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Thunderous Music - Chapter 1

The grand and optimistic tempo of "Ode to Joy" danced around in his eardrums as he closed his eyes. The music took him to a completely different universe; into a realm where he is the master of all creation. His hands guided the variations of each and every instrument before him, and the collected sound was his own experience of rediscovering the masterpiece. The perfect symphony sounded throughout his universe, and filled every single crevice with wondrous music; music that soothed the soul and raised spirits.

With the turn of the chorus, the universe was blasted with divine light, as if God himself had decided to grace them with his presence. Each percussive note in the background made up the steady and perpetual support, and the melody guided the very existence and progress of the universe. The more the dynamics changed, the more the light danced around within that universe, and it was beautiful choreographic piece on its own…

But like all good things, it must end…

The chorus slowly faded away, and he was pulled back into his current existence in the realm that appeared much less magnificent than his own. He slowly parted his eyes, and actual light revealed to him his orchestra. Each and every instrument in their hands was settled on their laps in resting positions; exactly as he had instructed them to do. A small smile graced his face as he looked at the also smiling faces of his band members, and they all let the thunderous sound of applause shake the building with its intensity.

He turned around from his conductor podium and bowed. "Thank you for listening to us…" he said with a humble, yet firm voice. His spiky blond hair shined in the almost burning skylight as he bowed, and his perfect posture was further pronounced with the well-tailored tuxedo on his body. The lustrous fabric reflected the strong fluorescent light from above, and it created an illusion of a golden aura around his body, making him look even more majestic than before.

With that, he turned back towards his band and nodded, and each member of his orchestra stood in unison and walked off the stage…

The applause remained strong as people started to stand up; it was the last piece of the night, and people wanted to show their admiration to the young and talented conductor. It was delightful for music enthusiasts to see new blood with such talent take interest in traditional music; masterpieces that would not involve any vulgarity or defamation. The young conductor was not performing in a five star concert hall yet, but with his passion and talent, his fans knew that he would make it to the top on day.

"Naruto-san…" started an old man as he walked up to the young blond with a smile on his face. "That was just magical!"

The young conductor smiled and shook the man's hands. "You flatter me sir; I just hope I was up to your standards."

The Kuoh Concert Hall was the largest and most grand musical facility in the small city, but it would sometimes have an occasional visit from some of the biggest stars in Japan. Naruto was a very young and new conductor that was invited to perform in the concert hall when the original band conductor failed to commit; it was hard for him to lead an existing band, but it all turned out great and the band really enjoyed Naruto conducting for them.

"You all were wonderful; already much better than what he heard last year!" exclaimed the old man who was actually the owner of the concert hall. "It is amazing that with so little time you could reform our high school band to such a glorious orchestra!"

Naruto smiled again and shook his head. "It is not all because of me, every member worked very hard to meet this deadline, and they deserve just as much credit as I do."

The old man laughed happily and patted Naruto on his shoulder. "You are certainly a nice young man, I am very glad that our high school got someone like you for a change!" Naruto just smiled back and shook his head. "I sometimes go to your school to monitor the band, so you'll be seeing more of me there as well, which is really more of a benefit for me since I get to see you all perform again!" finished the man with another laugh.

Naruto bowed again and smiled. "You are welcome to come see us every day, Kaito-san."

Kaito nodded and stepped back. "I will leave you alone now; I'm betting that there are other people who would want to speak with you." With that the old man walked away. "Thank you again, Naruto-san!"

Naruto relaxed his shoulder and cracked his neck as he was left alone, but when he turned back he saw a group of people walking over to him. They looked much younger than the general population of the crowd; they looked his own age. Everyone one of them were dressed in classy clothing and they all had smiles on their faces as they walked over to him…

"Hello Naruto-san, I would just like to say that it was a terrific performance…" said a gorgeous crimson haired young woman who was wearing an elegant, yet daring night gown that left little to imagination. She had a sweet smile on her face as she offered Naruto her hand. "I am Rias Gremory; it is nice to meet you."

