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It was the first week of her Sophomore year at Maxville University and Layla Williams was excited for the start of a new semester.

Freshman year of college had been an eye opening experience for her, being someone whose naivete only slightly diminished throughout

high school. It was her first time living away from home and she got a sense of what it would be like to be an adult- taking care of

herself and making her own decisions. She also had to get used to living in her dorm with two total strangers. Kylie and Jane were

decent roommates who eventually turned into friends, even if Kylie's almost constant cheerleading practices drove Layla nuts. Yes,

freshman year taught Layla lots of new things- like if Jane's red bandanna was tied around the doorknob of their dorm room, Layla

learned that was a symbol that meant: Do Not Enter or else you may see something you definitely do not want to see. So this year

Layla felt way more prepared, confident and excited, especially now that she got to room with Magenta.

" Maj, you're dropping your end! I can't lift this by myself you know." Layla said as seat beaded on her forehead.

"Uh, maybe somebody should call their super strong boyfriend to help them carry this desk then."

Layla narrowed her eyes at her friend just wanting to get this over with already.

"We're almost there, you can have a break when we get to the lobby." Layla panted.

Layla was super excited about the vintage desk she found at a yard sale not far from Harland Hall. She went on excitingly

about the workmanship and the history the desk had seen- she had found an old love letter in one of the drawers- until she convinced

Magenta how great it would look in their room. Of course she had to also convince her to carry it all the way home. Finally they got the

flaking turquoise painted wood piece into the elevator and into their room.

" No really, I mean what good is it to have your man be able to fly and be super strong if he can't move furniture for you?" Magenta


"Shhh! Maj, what if someone hears you?"

Magenta cocked an eyebrow ." Uh, the door's closed."

" Still..." Layla's lips curved slightly. " Okay I know, I'm a bit's just that since Will is now officially working as a

hero...well, protecting his identity is important."

"Believe me Lay, I know how important it is to keep our powers a secret. I don't want anyone to know that I can turn into a guinea pig,

I'd probably never get asked on a date again!" Magenta batted her eyelashes.

"Haha." Layla deadpanned then giggled outright.

"Layla, your phone is buzzing."

Layla rolled to the edge of her bed to grab her cell. She slid her finger against the screen to pick up the call.


"Hey Layla."

"Are you safe, are you okay? How are you?"

Will laughed " I'm safe, I'm fine. Actually I'm better than fine. We just stopped a big threat, I mean you know we're not allowed to get

into details, but Lay, it was intense! And after it was over I just got this rush and thought 'wow I really am saving the world'.

"That's sound happy, Will."

"I am, but I also have got some maybe not so good news..."

"What is it?" Layla held her breath

"I'm not going to be home for another couple of weeks, I've got another assignment, babe."

Layla deflated "Oh."

"I'm sorry. There's just so much going on, and they really need me here, ya know?"

"Yeah, it's just.. No, I mean of course I get it, you're doing important stuff, I just... I guess I just miss you is all."

"I miss you too. You're the best, babe, but listen, I gotta go there's a briefing in five."

"Okay. Stay safe Will."

"You know it, Love you, babe"

" Me too."

Layla hit end and put her phone down on the bed and rolled onto her stomach.

Magenta's voice broke the silence. " Why didn't you tell him about your new desk?"

"He didn't ask."

Warren and Zach's two bedroom apartment was only a few block from campus. They shared the place that was on the third floor of a

four floor walk-up. Neither of them had to worry too much about rent because the building was owned by Zach's father who only

charged them for utilities. They'd furnished the place with used stuff they found on Craigslist and had ended up with some decent

pieces . Warren was sitting on their gray Ikea couch and trying to figure out why it cost $65 to just rent the textbook for his gender

studies class. Meanwhile, Zach was rambling on about all the back to school parties he just had to go to, and how he was a sophomore and

maybe now he'd be able to get a really hot freshman girl to hook up with him.

"...because dude, girls love Blonde guys, just look at Brad Pitt."

"Maybe I can just share Layla's book." Warren muttered.


"Nothing. Here's the thing, Glowstick, getting a girl has got nothing to do with being a sophomore... or being..blonde" Warren rolled his

eyes "you just need to relax, you're way too hyped up for any chick to take you seriously. Chill out, take it down a notch. Got it?"

"Totally! Just play it smoooooooth." Zach popped the collar on his polo shirt.

Warren ran his hand through his hair. "I need my own place."

" Okay so which party should we go to tonight?" Zach thumbed through the fliers he had ripped off the bulletin boards in the quad. "

There's the one at Ki Epselon Omega-"

" I said I'd go to a party with you, but it won't be a fucking frat party."

" Well, Ted is having a party on his floor at Gilford Hall."

"Ted's your friend who always wears plaid?"

Zach nodded.

"Ted's alright."

Zach beamed. " Great! I'll call Magenta and let her know what time she and Layla should meet us."

"Jesus Zach, if you're going to meet girls, maybe it's not such a good idea to invite your ex-girlfriend?"

Zach gave Warren a blank look. Warren gave up.

"Just tell them to meet us there at 9."