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Thunderous Music - Chapter 8

Naruto had never felt so liberated in his life. He could feel his hesitation and inhibition decrease and vanish as Akeno's tongue battled his with untamed vigor. Her lustful moans were all that he could hear as her fingers massaged his scalp passionately, her bare breasts rubbing against his chest and his arousal close to bursting out of his boxers.

"Naru-kun~" moaned out Akeno as she pressed her lips harder against his.

The young man could no longer control his urges, and allowed himself to reached down and grab Akeno's plump ass. He massaged her deeply with his fingers as he parted the two cheeks apart, making Akeno feel a rather cold breeze down below. She moaned harder at his touch and relished in his taste as he started to use his tongue to fight back at her.

Naruto grunted in pleasure as Akeno grinded harder against his erection; her wetness seeping through his boxers and coating his manhood with her scent. Becoming increasingly annoyed at the small article of clothing blocking her from her prize, Akeno ripped Naruto's boxers off and threw them to the side. She gradually slowed down her tongue movements and pulled away from the very heated kiss; a trail of saliva connected their lips as they looked into each other's eyes.

"I want to be with you, Naru-kun…" whispered Akeno softly as she brushed her lips against his. "Please…make me your woman."

Her words pushed Naruto over the edge, and he flared his power as he flipped them over on the futon. He was now on top and he dove down to attack Akeno's exposed neck. Akeno moaned loudly and strongly held onto his head as he nipped and sucked on her skin. She could feel her first hicky forming as Naruto trailed lower and lower from her neck.

Naruto's lips finally made it to the valley of Akeno's wonderful breasts, and his tongue was lapping at every inch of her body. His hands were tenderly rubbing her shoulders as they slowly made their way down to her breasts. With a slight grunt, Naruto grabbed both of Akeno's beautiful tits and pushed them together, meshed tightly against his face. Akeno's body started to shake from the intense pleasure, and she was pushed over the edge when Naruto placed her right nipple in his mouth.

"Oh Naru-kun!~"

Naruto sucked hard on her nipples and twirled his tongue against them one at a time, sending shivers of delight and shocks down Akeno's spine. He slowly licked his way back up with his erection grinding hard against Akeno's wet entrance as he moved. They both moaned out loudly as their sensitive parts trembled against each other; Akeno was so wet that she coated Naruto as he brushed against her.

Akeno reached her hands up to grab Naruto's head and pulled him down for another searing kiss. Their fingers entwined with each other as Naruto held her hands above her head, using his body to trap her in between him and the futon. As they kissed their bodies started to move and rub against each other; they were mixing all kinds of bodily fluids at the same time.

"Naru-kun…" muttered Akeno against the kiss as she freed one of her hands. "Let me make you feel good too." Her hand reached downward and found its way to Naruto's raging erection. The man moaned out in pleasure when he felt Akeno's hand make contact with his most private part and relished in how soft her hand felt. "It's so hot~" Akeno moaned as she leaned up to suck on Naruto's earlobe.

"A-Akeno-chan, please go faster!"

Akeno rolled over until she was on top of Naruto and continued to stroke him tenderly. At this angle she finally got a good look at her prize, and it was more than what she was expecting. Naruto was very well endowed; standing at almost eight inches at first glance, and it was pulsing heavily in her hands. Akeno felt her own breathing quicken as her own excitement and arousal made her whole body heat up; she could feel herself dripping onto Naruto's thighs.

Naruto closed his eyes and enjoyed the incredible sensations he was getting; he never thought something so simple could feel so good. His moans were getting more and more frequent as Akeno tried different ways of stroking his dick…but then it happened! Suddenly, Naruto felt a shroud of wetness and warmth envelope the head of his cock, making his entire body shaking from the new sensation.


