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Chapter 1

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Anthony DiNozzo sat on his couch staring at the bottle of bourbon sitting on the coffee table. In the background he could hear the sound of Julie Andrews singing the sound of music. He really did hate The Sound of Music but it was her favorite and somehow it made him feel closer to her. It had been a year since he had kissed her good bye at that remote Israeli airport. "That was the hardest 180 I ever made," he whispered. Sitting next to the bottle of bourbon were two cell phones and a framed picture of Ziva David, his former partner.

He jumped when one of the phones rang. He stared at the two phones hoping the older blue blackberry phone would ring. It was her phone. He had gotten a new phone about six months after returning from Israel. Every time it rang he could not help but hope it was her. "Hello," he answered his black Iphone.

"You broke the seal yet, Tony." Gibbs replied on the other end.

"No Boss."

Gibbs could hear the movie in the background. "Don't! Feeling sorry for yourself tonight DiNozzo. Put the bottle up. Drinking is not the way."

"Well Boss, it has been a year today since I got on that plane. Nobody says her name. It's like she died like Kate. "Tony reached for the bottle. He cracked the seal and poured himself a drink. "I just want to be left alone, Boss. I want to drink her memory away."

"Won't work, Tony. Trust me. You wake up in the morning hung over and you still remember." Gibbs replied. "I'm coming over there. At least if you try to drown her memory out of your head I can hold the barf bucket."

"Boss, don't. I'm fine."

"Like hell you are. You're not fooling me." Gibbs was almost yelling at this point. "She made her choice, Tony."

"I know but I don't have to like it." Tony replied as he gulped down his first drink. He then quickly poured another. Then he hung up the phone. No one was going to stop him drinking the pain away, not tonight.


Gibbs hung up the phone. He turned around and noticed Timothy McGee descending the stairs into the basement. "Was that Tony, Boss?" Gibbs nodded.

"He alright. He seems awful down lately. "

"I know. Been a rough year on him Tim. He really misses Ziva."

"Did he ever tell her how he feels?"

"No, the two of them danced around it for eight years. Neither of them would ever admit it." Gibbs sighed.

Tim nodded. "Do I need to go over there boss? He should not be alone tonight."

Gibbs looked at his junior agent. He walked up and put his hand on Tim's shoulder. "Thanks Tim. I think I need to. After all my stupid rule 12 was one of the reasons they two of them never got together." Tim's eyes widened. He had never heard his boss call any of his rules stupid.

"Maybe Rule 51 covers it, Boss. Rule 12 was made for a reason but maybe in Tony's and Ziva's situation maybe you could be wrong. They had something special I mean have something special. Deep down I know Ziva will be back."

Gibbs had a small smile on his face. Tim was a great friend to Tony. They were brothers and Tim would walk through hell for Tony. "You might be right Tim. Ziva is confused right now. She has to face some demons first."

Tim nodded. "Tony is just messed up right now. He misses her. "Gibbs agreed. His senior field agent not only missed her. Gibbs had always known Tony loved her. Almost from the first day Ziva walked into the bullpen Tony has been attracted to her but it went deeper than that.

"McGee, I need to go check on DiNozzo."

"Sure Boss, keep me posted. Call me if he needs anything. Abby and I will be right over." Gibbs looked at Tim. That was another relationship that was an exception to rule 12.

"Take care of Abby." Gibbs replied. "Rule 51" Tim smiled and nodded his head. He boss was never much for words.


As Gibbs drove over toward Tony's apartment he replayed his last conversation with Ziva. Tony's name was never mentioned but it was in everything she told him. She wanted to reexamine her life. She wanted to put her father and her old life behind her. It had hurt him to here the young woman he considered his daughter in such pain and confusion. "Ziver, you have him so torn up. My gut is telling me you are just as torn up as Tony is. I just wish you would call. They two of you need to talk." Gibbs told himself. He just rubbed his hand down his face. He did not know what he expected to find at Tony's apartment but he knew it would not be good.

Gibbs parked his car next to Tony's new car in the parking lot. Just after Tony came back from Israel he had hunted down Ziva's little red curser and paid too much to buy it back. He shook his head and after locking his truck up tight he headed upstairs to Tony's apartment.

As he entered the building he was met by a little blue haired woman taking out the trash. "Good evening, Agent Gibbs."

"Good evening Mrs. Wilson."

"Now, did it not tell you to call me Martha?" she scolded. "I hope you are here to check on our Tony. He did not look good this evening and I heard that movie playing again." Gibbs nodded and took the trash bag from her and walked with her to the trash can.

"He plays it often."

"Almost every night. He has not been himself for a long time." Martha told him. "I think his misses that partner of his but he won't talk to me about it. He's even quit coming by to raid my cookie jar." The couple turned back toward the building after Gibbs put the trash bag in the dumpster. "I miss the old happy go lucky Tony."

"He has been having a hard time lately. I'll have a talk with him."

"Don't scold him." Martha commented. "He really was in love with her."

"I know." Gibbs smiled.

"The only way he will be happy is for her to come back."

Gibbs nodded. "I'm going to see what I can do about that Martha."

They stopped in front of Martha's door. She patted Gibbs' arm. "Thank you. I love that boy and he deserves to be happy."

Gibbs leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her cheek. "Thank you for keeping an eye on him."


After Tim McGee left Gibbs' house he drove slowly back toward Abby's apartment. "Did the Boss just give me permission to pursue Abby romantically?" he thought to himself. He could not believe that Gibbs had mentioned Rule 51. "Sometimes you're wrong" about him and Abby. He knew he had loved her from the first minute he heard her voice on the phone when he was in Norfolk.

Just then his phone rang. He smiled as he noticed the caller ID. "Hey beautiful." Tim replied.

