The avian paused what he was doing and looked up at the sound of his name. When he saw nothing in front of him, he tilted his head up and into the skies. He was met with a multitude of colours, all of them - Kuroko had made sure to check an art book - corresponded with the colours of the rainbow.

"Hai?" The blue haired boy asked hesitantly at the group, pausing in putting his shoes on.

"Are you ready?" Aomine's voice floated down to him from where he hovered, a large grin on his face.

"I am having a tough time with the costume." Kuroko responded, trying again to pull on the ridiculous costume the school had supplied them in order to fit the theme of 'Freedom'.

The so called 'costume' was all white, and consisted of thin cloth shoes, loose pants that had swirling patterns of wind on them and an almost see-through long sleeved shirt that was open backed and had tons of ribbons meant to crisscross over each other to hold the piece of cloth together.

The Generation of Miracles lighted down and stood behind the tanned teen.

Midorima scowled. He was a stickler when it came to punctuality. "Hurry up, nanodayo. The program will start in less than half an hour. We do not want to be late."

"Daiki, help Tetsuya get his costume on. If we are not there on time it will reflect badly on us." The red haired captain ordered, making the other avians jump at the tone. It was borderline irritated.

"Okay, okay! Tetsu, turn around!" The tanned male placed heavy hands on the smaller's shoulders and spun him around, grabbing the flimsy material and shoving it over Kuroko's head, making sure to lace up the back of the shirt.

"I don't like this. You can see through the shirt." Kuroko said in his usual deadpan manner as he fingered the cloth.

"Never mind that, it's not like anyone sees you anyway." Aomine retorted.

Kuroko paused. It was true. But then again, many eyes would see him in the Flight of the Early Bird. He was the 'Honey Pot' after all.

Kuroko sighed in submission. There was no way he could get out of this competition. It was requested by the school that the GOM participate in the school's annual opening round for the spring festival. It was always during this time that they wanted to impress the new comers and coerce them into transferring into this school after finishing elementary.

Akashi, as always, had agreed when he figured it would do them good to spread their name, even after having won the championship Avigation Games twice consecutively. This year, the winter Championship Avigation Games would be their last time before heading out to high school.

Kuroko sighed again and looked down at his costume before stepping out of the shade of the large oak he was dressing under. He watched as Akashi nodded in satisfaction and took off towards the school's specialized arena, the rest of the group except Aomine follwing.

Teiko Gakuen was a large school that focused on the special flying abilities of individuals and therefore had large faculties that contributed to training the best flyers. The school made a name for themselves by getting into the championship finals every year before winning it twice with the Generation of Miracles.

Kuroko was actually lucky he had even managed to make it in. Only those that had amazing potential were accepted here. He had close to none.

Aomine glanced towards Kuroko, managing to catch the downcast eyes looking over his shoulder at the small wings that sprouted in between his shoulder blades.

"Tetsu," Aomine called out. Grabbing his friend's attention, he leaned in and gave a small peck on the avain's lips.

"I promised didn't I? That I would be there for you."

The other looked at him with passive blue eyes, slowly reaching up and winding his arms around Aomine's neck. Pulling him down so that they were at eye level, the bluenette unleashed a small smile that had Aomine's stomach reeling with butterflies and twisted into painful knots.

"Damn, Tetsu. No wonder you're called Butterfly Wings. I feel like I just got slapped with one." He muttered.

The pale teen's smile quickly turned into a half-smirk and he tilted his body towards his friend's before lightly trailing his lips against the smooth skin of Aomine's neck, relishing the shiver that ran down the other's body.

"Please call me the Phantom, Aomine-kun," Kuroko shot back. "I dislike being called something so girly sounding."

Aomine gave him an interested grin. "What's wrong with being a little girly? Satsuki's a girl and she's got a dozen titles."

"You mean like Cherry Twister, or sometimes even Love Arrow? I find those titles are not suited to Momoi-san."

"No, I mean the cool ones like Analyst or Spy Heart... Whatever those mean."

Kuroko hummed in response and closed his eyes, savoring the few and in between moments when he could act like this without restraint. He never had to remain impassive. He could say what he needed to, and he wouldn't be judged as out of character.


Kuroko's eyes fluttered open and he looked up to Aomine's face.

"We gotta go now. Akashi's going to kill us you know? We only have a few minutes left. Damn, if we fly at your pace, we're not gonna make it for the opening performance."

"Then carry me."


"On that day, you promised you would carry me, right?"

Aomine's eyes widened at the memory and a grin split suddenly on his face. He gathered the smaller avian into his arms and pushed off the ground, his large wings beating in large pulses to create a downward draft to push them upwards.

Stretching his wings to their full span, he raced through the open air towards the stadium's arena. Chuckling, Aomine whispered his response.

"Yeah, I did."