum spoke again. "Huh, this is easier than I thought it would be."

"How hard did you think it would be?" Diamond smiled comfortably.

"A lot harder." Her voice muffled, as she pressed closer to the boy. His face had turned a very deep red, but he still refused to let that ruin this moment. Despite the looks some of the people were giving them, he just tightened his grip, ignoring their looks. A few meters away, he saw Blue and Red flash him some thumbs up, while Crystal smiled and Gold smirked, before being replaced by a pained expression. A few minutes later, the song was over. Platinum lifted her head from Diamond's chest with a strange look in her eyes. They smiled at each other before loosening their grip and walking back to their table. By now, most of the others had gotten back. Platinum was talking excitedly with Yellow and Crystal while he just rested. He wished Pearl had come, so he would have someone to talk to. But apparently, he had not found a date and couldn't come.

Suddenly, the building shook. Diamond and Platinum started to panic, wondering why everyone looked so calm while the building was shaking. They looked in the middle to see the pit getting deeper and deeper. They soon realized the pit wasn't getting deeper, but the outsides were getting taller. Now that everyone was off though, the center looked a lot like a pokémon field.

Platinum turned to her friends. "What is going on?"

Crystal laughed. "Well, like most dances, there's a king and queen."

Yellow giggled with her junior. "But the way it's chosen isn't by a vote. We have a double battle tournament!"

The girl turned back to the field. "So, we have to battle?"

Gold cut in before Crystal could speak. "Yep! But so far, Red and Blue have won it for the past three years! Nobody else has any chance." He rolled his eyes at this.

"It's more for fun though since most people here aren't very good battlers."

"I see. How do we take part?"

Blue waved her hand. "Don't worry. We already signed you and Dia up before the dance."

Red hushed everyone. "Shh! They're telling who's fighting first!" Green and Blue rolled their eyes. A screen above the entry door lit up. Their were two picture frames on each side of it, with a tournament bracket below. Pictures flashed by before stopping on the first battlers. Platinum's eyes lit up. She and Diamond were fighting in the first round. Jumping up, she grabbed her friend and rushed down to the field. They waited for their opponents and the referee to show up. Yellow, Blue, Gold and Crystal shouted encouragement, while Red groaned at not battling first.

"All right. Are you ready Diamond?"

The boy looked a little uncertain. "I guess."

"Are both sides ready? This will be a two on two battle with each trainer using one pokémon! The first side to knock out both of their opponents pokémon,wins! Begin!"

"Let's go! Empoleon!"

"Go, Tru!"

The pokémon appeared from their pokéballs, glaring at their opponents. There opponents had chosen a kadabra and a cloyster. "All right Empoleon! Let's start with Water Pulse!" The Water type charged up a ball of water, before throwing it at their opponents. The trainers commanded Kadabra to hide behind Cloyster while it used Withdraw. The ball of water splashed harmlessly off the shell, appearing to do nothing.

"Cloyster, Pin Missile!" Cloyster began to aim at their opponents, before turning on its partner and shooting the needles at it. The trainers started to panic, not realizing the pokémon was in a state of confusion.

"Alright Tru, Razor Leaf!" The Grass type shot a flurry of leaves at Kadabra. The leaves and needles proved to much for the pokemon to handle and collapsed before long. "Good job Tru!"

"Shoot! Kadabra, Return!" The trainer looked sadly at her pokémon before turning to her partner, apologizing and wishing him good luck.

"Dang it, Cloyster! Snap out of it!"

"Empoleon, Bubble!" A stream of bubbles shot from the penguin's mouth, heading straight for the opponent.

"Counter it with Icicle Spear!" Snapping out of its confusion, the cloyster launched a flurry of icicles. The icicles pierced through the bubbles, hitting Empoleon and making it stagger back. "Great! Follow it up with Clamp!" Cloyster charged, preparing to clamp down on Empoleon.

"Jump in front of Empoleon and use Withdraw!" Tru complied and withdrew into it's shell after hopping in front of Empoleon, blocking the attack. The enemy shot back, preparing for its next attack. Platinum breathed in relief, thanking her friend.

"Right! Let us finish this Diamond! Empoleon, use Aqua Jet!"

"Okay! Tru, Wood Hammer!"

Empoleon surrounded itself with water, before charging at its opponent while Tru was not far behind, running as fast as it could to keep up. The Aqua Jet hit first, pushing the Cloyster back and forcing it's shell to open, before Tru slammed into it with its tree, throwing it into the air. The joint attacks knocked the pokémon out before it hit the ground. The trainer returned his pokémon before looking at his date apologetically and walking off. Platinum, in her excitement, hugged Diamond without realizing it. This time however, the boy hugged back while their friends cheered them on.

"That was so much fun! Maybe we will be able to reach the finals!" Platinum yelled, amidst the cheering.

"I'm sure we have a chance." He smiled back, while they walked to their table. Yellow and Crystal were the first to congratulate them, telling them they could go all the way to the finals.

Red silenced them again. The second round was about to begin, and he really wanted to fight. The next fighter appeared on-screen, accompanied by Red's groans. Gold and Crystal were next. Platinum laughed as the girl threatened her partner not to 'screw things up'. She already couldn't wait for her next battle.

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