Hey everyone

It's just me today…err…tonight

Just learned the my Great Grandma died big shock for us all

Especially my mother seeing as it was her grandmother

Please excuse any mistakes in this seeing as I'm not the best at writing songs/poems and I'm trying not to cry

I remember long ago (1)

When I was so young

When I first saw you I wasn't sure what to do

You guided me with open arms

Even when you weren't there

You were a Bird ready to tell a tale of long ago

You always missed me and reminded again and again

That you were there and to never forget who you are

I remember long ago (2)

When you held me in your arms

And tell a tale of mommy when she was young

Now I've grown with a family of my own

But to this day I never forgot

I came when she was young

I came when he was young

Children say hello

To your Great Grandmother

I remember long ago (3)

When we came to see you again

We had to wind our way through the maze of the nursing home

You would always be nice and kind

You didn't always have gifts for us

Like the others did

But for some reason

I never truly cared

So when you did

Even if it was just Oreo's

I always accepted with the same kindness you showed me

You've lived long with a life to treat you kind

Now so close to 95

Just a little longer

But you're no longer bound to Earth

Instead you watch over your family from the heavens above

We will always miss you

So now go and rest knowing you lived your life long

Knowing we always loved you

And knowing you will not be forgotten for as long as I live

And so on and so on

Well thanks everyone

This is exactly a week from before I leave for Pennsylvania

Where the majority of my family lives

Im sure you noticed the numbers next to

'I remember long ago'

The 3rd one is centered on me the first two on my mother

And seeing as I don't know how she met her grandmother and how she lived her life

I just winged

So thanks to all those who have read this it means a lot to me

Once again thank you