The necromancer

This is what I have become from lord of mordor to nothing but a shadow but I know that my one ring is still out there, but I fear that even with the witch king released from angmar's grave I am not strong enough to face olorin and curinir in battle but my return to mordor is soon. Azog resurrected but he insists on his pointless quest to kill thorin oakenshield but this may work to my advantage for their will be less strength in the north without the dwarves reclaiming the lonely mountain. Smaug will serve me I can promise him all the gold in middle earth and he will follow. The white city shall crumble; the heir of the throne of gondor shall be the base of my throne. And I shall return! I shall be the Ruler of all! I shall rise again and I Sauron gauthaur shall be the dark ruler of all of Middle earth! This is only the beginning!