Naruto opened his eyes and was uttering shocked to see Akeno's lips wrapped around his dick as she bopped up and down on his length. He could perfectly feel the wetness of her mouth as her lips massaged their way down his shaft, and her tongue would lick his entire back length as she moved. The physical feelings aside, the image of Akeno, his beautiful childhood friend, sucking on his dick like it was a tasty treat was more than enough to shove Naruto over the edge.

"Akeno-chan, I'm cumming!" Naruto's hips buckled as he shoved his erection deeper into Akeno's mouth; his entire body shook violently as the most intense orgasm in his life blasted out. He could feel himself shooting out a very large batch of his seed into Akeno's mouth, and it didn't feel like it would end anytime soon.

It seemed like a few minutes have passed and Naruto woke up from his pleasure-induced stupor. He looked back up at his beautiful lover and saw that she was cradling her hands under her mouth, which was filled to the brim with his white substance. Naruto saw her gulp down a few times before she opened her mouth to breath, and she licked some residual cum from the corner of her mouth like it was the most delicious thing she had ever tasted.

"Wow, you really came a lot…" Akeno muttered as she stared down at Naruto with a rosy blush on her face; a little embarrassed but very aroused with what she just did with the man she loved.

Naruto felt his erection and desire sprang back up at the incredible scene and he pushed himself up as fast as he could. He wrapped his arms around Akeno and pulled her close; his lips immediately attacked her neck as he pushed her down on the futon. The thought of the church, heaven, and angels were obliterated from his thoughts as he saw the want and desire in his lover's eyes; he wanted nothing more than to reciprocate the love she had given to him.

The man held Akeno's legs apart and positioned himself right against her. He looked down and saw the beautiful pussy of his dream woman and gently spread the lips apart with his fingers. Akeno couldn't up but blush as Naruto stared at her pink innards like a predator stared at its prey…

"Akeno…" said Naruto omitting the suffix from her name. "I want you…" He leaned down and planted a loving kiss on Akeno's lips as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Then take me…Naruto-kun." Akeno lightly licked Naruto's lips with a smile on her face. "Neither of us would be able to stop now…"

Without looking away from Akeno's eyes, Naruto positioned himself and pushed forward. They both moaned as the head of the penis fought against Akeno's tight muscles, and shivered in pleasure when the head was fully inside. Akeno's breathing was getting increasingly quick as she felt her most sacred place expand…

Naruto felt her barrier stop his movements and leaned down to kiss Akeno again. "This is it…"

Akeno nodded back and wrapped her legs around Naruto's waist. "Make me yours, Naru-kun…"

With a quick exhale, Naruto pushed forward and fully planted himself inside Akeno, breaking through her hymen swiftly. He moaned out in pleasure as Akeno's full warmth wrapped around him perfectly; it was so tight that he could feel everything along her walls. Akeno wrapped her arms tighter around Naruto as a huge jolt of pain shot through her entire body; she knew she was bleeding down there, but the pain felt quite good in her opinion.

Akeno gave a curt nod as Naruto looked at her, silently conveying a message. The man nodded back and started to move ever so slowly. It was the most incredible feeling Naruto had ever experienced. Every time he moved he could feel Akeno's walls following after him; it was like her body was sucking on him. Akeno's wetness acted as a natural lubricant as Naruto moved faster and faster; pulling out six inches before thrusting back in faster than before.

"Oh~" moaned out Akeno as she hugged Naruto's head close. "This feels so good!" Even though it was her first time, Akeno could feel her orgasm coming despite the pain she felt in her womanhood. Every jolt of pain was three jolts of pleasure, and the thought of making love with Naruto made everything better.

"You are getting tighter…" huskily muttered Naruto as his breath ticked Akeno's ear.

"Please…go faster!" cried Akeno as she closed her eyes and embraced the pleasure.

Naruto felt that he was already going as fast as he could without cumming, so he thought of another way to go faster. He pulled himself out of Akeno's embrace and straightened his back as he held onto Akeno's hips. He could feel the Hiraishin seal on Akeno's right hand, and he teleported right to it.