Naruto smiled and gladly shook her hand. "Thank you very much Rias-san, and since we haven't been properly introduced, I am Uzumaki Naruto…"

Rias smiled as she ended the hand shake. "These are my friends from school; we all decided to come see the school orchestra perform tonight." The beauty gestured to the others behind her. "These are my underclassmen, Hyoudou Issei, Yuuto Kiba, Asia Argento, and Koneko Toujou."

The blond smiled at each of them and bowed. "It's very nice to meet you all."

"The pleasure is ours…" said Kiba, a young man who was wearing a very nice tuxedo; he also had blond hair like Naruto, but it was a slightly lighter tone.

"That was beautiful!" chirped a smiling Asia as Issei and Koneko nodded kindly.

Issei stood behind Asia with a large grin. "It's hard to believe that someone just one year older than me could conduct so well."

Naruto smiled and nodded at each other them. "Thank you very much…"

"This is Himejima Akeno…" continued Rias as Naruto's eyes looked over to see a woman he thought to be even more beautiful than Rias. Instead of western clothing, she was wearing a very elegant black Kimono with red roses sewn into it. She had enchanting violet eyes and creamy white skin that looked very healthy and smooth. Her long black hair was tied into a long ponytail that reached all the way down to her legs. "My best friend and classmate…" finished Rias.

"Hello Naruto-san that was an enchanting performance…" said Akeno with a silky voice that made Naruto want to hear her sing.

"You are most kind, Akeno-san, and I must thank you all for coming…" Naruto's eyes were locked onto Akeno's purple orbs, and he felt like he has seen them somewhere before.

Rias noticed that her best friend was acting a little strange; there was an unknown emotion in her eyes that she had never seen before. Akeno didn't really show it, but after living with her for the majority of her life, Rias knew when her best friend was bothered by something, but unlike most other times, she had no idea what was bothering her.

"Well we won't keep you, Naruto-san…thank you again for the performance; good night." Rias said as she gestured to her friends that they were heading out, and they all immediately started to step away from the stage.

"Of course…" replied Naruto politely as he watched them leave. "Perhaps I will see you all again in class…"

Rias smiled and nodded as she looked back at the blond. "We look forward to it…"

As they walked away, Akeno couldn't help but look back at the young man that she had seen somewhere before; suddenly, her eyes widened and her hand immediately reached back to her orange ribbon that tied her hair together…

'It can't be…'

Flashback on…

"Kaa-chan, where are you?!" cried a small girl no older than the age of four.

The girl had long black hair that reached her lower back, and it was flowing in the wind as she ran along the busy streets alone. Many people looked over at the cute girl as she ran pass them as fast as she could; they were all concerned about her small child it was rush hour in the city and she appeared to have been separated from her parents.

The girl had some tears welling up in her eyes as she desperately scanned around trying to find her mother. The girl had her mother was visiting the big city for the city festival and they had a lot of fun, but the girl ran off after she saw someone handing out balloons; in the end she lost the balloon person and her mother. It has already been twenty minutes since she lost her mother, and she was getting very scared.

"Are you okay?" asked a sudden voice from behind the girl.

The girl immediately turned around and saw a boy that was about her age; at least he seemed so as he was the same height as her…

"I-I don't know where my Kaa-chan is…"

The boy tilted his head as he reached up to scratch his spiky blond hair with a confused expression on his face. His blue eyes twinkled a little as he let out a small chuckle…

"I don't know where my Kaa-chan is either…"

The little girl started to sob and she stomped the ground. "I want my Kaa-chan!"

The blond boy, seeing how the girl was crying, started to panic a little. "H-Hey!" stuttered out the boy. "Don't cry, I'll help you look for your Kaa-chan before I look for my Kaa-chan!" The girl calmed down a little now that she was not alone, and looked up at the boy. "I'm Naruto, who are you?" asked the boy with all his childish innocence.

The girl dried her tears and sniffed. "I-I'm Akeno…"

Naruto grinned and grabbed onto the girl's hand. "Well come on, Akeno-chan, let's go find your Kaa-chan!"

