Disclaimer: I own nothing about these people's lives, the fact that The Sound of Music is already mostly fiction makes it so I do not feel bad about doing this. I do not own, nor wish to own The Sound of Music rights, even though the music is quite enjoyable. I'm not trying to make the people whose lives this is based on seem insignificant or the hardship they went through any less important. But the fact remains that The Sound of Music, is naught but a very, very loosely based story that makes a fantastic musical.

Interpretation: Partially script based, movie based, director conversation based, with a little bit of research thrown in.

A/N: As far as I know the mother died 4 years prior to the play. Making Gretl effectively around 1 when she died.

Gretl (Age 5)

Gretl ran through the dark to the other side of their shared room and jumped into the bed. She had known that Liesl wasn't there but she had reacted out of habit. She had never known any other mother figure besides her sister. She never felt as though she needed one either. Her sister was her caretaker, the one that kept the family from falling apart. She barely knew her father and all the other governesses were always occupied with her older brothers and sisters.

No one seemed to have the time to spare for her, except for Liesl, and on some occasions Friedrich or Kurt. But it was always Liesl who cared for her. Her sister held her hand when she was nervous, hugged her when she cried, cared for her when she was sick, carried her when she was tired, taught her the alphabet, scolded her when she was bad, and praised her when she had done something good. So Gretl, despite never knowing her mother, had never felt deprived of a mother's warmth.

Gretl had one memory of her mother, if it truely was one and not a dream, of a warm voice singing her to sleep. There was never a face, but she could remember if she closed her eyes and concentrated the sound of voice that was similar and yet different from her sister's. Once in a while she wondered, as young kids sometimes do, what her mother was like. Her father had removed all reminders of her. But she couldn't even imagine a world without Liesl caring for her.

The lightning flashed and Gretl buried herself under the covers. Please, please let Liesl come back soon, she prayed. The dark seemed to be closing in and it was getting scary.

"Liesl," she tried to call for her sister, but it only came out as a terrified squeak as the lighting traced across the sky and the thunder shook the windows. The next bout of thunder and lightning drove her from Liesl's bed to the next safe place she could think of.

Maria's bedroom.