PS. If this is Ziva

Chapter 11

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Previously on PS. If this is Ziva

Let me finish Ziva before I chicken out. "Then Tony opened the box. Inside was a beautiful silver ring with a black pearl in the middle surrounded by a diamond circle. "I walked into the jewelry store and I saw this first. It just screamed give this to Ziva." He handed Ziva the box. The diamonds captured the moonlight and the ring almost just glowed. "Now I want you here in Washington or I will go back to Israel with you. I want you to be my wife. I can't live another minute without you, Zi. Please believe me. Twins or no twins I would have asked you this as soon as I saw you if I felt it were appropriate." He took her cheek in his hand. "Ziva David will you marry me?"

Ziva gulped down her nerves and looked into his eyes. She knew almost in an instant that he was asking her not because of the twins but because he was deeply and truly in love with her. "Tony," she gasped. "I never thought I would have the happy ending." He looked at her with a look of love and hopeful anticipation of her answer. "Yes, Tony I will marry you."

Tony smile grew astronomically as he heard the word yes. "Are you sure Zi?"

"Tony, I have lived alone. I stayed in Israel to start a new life. I got the twins but would not have had them if not for you. I came to America nine years ago a dangerous woman. Now I am a mother and soon to be a wife. I call that a new life. So yes I am totally sure."

Tony rose off the ground and joined Ziva on the bench. He took her in his arms and then kissed her passionately. Ziva just melted into his embrace. They continued to kiss in the moonlight for what seemed like hours. "Zi," Tony whispered. "Let me put this on your finger. I want the whole world to know you are mine." Ziva nodded smiling so big her cheeks hurt. Tony removed the ring from its box and slipped it on her finger. Ziva lifted her hand up into the moonlight. It looked magnificent on her small slender hand.

Tony held her closer. "Why don't we continue this in the cabin? I want to make love to you." Ziva said nothing she just nodded and got up from the bench. She took Tony's hand and led him off down the path toward the cabin.

Little did the couple know was they had an audience to their proposal. Over in the bushes by the boat dock stood a tall dark figure dressed in a black trench coat and a hand down over its eyes. "Well Tiva, we will just see if you get your happy ending," the figure growled, "If I have anything to say about it you will never see a wedding chapel."


Tony stopped at the door of their cabin. He did not want to let go of his fiancé long enough to unlock the door. He kept his left arm around her waist as he reached for the key in his pocket. Upon opening the door he reached down and picked Ziva up bridal style and carried her over the threshold. "You know I am not the bride yet." Ziva whispered.

"I don't care. You deserve this. I want you to feel so special." He carried her across the room and sat her down on the bed. He noticed that Ziva had kicked the door closed. He started kissing her.

She returned his kisses until they both became breathless. Tony pulled away first to catch his breath he leaned his forehead on to hers. "I love you so much."

"I know," she whispered. She looked up into his eyes. "Well are we going to celebrate our engagement or talk?" She smiled.

"Talking is over rated." Tony took her in his arms and began kissing her again. Then he started tickling her. The next thing he knew she had flipped him over and she was now on top of him. She was now tickling him. She was smiling down at him. "Well Agent David, you seem to have the upper hand."

"Agent DiNozzo, I have always had the upper hand." She grinned.


Tim McGee was sitting on the couch in Gibbs' living room getting a breather from babysitting. Brenna had left when Tim and Gibbs had gotten home from work so it was now it was Tim, Abby and Gibbs on baby duty. The twins had kept the trio pretty busy but had now gone to sleep. Abby was holding Anne and Gibbs had Anton. Tim was checking his email on his phone. Most was just routine until then he noticed one from the department of corrections. His eyes widened as he read it. "Damn," he whispered a little louder that he should causing Anton to cry out in Gibbs arms. Gibbs patted his grandson back to sleep and then glared in Tim's direction. "Sorry Boss," he whispered quietly. He got up and walked over to Gibbs and showed him the email. Gibbs squinted trying to read it but it was impossible without his glasses.

"Bring me my glasses. On the table." Tim walked over and got them. Gibbs quickly put them on and read the email. "Damn" he whispered. "They were supposed to notify us when he came up for parole."

The anger on Gibbs' face frightened Abby. "What's wrong Gibbs?" Abby whispered with a worried look.

Seeing the panic on Abby's face Gibbs got control of his emotions fast. "Nothing Abby. Just some work stuff. Don't worry I'll take care of it." Abby relaxed a little but she still felt Gibbs was worried about something.

"McGee, check into this. Abby and I can handle these two little monsters." He replied as he patted Anton on his bottom.

"On it Boss. I won't be gone long. I'll bring back take out. What do you guys want?"

"I would love Chinese. " Abby chimed in. Gibbs nodded.

"Ok, that will be no problem. I will keep you posted on this boss." Gibbs nodded again and patted Anton softly.