The two kids ran back towards the area where most of the parks were located, which was where Akeno was with her mother before she ran off. There were countless other kids in the parks, and luckily for them, the adults were all mainly standing at the sidelines. Akeno followed behind Naruto as she looked up at the adults, but her mother was not there…

"I think your Kaa-chan is looking for you, so she must be around here somewhere…" said Naruto as he kept walking forward.

"Let's go over there…" suggested Akeno as she pointed over to the food stands. "Maybe Kaa-chan is looking for me over there?"

Naruto nodded and started towards that direction. "Okay, let's check it out!"

Even though they were much smaller than the other people in the crowd, it was very hard for them to make their way around with so many adults blocking the view. Some people moved out of the way for the two kids, but there was no way that they could see anyone's face if they were so blocked in. Akeno pulled Naruto over to a line of bushes and saw that it was much less crowded on the other side.

"Let's go over to side…"

Naruto shrugged and nodded. "Okay."

The boy went first and crawled through the relatively loose branches between two bushes, and pushed his way through as hard as he could. His clothes got caught on a little, but it was no big deal; although the same thing could not be said about Akeno…

"Help, my hair got caught!"

Naruto looked concerned about the painful expression on the girl's face and quickly leaned down to help her. Some of the girl's black hair was caught onto the small twigs of the bushes, and the more she tugged, the tighter the knots became. Naruto isolated the twigs and started to snap them off one by one, and it took them another few minutes before Akeno could make it out…

"My hair…" mumbled Akeno with a pout on her face as she plucked off stray leaves and dirt from her semi-ruined hair.

Naruto grinned and help her along, and used his fingers to brush her strands back straight. "Wow, your hair is really soft and silky!" exclaimed the boy in amazement. "My hair is always spiky and wild; no matter how hard my Kaa-chan tries to comb my hair it would always be like this…" Akeno giggled at the innocent look on Naruto's face. "My Tou-chan's hair is like mine too, but Kaa-chan never tries to comb his hair!"

Akeno brushed her own fingers through her hair with a smile on her face. "I have the same hair as my Kaa-chan, but hers is even longer than mine!" exclaimed the girl as she spread her arms out. "They reach all the way down to her legs!"

"I really like your hair, Akeno-chan, but it looks like it would get caught on things really easily." Naruto said as he placed a hand on his chin in thought.

"I'm not cutting my hair short!" cried the girl with a pout on her face. "I want to grow my hair down to my legs, just like me Kaa-chan!"

"Okay…" muttered Naruto as he looked around for some ideas. "I got it!" suddenly cried the boy. "Come here, Akeno-chan!"

"Where are we going?!"

Naruto ignored Akeno's question and ran over to one of the many stands selling goods for the town festival. It was a stand that was selling all kinds of accessories, and something caught Naruto's eyes the moment he saw them…

"Hey there kid, you want something?" asked a middle aged woman as she smiled down at the two adorable kids.

Naruto grinned and pointed up. "Yeah, can I please get that?!" The lady's eyes followed Naruto's finger and saw a simple orange ribbon.

"This?" asked the lady.


The boy excitedly handed over some of his allowance to the man and took the ribbon with a smile on his face. He quickly turned back at Akeno and walked closer to her. The girl was surprised when Naruto reached for her hair, but understood what he was doing almost immediately. The boy carefully looped the ribbon around Akeno's hair and tied it into a long ponytail. He smiled brightly when he was finished; he thought the ribbon looked great along with her black hair.

"Well isn't that sweet!" chirped the lady as she smiled at the cute scene.

Akeno reached up and felt the smooth texture of the ribbon before she smiled at the boy. "Thank you, Naruto-chan!"

The blond merely smiled and waved her off. "No problem!"

The girl then looked up at the stand herself and walked over to get a better look at the merchandise. "Excuse me Miss, can I get that please?"

Naruto was a little confused as the lady handed Akeno a little watch with a smiley face as the background. Akeno paid for the watch with some allowance that she had on her and turned back to Naruto with a smile on her face.

"This is for you, Naruto-chan!" chirped the girl as she grabbed the boy's hand and placed the watch on his wrist. "You have the same smile as the watch!"

The blond chuckled as he looked at his new watch. "Thank you, Akeno-chan!"