Akeno was shocked to see Naruto disappear and appear again right in front of her. Naruto immediately teleported again, but this time he reappeared about six inches behind his original position. With a smirk on his face, Naruto repeated the process over and over again. With every yellow flash, he would have either gone back six inches or have gone in six inches. His erection was penetrating Akeno a hundred times fast than before and yellow flashes filled the room several times per second.

"OH I'M CUMMING!" cried Akeno as her whole body shook with pleasure.

Juices squirted out of Akeno's pussy as she came, but Naruto did not stop. His movements were getting increasingly polished and controlled, and he made sure to plant himself fully inside Akeno. The girl's body was constantly shaking as her lover flickered on top of her. Akeno's felt her whole body go limp as her orgasm continued; her tongue was hanging from the side of her mouth as she felt faint from pleasure.

Naruto gritted his teeth as he felt his own climax coming. "I'm going to cum too…" muttered the man in between yellow flashes. The flashes suddenly stopped as Naruto pushed himself as deeply as possible into Akeno as his orgasm came over him. He was emptying himself inside Akeno as his body shook violently in pleasure.

Akeno felt Naruto's seed fill her insides to the brim and felt her continuous orgasm amplify; she let out a silent scream as she arched her back as much as she possibly could; her eyes were wide as her hands gripped the futon as tightly as she could. She had never felt such amazing sensations before in her entire life, and could see herself doing this with Naruto every night for the foreseeable future.

Naruto groaned as his orgasm subsided and rested himself on top of Akeno; breathing heavily as his cheek rested on her shoulder. Akeno was also breathing quite rapidly, but still gently wrapped her arms around Naruto's neck and tenderly massaged the back of his head. His muscular body seemed weightless on top of her; everything felt right and complete. They were connected, not only in the physical sense, but emotional as well.

"Akeno-chan…" Naruto whispered as he shifted his body to the side and rested on the futon.

Akeno smiled gently with the glow of a woman as she turned to face him. "That was amazing…" She gently moved closer to Naruto and kissed him softly on his lips. "You were amazing…"

The blond smiled and pulled his lover closer to him. "No, you were amazing."

The girl smiled contently as she rested her head on Naruto's shoulders; enjoying the warm feeling inside her as she basked in the afterglow. It was once again in Naruto's arms that she felt safe and loved; convincing her that her rash decision of giving herself to him was not a mistake at all. Even after all these years Naruto was still someone who could make her feel completely safe; he truly was special to her.

Naruto felt very warm with Akeno sleeping next to him. It was not only because of the skinship between them, but the emotional support as well. Akeno was someone who could remind himself of the way he was before he became the strongest exorcist; she was someone who could bring out the real him from his personal confines. He was just crazy about her. From her mysterious and fascinating personality to her unearthly beauty and elegance; he just adored every single aspect of her. He knew perfectly that his feelings for Akeno would most likely cause problems with his surrogate family and the church, but he couldn't help it…he was falling in love with Akeno.

Silence reigned in the room as the two new lovers rested in each other's embrace; feelings of love, satisfaction and optimism filled their hearts. Naruto smiled at the thought of being so close to the girl of his dreams and gently kissed the top of Akeno's head…

"Have you ever imagined what it would be like if we were both just regular humans?" asked Akeno softly as she snuggled deeper into Naruto; her fingers tracing his chest as her cheek pressed against his shoulder. "We would both just be regular high school students who just found love in each other…we would study together to get into the same university…and just live out our normal human lives being as happy as we possibly could."

Naruto smiled at the thought and nodded. "Yeah…I could see myself opening my own music business; a small shop in the middle of town selling instruments and vinyl albums." The man pulled Akeno closer by her waist and shifted his body a little so she could lean onto him better. "I could definitely see us being together for a long time, maybe even get married and have a couple of kids." Akeno smiled and nodded. "Just enjoy life as a human…and live together as a family."