Tim raced out of the house to his car. He immediately called the department of corrections to find out why they had not been informed of the parole of this man, a man who had turned their lives upside down.


By this time the floor was littered with hastily removed clothes and Tony and Ziva were basking in the afterglow of their love. "Wow that was wonderful." Tony gasped as he stroked Ziva's hair.

Ziva smiled up at him. "Kind of nice not having to whisper because of the babies" she giggled. Tony leaned down and kissed her lips softly. Just then Ziva sat up pulling the sheet up around her naked body. Tony was concerned.

"Did I do or say something wrong, Zi?"

"Of course not Tony, you have been perfect." Ziva whispered. "I just feel that someone is watching us."

"Come on Zeeeva. Your spider senses are on overdrive. Nobody is watching us." Tony said, "And if they were they just had a pretty good thrill I would believe." He snickered.

She reached over and swatted him on his arm. "No Tony. I am not joking. I saw a figure outside that window." She reached down to the floor and grabbed Tony's dress shirt off the floor and put it on. Then she got out of bed and walked over to the window. Of course there was no one there. She then slipped on her shoes and after grabbing her knife out of her bag she walked outside.

"Really Ziva, who would be watching us? Some pervert." Tony knew she wasn't going to let this go until she checked things out so he grabbed his pants off the floor, put on his shoes and followed her out the door.

It had rained earlier in the day so there was mud outside the window. Ziva used her cell to shine a light under the window. "See, I was right Tony. There is a set of footprints. It looks like we had an audience for our love making."

"Kinky," Tony joked. Ziva hit him again. "Ouch, that hurt."

"Who could be watching us and do not say it was some kind of Peeping Fred."

"It's Tom, Peeping Tom." Ziva made a face at his correction. "Ziva, this is weird. Maybe we need to call Gibbs." Tony corrected her.

"That might be a good idea. Maybe he knows something." Ziva handed her phone to Tony. He quickly dialed Gibbs number.

"Hello Ziver, how are you and Tony getting along?"

"Great Boss, she said yes." Tony told him.

"Hey DiNozzo, glad to hear it. Give Ziva a kiss and my congratulations." Gibbs replied. "The babies are asleep like little angels."

"That's great Boss. That's not why I called." Tony cleared his throat and continued. "We may have a little problem here."

Gibbs' gut stated spinning. "What kind of problem, DiNozzo?"

"Seems we have someone watching us, Boss. Ziva thought she saw someone at the window of our cabin. We investigated and found footprints outside by the window. We were wondering if you know anything we should know."

Gibbs looked over at Abby who was sleeping in the lounge chair holding Anne. Gibbs got up and walked into the kitchen. "Maybe DiNozzo, McGee got and email today. Chip Sterling got out on bail earlier in the week."

"What? Weren't they supposed to let us know?"

"Yes, McGee is checking into it. I'll call you when I know something." Gibbs replied. "I have an uneasy feeling about this. Keep your eyes open, Tony."

"Most definitely Boss. Not sure Chipper is that much of a threat." Ziva's head turned toward her fiancé.

"You can't think like that DiNozzo. He's been in prison for almost 10 years. He's had a long time to resent you and us. We don't know what he is capable of so watch your six."

"Always boss." Tony hung up the phone and turned to Ziva. He saw the look on her face she was concerned. "Let's get inside, you're shivering."

Tony put his arm around her shoulders and led her back into the cabin. Ziva started to talk but Tony put his fingers on her lips and led her back to the bed covering her with a blanket. "Now DiNozzo, talk. What did Gibbs tell you?"

Tony cleared his throat and looked at her. "Chip Sterling got out of jail. They were supposed to let us know so we could oppose parole. "

"So, he was nothing. He would not be outside watching us make love. Would he?"

"Ziva, he's had over ten years to nurse that grudge he has against me and NCIS for foiling his plans."

"Well my love I have your six." She leaned into his shoulder and Tony wrapped his arm around her. She then turned his face toward her and kissed him.

"And I have yours, my love forever." He kissed her back. "If that was dear old Chip outside our window I am sure he won't bother us anymore tonight." He smiled and left their bed. He walked over and closed all the curtains and checked the locks on the windows. He then double locked the doors into the cabin. "There my dear. No more peeping toms tonight." He walked over to the bed, disrobed and climbed under the blanket with her. Ziva smiled and cuddled into his side.

"We will not let Chip Sterling spoil our happiness," she whispered.

"Not a chance."


Chip Sterling came out from behind the tree where he had hidden when Ziva and Tony came out of the cabin. "You ruined my life, DiNozzo and I will ruin your happiness. You had better watch your back. After that then I will go after Miss Scuito, nobody over powers me and lives to talk about it." He walked away from the cabin. He had plans to make. He did not what anything to go wrong this time.

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