"Oh the two of you are so cute!" exclaimed the middle aged woman as she reached down to ruffle the kids' hair.

Akeno smiled up at the lady and bowed a little. "Thank you, Oba-san…"

All the while, Naruto was looking down at his watch, but them something caught his eyes. It was black hair; the exact same shade that Akeno had. He looked up and saw a woman walking a small distance from them, and she had a very worried expression on her face, which looked very familiar in Naruto's opinion. Looking back at Akeno, Naruto saw that she looked a lot like the pretty lady that just walked by, and his eyes widened at the thought.

"AKENO-CHAN!" cried the boy loudly as he grabbed his friend's hand. "I think I saw your Kaa-chan!"

Without another word, Naruto pulled Akeno along as they ran towards the direction of the worried lady. Akeno was surprised at the sudden running start, but quickly ran along Naruto's side as he pulled her by the hand. She was looking ahead to see if her mother was actually there, but she couldn't recognize any of the adults ahead of them…

"Oh my God, there you are!" cried a sudden voice from behind the kids.

Akeno quickly turned around at the loving voice. "Kaa-chan!" cried the girl as she ran up to her mother with teary eyes.

The woman knelt down and scooped her daughter up into her arms; letting out a sigh of relief as she hugged her little girl close to her chest. The mother ran her fingers along Akeno's back as she whispered soft nothings into her ear; just happy and relieved that her little daughter was okay. Naruto stood several feet away from the happily reunited mother and daughter with a smile on his face; he was happy to see Akeno happy.

"Don't you ever walk away like that again…" muttered the pretty lady to her daughter.

Akeno nodded into her mother's shirt. "I won't, I promise!"

Akeno's mother looked over her daughter's shoulder and saw Naruto smiling at them, so she smiled back. The mother pulled back from her hug and stood up fully, but she made sure she had a strong grasp on Akeno's hand as she walked up to Naruto.

"Hello there…"

Akeno smiled and pointed at Naruto. "Kaa-chan, this is Naruto-chan, he was helping me find you!"

Naruto waved at the older lady with a smile. "Hello…"

"Hello Naruto-kun, thank you so much for taking care of my daughter", said the woman kindly as she knelt down in front of him. "I am Himejima Shuri; it's nice to meet you."

"Hello, I am Namikaze Naruto!" exclaimed Naruto loudly. "It's nice to meet you too, Shuri-obachan!"

"Kaa-chan look!" exclaimed Akeno happily as she pulled on her mother's sleeve. "Naruto-chan bought me this!" Shuri smiled when she finally noticed the cute orange ribbon on her little princess' hair; it looked surprisingly elegant with her black hair. "Isn't it really pretty?!"

Shuri giggled and nodded. "Yes sweetie, you look very cute with it." The mother looked back at Naruto and smiled at him. "Thank you again, Naruto-kun."

"No problem, Akeno-chan got me this!" said the boy loudly as he pointed to his smiley face watch.

Shuri smiled at the cuteness of the entire situation. "That's nice…your smile is just like that smiley face."

"That's what I said!" cried Akeno happily.

"NARUTO-CHAN, WHERE ARE YOU?!" cried a loud voice from deep within the crowd behind Naruto, Akeno and Shuri.

Naruto's eyes widened and turned around. "That's my Kaa-chan!" exclaimed the boy before he turned back at Akeno. "I have to go, thanks again for the watch, Akeno-chan!"

"You're leaving?" asked Akeno with a sad look on her face.

"Yeah, if my Kaa-chan gets mad at me she won't cook any ramen tonight!" replied Naruto with a devastated look on his face. "See you again, Akeno-chan!" cried the boy as he ran away from the mother and daughter.

Shuri looked down at her daughter and saw that she was still looking at the retreating back of Naruto. "Don't worry; you'll see him again…"

Akeno looked up at her mother sadly, "Really?"

Shuri giggled and kissed Akeno on the cheek. "Yes sweetie; I promise."

