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1. Let's Play Hooky

Ring, Ring.

The nicely folded pile of clothes in my hands slipped from my fingers and settled on the floor while I leapt across my bedroom; I grabbed for my phone as it continued to ring on my bedside table. The rest of my family was most likely still waking up, and the last thing I needed were grumpy younger siblings and peeved-off parents. I landed stretched out on my bed, finally able to grab a hold of the blue plastic receiver on the fifth ring. Before I could question who was calling so early, a voice said,

" You usually pick up on the seventh ring. I'm impressed, Rae." The person who the voice belonged to was clearly smirking and I'd already known who it was the moment he'd spoken the first word. It was my life long best friend and the notorious Ferris Bueller.

" Why are you calling me at six in the morning Ferris? You know how my family is in the morning! Do you need a ride to school or something? 'Cause I'll probably let you stand on the street corner because you're already making me late," I told him in a quiet and tired voice, curling my finger into the phone wire. Ferris chuckled and I could hear music playing softly in the background.

" Oh, Rae… sweet, dear, Rae. Have you looked outside today? You obviously haven't. So, go to the window, go on, do it." Sighing, I rolled my eyes and didn't move an inch. " I don't hear movement…" His voice had turned sing-songy.

" Screw you, Bueller…" I gathered up what strength I had that morning and made myself stand and shuffle to the window. Holding the phone receiver between my shoulder and my cheek, I tugged my curtains open, squinting in the sudden sunlight. After being momentarily blinded, I blinked to clear my vision and peered outside into my yard.

" Now do you see what I mean?" Ferris' voice inquired.

And, honestly, I did see what he meant. The sunlight was warm on my face and was glinting off the dewy grass below; the perfect amount of clouds lazily crept across the sheet of blue sky, allowing pleasant spots of shade to pass over every now and again. Birds chirped cheerfully and squirrels scuttled into the branches of trees. Sighing, I leaned against my windowpane and felt something wither inside of me-of course the perfect day was a school day.

" Yeah. Yeah, I do. But what does this excruciatingly nice weather have to do with why you called me?" I asked as I bent down to pick up my pile of dropped clothes. Ferris' voice chuckled in my ear from across the line and I could hear him tap on what was presumably his window.

" Everything, Raelyn. Everything. I'm taking the day off. I thought you might like to join me."

I froze half way to my bed. It was for this exact reason Ferris was notorious. He could fake illness the way a Broadway singer could belt out a song. He'd take days off every here and there just because he could and because he wanted to. Needless to say, the principle, Rooney, had it out for him. But Ferris had some how managed to rope me into his little day-off schemes a few times before and, to my amazement, didn't get us caught. Most kids would worry about their parents finding out about their hooky days, and I understood that fear. While most of the days off Ferris dragged me off were fun, my parents wouldn't have taken too kindly to finding out I was skipping school. They were workaholics, but they weren't stupid.

" You aren't serious are you?" I asked. My fingers curled into the sweater in my hands, which was far too thick for how warm it probably was.

" Serious as a heart attack. Besides, I called you Raelyn, that usually means business, right?" Ferris scoffed as if I were the insane one. It was true though; everyone I knew, besides teachers maybe, called me Rae, and only said my full name, Raelyn, should I get in trouble or if the situation was serious. " So. The day off. How 'bout it?"

" No, Ferris. We have a test on European Socialism, remember?" I pointed out, voice trembling slightly as I glanced out the window again. It was awfully tempting… the day was absolutely perfect and to be kept inside was a sin.

" I know, yet another reason to skip. Besides, I can hear the doubt in your voice. How many times have I asked you to skip with me?"

" Ten!"

" How many times have you actually done it?" I paused.

" Five…"

" And, Rae, how many times did you have fun?"

" Three."

" Well there's your proof-wait, three!?" Ferris sputtered.

" One time you rammed my head into a wall after tackling me to give you a Coke and the other time was when I was actually sick."

" Besides those two times, you did have fun though. So, get your parents to let you stay home sick and come over! Today's gonna be big I can just feel it! We'll do everything and anything! Please, Rae?" His voice had turned pleading, the exact way it did when he gave that adorably childish pout he'd mastered at age six. I sighed and sat on the edge of my mattress, rubbing my eyes. A part of me screamed 'absolutely not' and the other part chanted 'Do it!' Well…

What the Hell?

Smiling a bit, I shook my head as I replied.

" Alright, fine. I'll try. This is why we're friends though; if I get caught, you're going down with me," I scolded, tossing my clothes into the piled up laundry hamper in the corner. A victorious laugh assaulted my ear.

" Yes! Rae, we won't get caught, I swear! Today will be big, I promise! So, remember what I told you about pretending to be sick and once you get your parents and siblings off your back, get your ass over to my house!"