"Do you think we can ever have something like that the way we are now?" asked Akeno with a slightly depressed undertone.

Naruto wrapped his arms tighter around Akeno and smiled, "Why not?" The blond leaned down to kiss his lover softly on her lips. "The only difference between us and our dream right now is that I am an exorcist, and you are a devil, and that won't stop us from caring for each other." Akeno looked into Naruto's eyes as she gently held onto his hand. "I am crazy about you, Akeno, and I am more than happy to give this crazy relationship a try if you want to."

Akeno had tears welling in her eyes as she smiled. "Of course I want to…"

The happiness was palpable as Naruto kissed his girl again. "Then we better hope that the meeting tomorrow night goes well…but either way I'm going to hold you to your words." He smiled against Akeno's lips as he rested his body on top of her. "You're mine …"

Akeno felt very happy at his possessive tone and returned the kiss. "Yes, I'm yours…but you are mine as well." She wrapped her arms around her lover and pulled him as close to her as possible. "I will never let any other woman have you…"

"Hai, Akeno-sama…" With that, Naruto silenced Akeno with a passionate kiss; pushing her down fully on the futon, once again allowing their bodies to connect with each other.

"Come on, Gasper!" cried Issei as he watched the young cross-dressing boy run around the open-field with Koneko running after him.

Sirzechs had given Rias his permission to release her sealed Bishop from his temporary isolation due to his unstable powers. The Satan had deemed Rias strong enough to train Gasper to use his powers without a large risk of harming herself and others. Gasper Vladi, the second Bishop of Rias Gremory was a secluded person who would sign contracts via the internet, and forcing him back out to the public was quite daunting for him…

"Koneko-chan looks like she's having fun…" muttered Asia was she watched the Rook pulverize a tree that Gasper was hiding behind.

I wouldn't worry; Koneko-chan wouldn't really hurt Gasper-kun." Kiba was standing beside the female Bishop as he watched the small spar. "They are actually really close friends and have been like this for a long time."

"Really?" asked Saji, who had come to see the Gremory's newly released member.

Kiba nodded with a smile. "Yes, they are the same age and would often eat sweets together."

"Yes, Gasper-kun really likes the cookies Koneko likes; they would often ask me to make them before he was sealed inside the clubroom." Akeno was looking over the group as the supervisor since Rias was speaking with her brother about the meeting later on. "Ara ara…I should make some early tomorrow morning for them."

Issei nudged Asia a little and leaned down towards her. "Is it just me, or is Akeno-san acting a little different than usual?"

Asia looked over at her Senpai and nodded back at Issei. "Yeah, she does seem more giddy that she usual."

Akeno was late to class in the morning and so was Naruto. They spend a little too much time the previous night celebrating their newly form relationship and had only a couple hours of sleep in the end. Akeno really wanted to just stay at the shrine the entire day and just attend the meeting when it was time, but unfortunately for her, Rias decided to release Gasper and she had to be there to greet him when it happened.

The thought of Naruto and their first night together made Akeno smile brightly. She'd never thought her plan to seduce Naruto would turn out so well. The fact that Naruto was crazy about her made Akeno feel extremely liberated and happy; the way he stared into her eyes when they made love was beyond anything she had ever felt before.

Without noticing, Akeno was giggling out loud to herself and the others were a little worried about her…

"Akeno-san, are you okay?" asked Issei as he walked up to her.

Akeno broke out of her stupor and nodded. "Oh yes…I was just thinking about a joke I heard the other day."

They had decided to hide their relationship for the moment. With the meeting between factions happening and the increased conflict stirring, their consummation wouldn't make things any easier. Akeno planned to tell Rias about her night with Naruto right after the meeting was over, but Naruto was still trying to find the right time to tell Michael and Gabriel about it.

"Hello everyone, I see you are all training here as well…" said a sudden voice from around the corner.