"Hello Timmy. Did you check on Tony?"

"Yeah. Gibbs is headed over to check on him. Said he would call if we were needed."

"Are you on your way over? I'll order Chinese." Abby asked hopefully.

"That sounds great Abby. I'm almost at your place now. I have something I want to tell you." Tim said happily.

"Good news I hope." Abby questioned.

"Very good Abbs."


Gibbs came upstairs and knocked on Tony's door. No answer. Gibbs could imagine the scene. DiNozzo passed out on the couch. He could hear the finally of the Sound of Music playing on the other side of the door. Gibbs knocked on the door again. "DiNozzo open up. Either you open up or I'll bust down the door." Gibbs replied. Still no answer. Gibbs reached into his pocket and pulled out his lock pick kit and expertly opened the door.

He walked into the living room. He saw he senior field agent passed out on the couch with a glass in his hand. It was till half full with his last drink. The bottle of bourbon was now almost empty and was sitting on the coffee table next to an 8 by 10 picture of Ziva obviously taken by his cell phone just before he left her in Israel. Gibbs shook his head as he took the glass out of Tony's hand and placing it on the table. He noticed the two cell phones. He has suspected that Tony had kept his old number so that if Ziva wanted to call she could.

Gibbs went over to the DVD player and shut of the movie. As the sound of the movie ended Tony yelled out "Ziva!"

"Relax Tony, I'm here. Told you this would not make your forget." Gibbs replied pointed at the bottle.

"Boss, did Ziva call? Check the blue phone." Tony mumbled. Gibbs looked at the blue phone and saw a missed call. The name on the number was blocked. He really hoped it was Ziva but he wanted to check it out before telling Tony. It could be a telemarketer and he was sure Tony could not take the disappointment if it was not her.

"Don't see anything, DiNozzo." Gibbs lied. He so hated lying to Tony but it was for his agent's emotional health. "Let's get you to bed so you can sleep this off."

"I'm fine Boss." Tony stood up from the sofa. The room then started spinning. The look on his face told Gibbs he needed to grab the nearest trash can. He thrust the trash can under Tony's chin just as he emptied the contents of his stomach into waiting receptacle.

After he had finished Gibbs helped him into the bedroom and made him lay down on the bed. He went over to the bathroom and got a cool wet washcloth and wiped down Tony's face. He then handed him a small glass of water to rinse his mouth out.

Tony lay back on the large pillows on his now king size bed. He had bought a new bed shortly after Eli David's murder and his return from Israel. Gibbs could not help but realize he was turning his bachelor apartment into a place Ziva would want to live. On the table next to the bed was the old picture of Ziva when she was undercover as a pregnant woman and the picture of her when she was undercover as a nightclub singer when Vance broke up the team.

Gibbs could not help but smile. "Oh you have it bad, DiNozzo. We have to find her. I would bet she is just as miserable as you are."

Tony grumbled to himself as Gibbs removed his shoes and pulled the comforter up over his now passed out senior field agent. Gibbs then turned off the light and walked into the living room. He sat down and looked at the missed call on Tony's blue phone. He had to do something. He had to find her. He had to convince her to talk to Tony. He prayed that this call was from her. He grabbed his phone and dialed a familiar number. "We got a case, Boss," was the answer he received from the other end.

"No, McGee. I need you to do me a favor."

"On it Boss."

"I need you check out a cell phone. It seems that when Tony got that new phone number six months ago. He kept the old one. Apparently he wanted Ziva to still be able to call him."

"Did he get a call?"

"Yep and the caller id reads unknown number. I don't want to get Tony's hopes up without checking it out first."

"On it Boss. I will get back to you as quickly as possible."

"Thanks McGee." Gibbs hung up the phone. He grabbed Tony's glass of bourbon and downed it quickly. "Ok Ziver, if that was you call again. You and Tony need to talk." He poured himself another drink " and if it was not you I will make it my mission to find you."


Across the world in Israel Ziva David had dialed her partner's cell phone. She had attempted to dial it many, many times in the past year but always managed to hand up before he answered or it went to voice mail. This time she let it go hoping he would answer on their anniversary of sorts. However, it went to voicemail. She was about to hang up when she heard the overture from her favorite movie, the Sound of Music. Then she heard his voice. She had not heard it for such a long time. It seemed to mesmerize her. "You have reached Tony DiNozzo. If this is a weekday I am sure the Boss has me working on a case or even worse paper work. Yuck. If this is the weekend I am probably either working again or at a local movie theater watching a marathon and if you are not Ziva David hang up. You have the wrong damn number. "Ziva felt her breath catch when she heard his voice and what he said. "And PS if this is you Ziva I will always love you. Please tell me where you are?"

Ziva almost dropped the phone but caught it before it hit the floor and woke the two sleeping babies that were lying in their carriers at her feet. "That was your Daddy. He never ceases to amaze me." She leaned back against the back of the chair she was sitting in. She was staring at the ceiling remembering their goodbye at the airport and the tears she had willed not to fall only to have them pour from her eyes as soon as the plane had taken off. "Tony, how can you still love me? How you still say that after the way I have treated you." Tears began once again to fall from her eyes. She really wanted to see him again. She wanted to rush back into his arms. She felt that she had closed that door when she let him leave. "But he still loves me," she thought. "What kind of man would hang on this long? What kind of love that must be?"

She was thinking about calling back to leave a message when one of the babies started to stir. Ziva quickly put the phone down and picked up the little boy. He had dark curly hair and when he looked up at her his green eyes just dance. "You need to be quiet little man. You will wake your sister." Ziva smiled down at her son. He looked up at her eyes sparkling and a huge grin on his face just like his father's.

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