Akeno looked into the crowd and stared at the small spot where she could still see Naruto's blond hair, and she saw him jump into a red haired woman's arms. There was also a man next to them who had the exact same hair as Naruto, and Akeno assumed that he was Naruto's father. As Naruto sat in his father's arms, he looked back over at her, and waved as he saw her…

"See you again soon…" whispered Akeno as she waved back with a small smile on her face.

"Come on sweetie, we have to go home…" said Shuri as she pulled her daughter along; making their way to the bus stop that would lead them back to their shrine home.

Akeno's eyes continued to stare at the tiny spec of blond hair in the crowd…until it disappeared from her eyes.

Flashback end…

"Wow, so he was the one who gave you your ribbon?!" cried a surprised Rias as she scooped some more ice cream into her mouth.

Akeno nodded as she hugged her pillow closer to her chest. "Yes…it has been fourteen years since the last time I saw him, but I recognized him almost instantly."

The two goddesses of Kuoh Academy were having their usual Friday night chat in Rias' room, which was very large and grand. The two best friends would often share the same bed when they were kids in the underworld, and they would still occasionally have their own personal slumber party. They would spend the night chatting about anything that was on their mind. It was an escape for both of them. Rias didn't have to keep up her dignified personality as the Gremory Heiress, and Akeno didn't have to act like the "Oneesama" she was to almost everyone around her.

They were both in their pajamas sitting on the large bed with a large carton of ice cream on the bedside. Rias had plowed through most of the carton while she listened to Akeno's story; she thought it was better than some of the movies she had watched. It was amazing to think that someone Akeno met so many years ago would suddenly come into her life again, especially since they live in such a small and isolated town.

"I've always wondered where you got that ribbon…" mumbled Rias as she held her spoon between her lips.

Akeno sighed as she pulled the same ribbon off her hair and held it in her hands. "Since Kaa-chan died I haven't really any personal possessions of my own, and after I was kicked out of the Himejima family this was really the one thing I could call my own…"

Rias frowned and placed down her bowl of ice cream. "Come on now…it is a long time ago." The red haired girl scooted closer to her best friend and wrapped her arms around hers. "You have all of us as your family now, and many things you can call your own."

Akeno smiled and nodded. "Yes…thank you, Rias."

The Gremory just waved her off before a small smile came on her face. "Now…back to Naruto-san." Akeno could already predict what was coming next. "How do you feel about him?"

"What do you mean?" asked the black haired girl with a sigh.

"Don't play dumb, you know exactly what I mean!"

Akeno played around with a strand of her own hair as she looked down at her lap. "I don't really feel anything…I thought about him a lot when I was younger, especially after Kaa-chan died, but when I met you and went to the underworld, he's slipped my mind."

"Yeah, but he was your childhood crush, you don't just forget about him."

Akeno smirked and gave Rias a look. "How would you know Rias, you never even had a childhood crush?!"

"Don't change the subject!"

"I don't…" said Akeno firmly, "I don't have any feelings for him; it was just an innocent childhood crush."

Rias smiled and nodded. "I see…but he's going to be in the same school as us now; you probably see him every day~?"

"What are you saying, Rias?"

"I'm just wondering if you will come to like him again!" chirped Rias, reverting back to her childish personality that she will only show to Akeno. "He's exactly your type, a handsome, smart, but gentle man you can push around as you please."

"How do you know he's like that at all?" asked Akeno amused.

"I'm good at reading people!"

Akeno sighed and looked at the ribbon in her hand again. "Rias, if the death of my mother taught me anything, it's that the supernatural should not associate with normal humans; it may cause them their death." Shuri wouldn't have died if Akeno's father's enemies didn't come after them because of him. "I am a Devil now, and my potential enemies might go after my precious people to get to me, so if I was to ever find a boyfriend, I want him to be stronger than me so he could protect himself and me."

Rias nodded in understanding. "I can see your reason behind that…"

"Naruto-san is just a regular human…he will live a human lifespan, but we'll live on for thousands of years, so starting anything with him would just end in heartbreak."

"Well, when you reach the rank of High-Class Devil, you will get your own Evil Pieces, and you can turn him into your Queen."

Akeno smiled and nudged Rias a little. "When did you become a matchmaker?"