Everyone in the Gremory Peerage except for Akeno tensed up when they saw Naruto and Xenovia turn around the corner and walk over to them. From the looks of it they had been training as well; Xenovia had multiple cuts and bruises along her body and her head was slightly bleeding. Naruto on the other hand looked perfectly fine; the only wounds he seemed to have on him were some marks on his neck, but Xenovia did not make those.

"Hello Naruto-senpai, Xenovia-san, how can we help you?" asked Kiba getting ready to summon his blade of needed; Rias had told him beforehand that they do not fully trust Naruto and he should be on his guard when the man was near.

Naruto smiled and waved his hand casually. "Nothing really; we were just passing by after training and thought we'd say hello." The two church affiliates could have made their way home using a much shorter way, but Naruto sensed Akeno over on this side of the school and couldn't help but come see her.

"Don't worry, Yuuto Kiba, it is as Naruto-senpai said, we are only here to say hello." Xenovia had her Durandal in her hands as she spoke to Kiba; she had sensed some offensive intent from the Knight and wanted to be ready if he did attack them.

Akeno walked over to the front and placed a hand on Kiba's shoulder. "Relax Yuuto-kun, they mean us no harm…"

Naruto couldn't help but smile at Akeno and step closer to her. "The meeting should start in a few hours; maybe you all should get something to eat before then?"

"It's okay; we are here to train one of our newly liberated members…" Akeno said gesturing to the Vampire who was hiding behind a tree. "Gasper-kun, this is Namikaze Naruto-san and Xenovia-san; they are from Vatican City." Gasper poked his head out from the trunk of the tree and nodded a little at Naruto and Xenovia.

"Xenovia-san, are you okay?" asked the ever kind Asia as she saw the wounds on the Durandal user's body.

The blue haired girl nodded rather professionally. "Yes, I was training with Naruto-senpai and got a few wounds; nothing serious though."

'Naruto-senpai doesn't have a scratch on him…' Issei inwardly thought as he looked at the blond man. 'But what are those marks on his neck…they look like hickies; who the hell gave him hickies, Xenovia?'

"Oh…it looks like the Satan's families are playing games with Michael's family." Someone walked out from the tree-line behind the old school house area, and Issei immediately jumped in front of Asia. He activated his Seikeiryutei Gauntlet and glared at the man.

"Azazel!" exclaimed Issei as the others instantly reacted to the name. Koneko jumped next to Issei as Kiba stood in front of Akeno with his Sword of Betrayal held tightly in his hands; Saji looked a little scared but activated his Absorption Line and stood next to Issei.

"Hey Seikeiryutei, how's it going?"

"O-Oi, Hyoudou…" started Saji as he narrowed his eyes at the man. "This guy is Azazel…the Governor of the Fallen Angels?"

"Yeah…I've met him a couple of time already."

Akeno glared a little at the man as some lightning ran through her fingers…

Naruto grew a little concerned and quickly placed a hand on Akeno's shoulder, calming her down before anything serious would happen. The girl looked back at her lover through the corner of her eyes, and retracted her lightning after she saw the look on his eyes. This was already the second time Akeno had reacted so strangely in front of Fallen Angels…she reacted the same way with Kokabiel a week ago.

Azazel had his hands tucked into the sleeves of his kimono. "Stop with the battle stances…even low-class devils should know when they are out-matched." The man walked forward a little and smiled when he saw Naruto. "The only person here who could fight me is the Kiroi Senko, but we're on pretty good terms…"

"Nice to see you again, Azazel-san…" Naruto walked up to the man with his hands in his pocket; his personality as the Kiroi Senko coming into view. "You're a little early…the meeting starts in a couple of hours."

"I'm just here to check out some interesting things I've heard about…" He looked over at Kiba, Xenovia, Saji and Gasper. "There are some very rare and strange artifacts here…there is the Forbidden Balor View, the Durandal, Dragon King Vitra's Sacred Gear, and a strange Demonic-Holy Sword." Azazel smirked as he crossed his arms across his chest. "Now if you tell me what sort of Sacred Gear you have I'll be a very happy man!"