The receiver clicked on the other end and I hung up. Then, the rational bit of my head asked what the hell I was doing. And, at that moment, even I wasn't sure. So, grabbing the glass of water on my bedside table, I took the hem of my shirt and wet it a bit; I gently spotted it on my forehead to just give it a bit of sheen and then flopped down back into bed, curling up with the blankets to my chin. Clearing my throat once, I let out a loud cough and clenched my eyes shut. As I heard footsteps climbing the stairs, I rubbed my hands together furiously under my blankets.


" Honey?" came my mother's quiet voice. I slowly opened my eyes with a creased forehead and a squinted expression.

" Hey, Mom…" I muttered, rolling onto my other side to face her. A concerned look crossed her face as she came to sit on the edge of my bed.

" Are you feeling alright, Raelyn?"

" Not really." I lifted my warmed hands to my face, curling up as I coughed into them and, as Ferris so pleasantly taught me, I licked my palms.

" Is it your stomach?" she asked.

" Mm-hmm… and my head… it's pounding and… why is so… hot in here?" For good measure, I coughed into my pillow. Shifting 'uncomfortably' under my blankets, I groaned—I didn't get sick often, so this would hopefully work. My Mother's cool hand pressed to my forehead and I slowly placed my own on her wrist. She gave a disapproving cluck of her tongue, her pale green eyes worried.

" Darling, you're sweating... and your hands are clammy… You're staying home, young lady. Now, I thought I heard something was going around…" she murmured, standing with her hands on her skirt clad hips.

" But… Mom, I have a test and… and Gabe has soccer practice that I… need to drive him to…" I groaned, beginning to sit up. Her loving and comforting hands gently pressed me back onto my mattress.

" Sweetie, I'll drive Gave; I'll take your car for the day. What you need is to rest. Besides, I'm sure your teacher will allow you to make up the test. Now, go back to sleep and remember that if you need anything, give us a call," she said, tucking the blankets back around me. I gave a grateful smile and nuzzled back into my bed.

" Okay… thanks, Mom."

" Your father and I will check on you the moment we get home, alright?"

She pressed a kiss to my cheek. The door clicked shut.

I lay still for a good ten or so minutes, and when the front door shut and the two cars started up outside, I knew I'd somehow prevailed, which was a shocker considering I was a terrible actress. I sat up and stared around my blue0walled room, expecting to wake up and have had everything be a dream. But, as a minute more ticked by, I was assured it was real. After jogging to my window to see if my parents were truly gone, which they were, I scoffed and shook my head.

" Unbelievable…" I muttered. I ran to my phone and dialed Ferris' number. After only a ring and a half, he picked up.

" Hello?" he asked, sounding genuinely sick as hell. I rolled my eyes and leaned against my wall, deciding to humor him for a moment.

" Oh, Ferris, my darling, how do you feel?" I asked in a sugary tone, placing a hand over my heart, smirking. Over the line, he snorted.

" Just fine, my lovely Rae of Sun. May I sat it is safe to assume your parents bought it?" he asked, matching at first before sounding self-satisfied.

" Perfectly safe to say it. I'll be over as fast as I can. By the way, never call my your 'lovely Rae of Sun' ever again; not only is it kind of cheesy, but I think Sloan would probably murder you," I teased before hanging up on him.

I tossed my window open to judge the temperature of the air outside; it was that time of year where it could be just warm enough to not need a sweater, or cold enough to need layers. The air that came through the white windowpane was warm enough to be comfortable but cool enough to signal that summer was not yet here. I slid the window shut again and tugged on the basics; jeans, a tank top and a cropped blue sweater. After yanking a brush through my brown hair and grabbing my white canvas Converse, I jogged down my steps and yanked the shoes on sock-less. I pattered around the house for a moment, sliding on a straw fedora and acquiring my sunglasses, which took residence in my jeans pocket. I pocketed my spare key and set out on sneaking through the neighborhood yards to get to the Bueller residence.


After quickly ringing Ferris' doorbell twice, I quickly slipped inside and looked around the spacious front hall.

" Hey, Ferris!" I called out.

" Bedroom!" came his response. I ran up the familiar hall and opened the door, finding Ferris lounging in a desk chair, brushing a comb through his thick rich-brown hair. He turned his head and looked a t me, grinning a signature grin.

" You look self-satisfied," I pointed out, flopping onto his bed stomach first.

" Well, I got you here didn't I?" Ferris asked cheekily. I rolled my eyes and set my hat at the foot of his bed.

" So, what evil plans are you dragging me into today?"

" Ph! Evil? Wait. Drag?" Ferris' body suddenly dropped hard down onto the bed beside me, arching both his eyebrows. He laughed and rolled onto his back. " Rae, you chose to come. Even if there's some tiny little adult in your head telling you 'no,' you're always going to ignore it. You really want to do this! Admit it. We've been friends since we were, what three? And every time I did something insane, you were right there beside me and I'm pretty sure we have picture proof. Face it, even if you came along just to scold me, you'd still enjoy it all."