Rias giggled and rested her head on Akeno's shoulder. "I just thought you and Naruto-san would make a lovely couple, and your story together will be so cute!"

"I haven't seen this side of you since we left the underworld…the Otaku Rias-sama is back!"

"That reminds me…" said Rias as she reached into her drawer and pulled out a stack of DVD's. "Issei brought these to me today; apparently a client of his gave it to him in return for his services…"

Akeno looked at the DVD's and raised an eyebrow in thought, "Fairy Tail?"

Rias nodded as she took the first disc and popped it into her DVD player. "Yeah, apparently it's a very good anime; it has mages and dragons in it." Rias smiled as she snuggled into the blankets. "It's been a long time since we've watched some anime together, so I thought we'd give it a try!"

The black haired beauty smiled and nodded. "Sure, it sounds interesting enough?"

"The Kingdom of Fiore…"

Just beyond the perimeter of Kuoh Academy was a small condo building. It only had six stories and two homes on each floor, and on the top floor on the right side was a home that was still active deep into the night…

"I know I have it somewhere here…" muttered Naruto as he dug his way through stacks upon stacks of sheet music.

The condo was relatively small, but was perfect for one person living in it. It was about 500 sq. feet; it had one full kitchen, one bathroom, one bedroom, and relatively efficient living space. Naruto had been living in a hotel until two days ago, so his luggage was still all over the place. There were many boxes along the side of the home, and only one out of ten were not labeled as music.

Naruto was still dressed in a part of his tuxedo; the jacket was on the couch, but his silk shirt was pull up to the elbow and his black slacks were covered in dust. He had gone through most of his boxes, but as luck would have it, he still couldn't find what he was looking for…

"Hey…" mumbled the young man as he lifted a heavy stack of papers from his Mozart box. "There you are!"

It was a watch that had a smiley face as its background.

Naruto placed it around his wrist and found that he had to use the last hole just to stretch it on. The last time he changed the batteries for it was ages ago, so it was no wonder that it was not moving, but he felt very nostalgic at the sight of it. He could still remember how moved he was when that little girl gave him the watch…she had been his childhood crush for a long time.

'I wonder why I never threw this away?' thought Naruto as he sat down on his couch. 'Even after Tou-chan and Kaa-chan passed away…this was one of the few things I kept.'

The blond had a smile on his face as he tapped the face of the watch. He wasn't really sure if the Akeno he met at the performance was the same little girl he met all those years ago, but he knew that they both have the same shade of black hair. There was even an orange ribbon on the young woman's hair, but it would be hard to believe that she would keep such a cheap gift for so many years…

'Was that really Akeno-chan?' Naruto asked himself silently. 'I never thought I would see her again after so long…'

Suddenly, some knocking on his front door broke Naruto would of his stupor. His brow furrowed in confusion; it was already two o'clock in the morning; who could possibly be at his door at such an hour? He silently stood from his couch and walked over to the door, and opened it ever so slowly…

There were two people standing on his doorstep, and they were dressed very peculiarly…

"Sorry to bother you so late at night, but we just arrived in this country and were ordered to consult with you, Naruto-senpai…" said one of the two people.

Naruto opened the door fully and smiled. "I didn't expect you to arrive so early…please come in, Irina-san, Xenovia-san." The two young ladies walked into the room with their white hooded cloaks. "It seems that the church is really trying to get the Excalibur Blades back…" said Naruto as he closed the door.

Irina grinned and nodded. "Yep, they sent us here as fast as possible."

"Well it's an honor working with two Holy-Sword users." Naruto said politely as Irina smiled back.

Xenovia shook her head and bowed to Naruto. "No, it is an honor for us to be working with the strongest exorcist…please guide us, Naruto-senpai!"

Naruto smirked. "I will try my best…"

The End!

I'm sorry for writing another Naruto x Highschool DxD Story, but SoulReaperCrewe and I kept bouncing ideas around I couldn't resist. This is a Naruto x Akeno story, and it will most likely be a monogamous pairing.

I already have Naruto's powers thought out, and I will explain them in future chapters.