Naruto remained silent and just shook his head with a smirk…

"Naruto-senpai has a Sacred Gear?" asked Issei out loud as he looked around. "I thought he only had that teleportation thing?"

Azazel chuckled and shook his head. "No Seikeiryutei…I think Naruto-san has a very powerful Sacred Gear, most likely one of the top-tier Longinus if my assumptions are correct." Most other's eyes widen in shock at the declaration. "Too bad Kokabiel was too weak and couldn't force you to use your true powers."

"You're the one saying all this…I am not admitting to anything." Naruto said with a smile on his face. "But your keen interest on Sacred Gears intrigues me…why do you like them so much?"

Azazel shrugged and shook his head. "I just find them fascinating…especially the ones here today." He looked over at Issei with a smirk on his face. "By the way, Hyoudou Issei, if you want to train that vampire that I would recommend you ask the Vitra user to use his Absorption Line to help…as could drain away some of the vampire's power and let him train his way up little by little."

Saji looked over at Issei. "Is he talking about me?"

Azazel walked up to Naruto and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Do you mind coming with me for a second, Naruto-san? I have something to ask you."

Akeno looked worried but stayed silent; she knew better than anything that Naruto could protect himself, even if it was Azazel…

"Sure…" said the blond as he looked back at Xenovia. "Stay here and wait for me…this won't be long."

"Hai, Senpai…" Xenovia reluctantly replied; she wanted to follow along and help her teacher in case Azazel meant to harm him.

Azazel led Naruto away to a small clearing on the other side of the tree-line. Naruto could sense that everyone was still standing still over on the other side, but Xenovia seemed to have raised her power and was ready to rush in if Azazel tried anything. Akeno was also spiking her aura as she tried to look over at their direction, but Naruto really hoped that she would just stay on her side; if she made a move now then their relationship would be pretty obvious.

"What did you want to talk about?" asked Naruto as he leaned against a tall tree.

Azazel turned back to look at the young man; he had a stern expression on his face that suggested he was very serious…

"What are your intentions with Akeno?"

Despite his usual calm and collected responses, Naruto couldn't come up with a reply fast enough to avoid being conspicuous. He could have had a hundred guesses but he would not have guessed that Azazel would ask him about Akeno; he was expecting him to pester him again about his Sacred Gear, but he was wrong.

Once again composing himself, Naruto narrowed his eyes at the man. "What do you mean?"

"I see that you have been getting very close with Akeno, and I want to know what your intentions are with her."

Naruto chuckled and shook his head. "I'm sorry, but not only is it none of your business, I find it very strange that the Governor of the Fallen Angels would ask about the relationship between an exorcist and a devil." The blond grew more serious and walked up to Azazel. "What is going on between Akeno-chan and the Grigori…why is it that whenever she sees any of you she gets angry?"

"I'm afraid that I cannot tell you…but I assure that I am only asking out of worry and concern for Akeno." Azazel narrowed his eyes at Naruto and looked straight at him. "You are an exorcist and based on my sources a soon-to-be Angel, so why are you getting so chummy with Akeno?"

"Azazel-san…" started Naruto stoically. "I assume that there is something going on between the Grigori and Akeno-chan, but even so, you have no right to demand I answer anything…" Azazel narrowed his eyes again as he stood strong. "I do enjoy our occasional talks, but I have no intention of explaining myself to you…" Naruto turned around and walked away from the man. "I will see you later in the meeting…"

Azazel watched as Naruto disappeared through the tree-line and sighed. 'You will not harm Akeno in anyway…Barakiel and I will make sure of that.'

As Naruto walked back to where the others were he closed his eyes in thought. 'What connection does Akeno-chan have with the Grigori? There has to be something between them…but no matter, they will never harm Akeno-chan, I will make sure of that!'

The End!

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