I looked over at him and met his eyes. We both smiled and I gave him a mock slap on the cheek. He laughed and ruffled my hair, pretending to try and push me off his bed. We had lived in the same neighborhood since we were, yes, three, and that was really how we'd met. Countless acts of typical Ferris antics had gotten me in trouble when I was younger and I tried—key word: tried—to seem more mature as I grew up… and that never really seemed to come to be.

" But, seriously, Ferris, what are we doing today?" I asked, heaving myself into a sitting position.

" I was thinking… road trip. You got your car?"

" Mom took it."

" Of course. Well, we should be glad Cam has one!" Ferris announced, rolling off his bed and heading over to his computer, where he'd been doodling a picture of a naked woman. He grabbed his phone and began to punch in numbers. Surprised at what I'd heard, I sat up and tucked my legs underneath me.

" Cameron's coming?" I asked, " How'd you rope him in?"

" Well, I was hoping you might be able to help with that, since you two are best friends and what not," he explained, smirking with a wink. I rolled my eyes and hugged one of his pillows as he called up our other very close friend, Cameron Frye. He was always convinced he was sick, usually saw the down side of things, but when you got him to look on the bright side, he'd grin away and act goofy. But I'd grown to love him and his little quirks and his over-arching caring and nice attitude; Ferris liked to think he was going to successfully play match-maker with the two of us, since he'd been trying for a good couple of years, complaining about how painfully obvious it was that I liked Cameron. And the agonizing thing about it all was that Ferris had always been right.

" So, Cameron, what time are you gonna be over?" Ferris asked with a smirk, reclining back in his chair. As Cameron replied on the other end of the line, Ferris sighed and gestured me over with a hand, tilting the receiver away from his ear so we could both listen to what he was saying. I stood and then crouched beside Ferris, inching my ear towards the phone; I just caught the end of the last words he'd said, which sounded something like 'I'm not going.' " I'm serious, man, this is ridiculous, making us wait around the house for you!"

" Why can't you let me rot in peace! Wait… us? Who else did you drag along with you?" Cameron's voice asked in annoyance.

" Hey, Cam, how do you feel?" I asked. There was a pause from Cameron's side before he spoke again.

" R-Raelyn? You—you actually listened to him?"

" Hard not to when he has some compelling arguments."

" Oh, my God…"

" Cameron, his is my ninth sick day. If I get caught, I won't graduate. I'm not doing this for me I'm doing it for you and Rae," Ferris countered, continuing his digital painting of the naked woman.

" Do you know what my diastolic is?" Cam snapped in response.

" Be a man! Take some Pepto-Bismol, get dressed and come on over here. I'm tired of this stuff."

" Shut up."

A beep sounded on the phone line.

" Hold your water for a second. I got another call." Ferris leaned forward and hit another button, switching the lines. " Hello?" he asked, sounding as miserable as he had when I'd called him earlier. Rolling my eyes, I leaned against his bed. " Hi… Really? Darn. I thought I was improving." He mouthed 'Dad' at me and then returned to trying to sound miserable. " Dad, can you hang on for a second? Hang on." He switched the calls again. " Cameron, it's my dad… if you're not over here in fifteen minutes, you can find a new best friend."

I rolled my eyes at the empty threat and kicked Ferris' foot in a sort of 'be nice' way. The calls switched again.

" Dad? All this talking is making me kind of light-headed. I think I ought to lie down… wrap a hot towel around my head? Okay… yeah? I love you too," Ferris said and then hung up the phone, smiling with a pleased expression. Then, he turned to me and pulled me up to my feet, nodding to the door. " I'm so disappointed in Cameron. Twenty bucks says he's sitting in his car, debating about whether or not he should go out."

" I'm not taking that bet. He'll come over," I said, making my way down the stairs.

" But he really is sitting in his car right now, you do know that."

" Of course he is. Just… don't be too hard on him when he gets here, you know how quickly he can change his mind."

Ferris trotted down the stairs and then stopped at the bottom, turning to face me.

" You know what? I swear to God each time you and Cameron are within thirty feet of each other, you're both almost begging me to try and set you up!" Ferris said. I froze at the shocking subject change and choked on a pile of words that caught in my throat.

" What?! No we're not!" I protested with a laugh.

" Yes you are! It's all body language, Raelyn. You're both practically screaming match-maker, match-maker, make me a match! Find me a find! Catch me a catch!" he sang with a smirk, waltzing into his kitchen. " Luckily for you I'm the match-maker in this situation!"

" No, you most certainly are not!" I countered as he continued to hum the show-tune. I rolled my eyes skyward and sighed; the only thing I was begging for was for Ferris to stop being a smart-ass about all this. But would that happen?

Absolutely not.

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